Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2021 Written Update Madness begins

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2021 Written Update Madness begins

Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2021 Written Update Madness begins Pragya apologizes to Abhi. He rebukes her for getting him married to Tanu by planning this marriage drama. He feels he got fooled because of her, she got him married to someone else. He realizes that he made a big mistake to listen to her. Pragya regrets her failed plans. He angrily asks her to tell what they can do now. She tells him that he has to tolerate Tanu until Rhea and Ranbir get married. She promises to throw out Tanu from his life. She wants him to trust her for the last time.

Prachi consoles Pragya. Pallavi meets Abhi to congratulate him on his marriage with Pragya. She talks about Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Abhi tells Pallavi that he isn’t able to think of Rhea’s marriage right now, because he got married to Tanu. Pallavi is shocked as well. Pragya gets inconsolable. Rhea tells Pragya that Pallavi has come to talk about the marriage. Pragya tells Rhea that she will get her married to Ranbir. She promises Rhea.


Tanu tells Pallavi that she will get Ranbir and Rhea married. Pallavi sympathizes with Pragya, while Tanu tries to take Pragya’s place in their lives. Tanu and Pragya get against each other. Pragya tells Tanu that she won’t leave until her daughter gets married. Tanu commands her to leave. Rhea takes a stand for her mother. Pragya stresses about Abhi going out to spend alone time. Keep reading for the detailed update. Comment your views below on the current track of Abhi and Pragya’s messed up marriage drama.

Tanu tells Abhi that she wants to start fresh, he should be happy to make a new start. He tells her that he has always told her that she can never replace Pragya in his life. He tells that she will never win his love. He adds that Pragya is the woman he has always loved and will always love in future. Same way, Ranbir pleads a lot in front of Pallavi to get her permission to marry Prachi, whom he madly loves. He tells her that he won’t be succeeding to marry Rhea, he will fail in his own eyes if he marries Rhea.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that she isn’t his enemy, she wants his happiness too. She tells him that she will allow him to marry Prachi only and only if Prachi comes with a wish to marry him. She tells that she knows that Prachi has broken their relation, and now she isn’t willing to marry her. She adds that he has to first convince Prachi and then see if Prachi is willing to marry him. Ranbir gets positive that Pallavi has finally given up the permission to marry his love. He gets hopeful that he can convince Prachi.

Ranbir goes to meet Prachi to know her decision. He tries hard to convince her to marry him. He tells her that Pallavi has no problem with their marriage, even Rhea will understand them. He asks Prachi to just think of their future together, because he knows the fact that she loves him too. Prachi doesn’t accept his plea. She rudely refuses to his proposal. She breaks his heart once again. She is also heartbroken but hides her feelings. Ranbir gets dejected.

On the other hand, Aaliya and Mitali don’t want Abhi to suspect them. They play a drama in front of them and blame each other for Tanu’s victorious move. Abhi stops them from blaming themselves and consoles them. He tells that he feels guilty for his stupidity to believe Pragya and then hurt her by accusing her. He tells that he has been wrong to blame Pragya. He apologizes to Pragya. Abhi and Pragya plan to make Rhea’s marriage a memorable one. He tells that they have to delay Tanu’s matter until Rhea and Ranbir get married. Abhi also wants to make Rhea’s marriage a good success.

Meanwhile, Tanu troubles Abhi by asking for wife’s rights. She tells that she wants Pragya to get away from their lives. Abhi asks Tanu to know her real place and also the limits. Tanu commands Pragya to leave their room. Abhi gets stressed with Tanu’s evil move. Pragya finds out how Tanu has made the winning move. She goes to confront Aaliya. She tells Aaliya that she will expose her evil plan to Abhi and make him throw Aaliya and Mitali out of the house. She threatens Aaliya. Luckily, Rhea asks Pragya to not get affected by Tanu’s taunts. She wants Pragya to just ignore Tanu.

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  1. Stop this horrible horror serial, already people r getting mad inthis pandemic, anymore nonsense is not acceptable

  2. It’s becomming too stupid …how can tanu be so much smarter and everybody total duffers….the whole serial is silly now.

  3. Nonsense ,all the actors are doing brilliant in this serial , but the story is utter crap… Once or thrice k , but here all the time the victory is for villians negative charecters… And the name of the serial is ” kumkum bhagya” … What bagya… And the same line is followed in ” kundali bhagya” ….

    Nonsense , and stupid serial …they Are showing us our law system is bad , that they are not a able people to catch up a real culprits …I think it’s enough , it’s time to end up this serial … Zee5 stop this….

  4. They should watch other tv shows around the world so that they can put something better with common sense in it. The government of India should stop this show because it doesn’t look good for such a wonderful country

  5. Just a few days before, Abhi married Pragya. Then how can he get married again to Tanu. So stupid. Both Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya should end. So much negativity. Always BAD WINS OVER GOOD.👎👎👎

  6. There is a limit to testing the patience of viewers. How can Pragya be so stupid? Having learnt from previous video recording, she should have forwarded it to all others. Every time, she is the loser. If Abhi and Pragya can not be together, who will watch this dead serial? No one.

  7. Please either cancel show or change the story by removing aliyah and let abhi and wife and daughters live like a happy family. You are doing too many leaps in the story and it is not worth watching anymore. So please either you fix it by getting rid of tanu and aliyah or just cancel the show. Thank you, When you made the leap in years you shouldn’t have given them 2 grown up children even if they gotten twin kids you could have made them the same age as Kiara, And that’s where your story got really Most of your viewers turned off.


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