Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2021 Written Update New track

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2021 Written Update New track

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Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2021 Written Update New track Prithvi tracks the hitman who Sherlyn hired to get Preeta killed. He wants to know what is Mahira hiding, why did Mahira lie to him and why isn’t Mahira coming home to face Sherlyn. He beats up the hitman and confronts him to know the truth. He asks him how did Sherlyn come in front of the truck, when Preeta was the target. The truck driver tells him that a girl came in between and changed the plan completely, it was her mistake that Sherlyn fell in front of the truck.

Prithvi asks him about the girl. He suspects Mahira. He shows him Mahira’s picture to know if Mahira had pushed Sherlyn. The hitman confirms that Mahira was there, she had intentionally pushed Sherlyn with a motive to kill her. He tells Prithvi that he had seen Mahira there, she had tried to kill Sherlyn. Prithvi is moved by the truth. He decides to share the truth with Sherlyn, and make a plan to punish Mahira.

He wants to expose Mahira’s evil to Luthras and get her kicked out. He can’t spare Mahira for the crime. On the other hand, Preeta meets Karan with an emotional plea. She can’t see Rakhi’s emotionally broken state. She sees the entire family sunken in sorrow over the loss of Rishabh’s baby. She wants to help them recover their lost hopes and happiness. Preeta gets to a concluding decision that she has to give the family the heir to restore their happiness.

She tells Preeta that Rakhi has given him life and brought him into the world. She is glad that Karan exists and he came into her life just because of Rakhi. She tells him that she wants to do something for Rakhi’s happiness, she also wants to bring a life into the world to complete Rakhi’s dreams. He asks her what does she mean. She tells Karan that she also wants to have a child, to give the family the heir, a grandchild for his parents.

She knows that Sherlyn won’t be able to conceive soon. She wants to give the baby’s joy to the family. Karan gets too pleased with Preeta’s request. Preeta tells him that she wants to conceive, she wants to welcome the phase of motherhood in her life. Karan tells her that saying that she has given him the world’s happiness. Karan accepts Preeta’s decision. Do you think the show is going on a right track now? Will Karan and Preeta give the good news to their family? What will Prithvi do to tackle Mahira? Keep reading.

Full Update Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2021 Written Update:

Prithvi asks Sherlyn to just take the loss as a positive thing. Sherlyn tells him that it matters to him, that someone had killed their child. She asks him if it doesn’t matter to him. Sanjana fears that anyone can come and see their love displayed openly. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he couldn’t understand her loss before. He feels sorry to hurt her emotions. Sherlyn tells him that someone tried to kill her, but their baby got killed. She asks him to kill the contract killer if he made a mistake, else kill the person who hired the killer.

She asks Prithvi to kill the culprit. She wants revenge for her baby’s loss. Prithvi calms down Sherlyn. He asks her to reveal about the accident. Sherlyn tells him that she doesn’t know anything, she was feeling dizzy. She doesn’t disclose that she wanted to kill Preeta. She hides the crime secret. She makes Prithvi promise that he will take revenge. Prithvi tells her that he will take revenge for the baby’s loss. Sanjana gets stressed. Prithvi goes to the hitman’s place and bashes him up, blaming him for the baby’s loss.

The man tells Prithvi that he can never intend to hurt Sherlyn. Prithvi demands the truth. He gives him a final chance. Prithvi asks why did he try to kill Sherlyn. The hitman tells him that Sherlyn had hired him to kill Preeta, but the girl accompanying Sherlyn had pushed her instead. Prithvi confirms about Mahira. The hitman tells that he can identify Mahira even from the crowd. He asks Prithvi to get the cctv footage checked to find out the exact truth. Prithvi had also seen Mahira on the roadside.

He feels Mahira didn’t come ahead to take Sherlyn to the hospital, which means she is at fault. Kareena and Bani think of Rakhi’s pain, since Rakhi’s dream has broken, there is no baby coming in their family. Bani refuses to have medicines. She tells that Kareena is also hurt, that she is crying, despite being so strong. Preeta overhears Kareena and Bani’s conversation. She also cries for Sherlyn’s baby leaving them. She wants them to be strong. She tries to pacify the elders. She tells them that happiness will return home once again. Kareena tells that just a baby can restore their happiness.

