Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2021 Update News for Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2021 Update News for Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2021 Update News for Pragya Pragya is burning in the fire of revenge. She has missed to get the details of Abhi. She tells Sushma that she is very sure that Abhi would be surrounded by rich people in his business circle, he would be celebrating with influential and high class socialites. She is much angered that she couldn’t shock him by becoming the part of his birthday. She wanted to shock Abhi and his wife Tanu by showing off her achievements, richness and success. Little did she know that Abhi has lost everything in his life, all thanks to Tanu and Aaliya’s stupid decisions in the business.

Pragya tells Sushma that there is no news about Abhi’s birthday. She checks all the newspapers. She doesn’t find any picture of him. She tells that every important person would have attended Abhi’s birthday, and still he has succeeded to keep a secretive private affair. She tells that media might be not invited in the birthday. Sushma calms her down. Pragya tells that she is awaiting the information from Virender. Sushma asks her to keep patience.

On the other side, Abhi gets drunk before returning home at night. Baljeet waits for him for the cake cutting. Abhi meets Baljeet and gets her warm wishes. Baljeet asks him to come and cut the cake.

Aaliya questions Abhi and Baljeet about the cake, how did they manage to get it. Baljeet has brought the cake by using her savings. Abhi asks Baljeet from where did she get the cash. Tanu accuses Baljeet for stealing the cash from the kitchen grocery box, where she keeps the petty cash saved on a daily basis. She angers Abhi by starting a new argument. Baljeet doesn’t want Abhi to spoil his mood, and just cut the cake. She wishes the world’s happiness for Abhi. She still hopes that Pragya will come back in his life. Pragya finally gets the news of Abhishek Mehra and decides to hire him for the music album in order to reconnect with him. What would happen when Abhi comes face to face with Pragya? Keep reading.

Full Update Kumkum Bhagya 25th June 2021 Update:

Pragya gets to hear Abhi’s whistling and reconnects with the moment from the past, where she celebrated his birthday with much love and joy. Abhi used to whistle before coming to her. She grows restless feeling Abhi’s presence is affecting her. Abhi and Pragya’s moment gets rekindled. Abhi gets Pragya’s scarf over his face. Pragya happens to look for him. She misses to see him.

Abhi also gets curious on feeling her around. She thinks to find out news about him in the newspapers. She is sure that his birthday news and pictures will be published in all the major newspapers. She awaits for the morning. Tanu tells Baljeet that she is Abhi’s family. Baljeet asks Tanu to stop cursing Abhi, its bad to insult him all the time, after all Abhi is her husband.

Tanu doesn’t respond to Abhi when he arrives home and dances happily with Baljeet and Tai ji. He tells Baljeet that he was partying with his friends, he has some drinks, he is still lonely in his life. Baljeet tells that she is with him, she also got a surprise for him. She gets the cake for him, which raises many questions and dispute in the family. Tanu and Aaliya start troubling Baljeet by their questions. Tai ji answers that Baljeet didn’t buy her medicines and bought the cake instead.

She wants them to not call Baljeet a thief. Abhi gets emotional that Baljeet missed her medicines to get a cake for him. He hugs her. He tells that he will surely make her happy. Tanu insults him further. Aaliya and Tanu ask him to stop drinking and get money by working hard for the family. Baljeet asks them not to get harsh on Abhi. They want Baljeet to stop pampering Abhi and spoil him. Abhi tells that he returns home every day just for Baljeet’s sake.

Baljeet asks them not to criticize Abhi, who was the only bread earner for the family since always. Aaliya asks Abhi to feel bad by the criticism and start earning. Tanu doesn’t want to give any love to Abhi. Abhi doesn’t want their love or sympathy. He gets heartbroken. Baljeet goes to him. She finds him lost and lonely. She wishes Pragya was with him, who would have kept him happy even in poverty.

She feels happiness left from his life once Pragya left. Pragya checks the newspapers thoroughly. She can’t believe that Abhi’s birthday news isn’t mentioned. She knows that Abhi’s birthday celebration would be a superhit, but still his news didn’t come.

Sushma is afraid that Pragya is losing out her name in business. Pragya tells that her expectations are failing. Sushma asks her to cancel the meeting if she wants. Pragya gives her word that she will handle the meeting. Aaliya feels Abhi is just getting the family insulted in the locality. She hates the poor life. Baljeet tries to cheer up Abhi. Abhi tells her that he will celebrate the birthday with her. He knows that Baljeet loves him a lot, even when he isn’t able to help her. He gets to see Pragya’s scarf again and again.

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  1. pragya you can throw the photo leave it.
    sushma this pragya she don’t like abhi so pragya she gets upest because of abhi I am sure that sushma this tanu she is holding hug bag sushma please say for pragya about tanu now see what I will happen.
    baljeet please do some exercise for slim and don’t eat rice avoid that.
    baljeet you can drink green tea that is nice for you.
    pranchi 💟 ranbir super 👌.
    ranbir you don’t leave pranchi continue for love.


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