Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2021 Written Update Major twist

Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2021 Written Update Major twist

Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2021 Written Update Major twist Abhi goes to greet the judge on the video call, and presents himself positively willing for the wedding. Ranbir soon arrives at the farmhouse with Pradeep. Pragya asks him to sober up Pradeep so that he could give his statement to the judge against Tanu. She asks him to bring Pradeep in front of the judge once he is ready to give his statement. Aaliya tells Pragya and Ranbir that they can deal with Pradeep later, but at present, they should focus on Abhi and Pragya’s wedding.

She goes to handle Tanu, who is unconscious after getting the truth serum injected. Singhania soon arrives at Tanu’s house and smells something fishy. Seeing the signs of the scuffle, he finds something wrong. He finds the syringe there. He realizes that Tanu is in problem. Pragya gets decked up as Abhi’s bride. She gets excited for the wedding. Aaliya and Rhea tie up Tanu and lock her up in the cupboard. They don’t want her to come out until the wedding completes.

After a while, the family sees the bride arriving in the mandap. Abhi asks the pandit to begin the wedding ceremony, being confident that Pragya is the bride. Singhania reaches there and gets more suspicious seeing the family’s happiness. He asks them to show the bride’s face. He wants to confirm that the bride is Tanu. Aaliya handles the situation and distracts Singhania before the judge. She doesn’t want Abhi’s plan to get revealed until the marriage completes.

Abhi out of happiness lifts the bride’s veil. He is shocked to see Tanu’s face under the veil. Abhi wonders how did this happen. Aaliya has joined hands with Tanu once again for the sake of Abhi’s property shares, which Tanu promised to give her once she marries Abhi. Aaliya cheats Abhi once again for the sake of money, when she claims that she loves him and cares for his happiness. She betrays Pragya as well. She has made Pragya fall unconscious and locked her in Tanu’s pace. Abhi rushes to find Pragya. He soon learns that Pragya had been lying unconscious due to someone’s attack. Abhi realizes that Pragya’s plan has failed miserably.

He loses his cool and starts blaming Pragya for the master plan. He tells Pragya that he can’t be married to Tanu. He feels cheated by his own family. Pragya tries hard to calm down Abhi. She begs Pradeep to reveal Tanu’s truth in front of the judge and save Abhi and her marriage. What will be Pradeep’s decision? Will he accept Pragya’s request? Keep reading. Comment of the latest twist of Abhi and Tanu’s marriage.

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  1. The outcome of Alyia and Tanu was predictable.
    Big up to Alyia! she just invoked the same old story of Prayag and Abhi wanting to be together. The story should go with a runaway this time.

  2. I though things would have changed but still the same The only hope now is that u have to let Abhi give all his property and money to Pragya That’s the best twist for your viewers

  3. I am glad that I have stopped watching this useless program.
    Tanu again in the picture? The writer and the directors are completely nuts

  4. Abhi please tou can remove throw the flower no need at all impossible.
    Abhi this tanu she fight for pragya in the tanu house she only didn’t her planned hunderd percent that only tanu hundred percent.
    ranbir please come fast this tanu came back at Abhi house you can see the tanu face properly pradeep please you hold the tanu hand don’t leave him pradeep you can do it.

  5. Just last night my family and i said that zee tv needs to remove these series from prime time. Kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya have the same boring story which is going on for years and years. It is so predictable and not at all entertaining. It is unrealistic that nobody is ever happy in these series and always when they are close to revealing a truth – there is a twist. Can these two series end already. Give others a chance. There are others which are more entertaining and don’t drag on who deserve these time slots.

  6. Please tell me one thing , according to the leap Abhi and pragya will seprat and Ranbir and Rhea get married ?? Is it true inthe serial please reply me

  7. This show must be name
    Sautan ka safar ..and how can pragya be so dumb ? Earlier she used to fight every movement..this time she let happened everything …!! Even meera was a better option for and pragya fought a lot …

    This time she could have fought with judge that nobody can marry abhi as pragya is the existing wife…the court could hear that plea…infact pragya should hv fought with tanu ..she must hv spoken truth in anger only .

    It’s a totally evil’s win situation as is the kaliyug ..as well earlier abhi and pragya made a comedy everyday …this time they made A stupid cupid..pragya was never so weak .. how this time?

    Infact earlier she was a style queen ..this time she is a behenji..earlier at the time of king she hold the charge of whole house …and gave a strong comeback
    ..she didn’t let tanu win either money or property or Abhi ..it was all a pragya’s win situation…this time it’s a stupidity..as well as pragya abhj lack communication…so as Ranveer has no communication with prachi … everything happens ..and nobody tells nothing to anybody…what a stupid thing …the show has many loop holes…Kiara is still a pending case ..disha’s son is a pending case..and blah blah.

  8. We getting bored same thing every time what kind of love is that it doesn’t get a break from villains who are never caught even if they are forgiveness comes first sometimes good people need for once to be selfish for themselves to move ahead in life try change this

  9. I’m tired of evil Aaliyah wining all the time. Poor pragya.i think I have to stop watching these series. Must evil win always.remove it.


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