Kundali Bhagya 30th June 2021 Written Update New mission

Kundali Bhagya 30th June 2021 Written Update New mission

Kundali Bhagya 30th June 2021 Written Update New mission Preeta and Shrishti see Prithvi in Dr. Roshni’s cabin and eavesdrop on their conversation. They don’t get to see Sherlyn who goes ahead for the medical checkup. Prithvi gets to hear a sound. He suspects that someone is present and spying on him. Preeta gets Dr. Khanna’s call. The doctor asks Preeta to collect Sarla’s test reports. Preeta tells Shrishti that they shall go out. Prithvi comes out of Dr. Roshni’s cabin to check who is around. He finds nobody there.

Preeta and Shrishti leave till then to get the reports. Roshni gets too upset when Sherlyn hinders the checkup by her numerous taunts about Prithvi and her past relationship. She asks Sherlyn to get her checkup done by visiting some other doctor, who isn’t related to Prithvi or her. She wants Sherlyn to know that she has also moved on in life and she is very happy in her marriage. Sherlyn doesn’t believe her. She keeps taunting her because of her jealousy. She shows her obsessed love for Prithvi.

Shrishti requests Sarla to go home, while Preeta and she finish some urgent work. Sarla agrees to go home alone. She asks her daughters to update her. Shrishti tells Preeta that they shall wait until Prithvi leaves from the doctor’s cabin. They get a shock on seeing Sherlyn leaving with Prithvi. Shrishti tells Preeta that they should talk to the doctor and know about Sherlyn, maybe they find an evidence about Sherlyn’s pregnancy secret.


She tells Preeta that Prithvi had come with Sherlyn, which means he is closely related to her. Preeta watches Prithvi and Sherlyn’s moment, when he pacifies an upset Sherlyn by kissing on her forehead. He makes up for his past mistakes. He tells her that he can’t love anything, except her. Preeta and Shrishti get certain that they are into an affair, after witnessing their romance. Prithvi and Sherlyn leave from the hospital, while Preeta and Shrishti rush to Dr. Roshni’s cabin to talk to her about Sherlyn.

Moreover, Preeta meets Roshni and introduces herself as Dr. Preeta. She asks Roshni to help her by showing Sherlyn’s reports. She tells Roshni that Sherlyn had come with Prithvi, she is cheating on her husband. Roshni tells Preeta that she knows Sherlyn since her college days, Sherlyn is dedicated to her husband and loves him a lot. She then reveals that Prithvi is Sherlyn’s husband. Preeta and Shrishti get a huge shock knowing about Prithvi and Sherlyn’s marriage. Preeta checks Sherlyn’s reports, where she finds Prithvi’s details as the child’s father.

She realizes that Sherlyn is pregnant with Prithvi’s child. She tells Shrishti that Sherlyn is cheating Roshni and entire Luthra family. Roshni tells that Sherlyn and Prithvi’s love story was famous since their college days, they had been into an affair for a long time and then got married. She tells Preeta that Sherlyn had introduced Prithvi as her husband now and also taunted her. Preeta tells her that Sherlyn is married to her brother-in-law Rishabh Luthra. She reveals Sherlyn’s wrong deeds to Roshni and convinces her to help them.

Roshni agrees to help Preeta. Preeta clicks the pictures of Sherlyn’s medical reports to show it to Karan. She wants to bring out the truth on Sherlyn’s baby shower day. Dadi, Rakhi and Kareena plan an amazing function for Sherlyn’s baby. They also plan to gift her some ancestral jewellery, which turns Mahira jealous. Preeta decides to create a rift between Sherlyn and Prithvi. Prithvi gets after Karan once again, when he gets mesmerized with her look in the baby shower function.

This turns Sherlyn too jealous. Sherlyn takes him to Rakhi’s room for a confrontation. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he loves her more than he loves Preeta and Kritika. He asks her to calm down. Sherlyn gets mad on him. Preeta and Shrishti happen to overhear their argument. They realize that Sherlyn is with Prithvi in Rakhi’s room. Preeta thinks its time that they call the family and show Sherlyn and Prithvi’s relationship truth to them. She asks Shrishti to keep an eye on Sherlyn, until she gets the family. Will Preeta and Shrishti reveal Sherlyn’s truth to the family? Will they succeed in their mission? Keep reading. Comment your views below.

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  1. I am a regular viewer of this serial but annoyed with numerous scapes by evil minded Prthivi, Sherlene and Mahira trio who together always spoil the chances of revealing the truth. I think, this is the real time for Mahesh Luthra , Sarla Arora and Janki to come out with their true happenings occured due to evil characters of Pritivi trio. It is quite surprising that viewers have been witnessing Sherlene pregnant for the last over 18 months. Serial composer should keep this reality in mind so that viewers should not be upset


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