Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2021 Written Update Separation

Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2021 Written Update Separation

Kundali Bhagya 19th June 2021 Written Update Separation Prithvi looks for Karan everywhere in the Luthra mansion to bring him in front of the police and send him away. Karan feels upset by lying to the family that he will stay back. He has made up his mind that he will surrender. He goes out to get some fresh air. He returns inside the house after a while, unaware that the police has come to search for her. Prithvi happens to see him coming. He provokes Karan in anger that he will surely destroy him. Karan doesn’t think Prithvi can harm his family. He takes Prithvi’s threatening lightly. Prithvi tells him that he will not spare the Luthra family.

Karan stays firm on his stand. He asks him to look after Kritika well, else he will be kicked out of the house. Karan leaves Prithvi with a warning. Prithvi asks Karan to go to his family. He makes sure that Karan doesn’t go anywhere outside again. He wants the police inspector to see Karan. Karan walks up to the police and shocks the family. Inspector asks Karan about his arrival at home, if his family knew about his presence.

He asks how Karan got home leaving the constables at the accident site. Karan tells the police hat he had admitted the constables at a hospital before coming home to get some money for the hospital bills. He tells the Inspector that he has done everything to help the constables. Inspector believes him. He informs Karan that someone has tipped off the police that Shrishti and entire Luthra family are involved in making Karan escape from the police.

He accuses Karan for not informing the police about his hide-out before. Karan tells the Inspector that he didn’t intend to hide in his house. He denies all the allegations on his family and proves them innocent. Inspector praises Karan when the latter cleans the family’s name. He also praises Rakhi for her good upbringing. Rakhi feels proud of Karan. At the same time, Rakhi and Shrishti feel guilty and take a step ahead to confess the truth that they were really involved in hiding Karan. Karan doesn’t let them admit anything and stops them.

He asks the Inspector to take him back to the jail. He leaves the family after a farewell. Karan’s sudden departure makes the family really sad. They don’t know how to deal with his absence from now. Prithvi begins pretending in front of Preeta, who already knows that he had called the police to get Karan arrested. She tells him that Karan had himself planned to surrender, it was his own decision. She further tells him that he can never harm her family. She warns Sherlyn and Prithvi to mend their ways. She is sure that no evil can touch her family.

Preeta and Kritika make a plan to visit the Luthra villa again to get the evidence. Prithvi suspects them and tells that he would like to accompany Kritika. Sherlyn also gets curious to know Preeta’s plan. She asks Rakhi to let her go with Preeta and Kritika. Rakhi accepts her request. Rakhi calls up Preeta, who picks some medicines from the Villa. Rakhi asks Preeta not to come back so soon.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Karan loves Preeta so much that he accepted the blame for her sake. She asks Prithvi how much does he love her, if he can also take the blame on himself if she gets trapped in the mess. Prithvi refuses to take the blame on himself. Sherlyn gets upset with him.

Karan recalls Preeta and their memories when he spent time with her in the Luthra villa. He misses her a lot while spending time in the police cell after the arrest. Inspector realizes that Karan didn’t intend to escape, and had helped the constables. He apologizes to Karan for misunderstanding him. He also thanks and praises Karan for his good work to save many lives.

He tells Karan that he will be always there to help him, knowing Karan is innocent in the murder case. He believes that Karan can’t murder anyone. Rakhi tells Preeta that she should stay at the Luthra villa, because of the red alert in the city. Prithvi thinks of Preeta and Sherlyn, why they don’t get along well. He knows that they both will be fighting at the Luthra villa if they are together. Keep reading.

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