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2021 New track

She adds that Karan and Preeta love each other a lot. She asks Preeta to plan a baby and give happiness to the family. Bani also agrees with Kareena. She makes a request to Preeta to plan their baby, at least to save Rakhi from depression. Preeta gets hopeful that Karan will agree for the baby. Prithvi barges into the house in rage to confront Mahira. Kritika comes in his way, but he doesn’t answer her. Kritika grows worried. Sanjana diverts Kritika. She stops Prithvi from meeting Sherlyn. He warns her against coming into his path. She begs him to get away from Sherlyn’s life.

He tells Sanjana that she should end her relations with Sherlyn and leave from her life. She tells that she is Sherlyn’s mother, she can never leave her. Prithvi tells that he is Sherlyn’s lover, he can never get away from her life. He threatens to reveal the affair to the Luthras if Sanjana comes between. Sanjana tells that Sherlyn is Rishabh’s wife, she isn’t related to Prithvi. Prithvi tells that Sherlyn was carrying his baby, which they lost. He wants Sherlyn to get her revenge. She asks him did he find out who had tried to kill Sherlyn.

Prithvi tells her that he has found out the culprit, he will make the culprit beg for life for wronging Sherlyn. He doesn’t want to give a chance to repent to Mahira. He decides to punish her. Sanjana wonders who has dared to get enmity with Sherlyn and Prithvi. She doesn’t want Prithvi’s madness for Sherlyn to come to the fore. She fears that Sherlyn’s life and future will be ruined if her marriage with Rishabh breaks. Preeta considers the elders’ request of planning a baby. When Karan arrives, Preeta hugs him emotionally.

She tells him that Rakhi had many dreams of a grandchild, Rakhi is broken down, she is so loving and gives love to entire family. Preeta tells that she wants to gift happiness to Rakhi. Karan asks her to give time to Rakhi. Preeta tells him that she wants to conceive and give good news to the family. Karan reacts spellbound. He happily cries, respecting Preeta even more for considering this way to give happiness to the family. He reciprocates to Preeta’s decision positively with a sweet kiss. Keep reading.

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17 responses to “Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2021 Written Update New track”

  1. Neeru Avatar

    Will be very happy to Karan and Preeta together

  2. Ojesanmi Gloria Avatar
    Ojesanmi Gloria

    Will be very happy to see preeran baby

  3. Jyoti Avatar

    Yes Preeta should conceive now and think about their own baby..but before giving the birth to baby the truth of all evils should come in front of everyone and these evil should be thrown out of Luthras house

  4. Teekadai Etwaroo Avatar
    Teekadai Etwaroo

    These shows are so ridiculous now, Many times confessions has happened and everybody have phones and nobody would think about recording the confession. And I’m wondering what kind of writers do they have of writers do they have They are. the just that just throw out anything that They feel Like. I wish something big would happen That would open Karina’s eye and shut her mouth

  5. Bibi jaisingh Avatar
    Bibi jaisingh

    Preeta should get pregnant first and then tell the luthars.What happen to kritika and prithiv wedding.Mahira should thrown out of luthars house and get a boyfriend that would make karan go crazy.Rishab should find out that sheryln was not having his baby.Kareena need to see some intimacy with sheryln and prithiv.

  6. Riya Singh Avatar
    Riya Singh

    Ab kundali bhagya mein interesting track aaya h .lekin preeta ki pregnency ko poora dikhaye beech mein leap na lekar aaye to show aur bhi jaada interesting hoga ….

  7. kitty Avatar

    That would be very nice…but imagine what sherlyn will do when she gets to know that preeta is pregnant! Well if she gets pregnant

    1. All Crazy Avatar
      All Crazy

      Do you blame Sherlyn? Of course not? Preeta is the real bitch and center of all problems. Rememer, how she cheated Prithvi and Mahira to get married to Karan in rich Luthra family to get this family’s riches and carrying around younger sister walking Luthra palace all the time causing problems and carrying on illicit relationships with Sameer. The Sarla’s family is the major cause of all problems for Luthras.

      1. Sweet Summer Avatar
        Sweet Summer

        Are u a antifab of this tele series?

      2. Fauzia Ali Avatar
        Fauzia Ali

        Hi get something to eat and cool down ur fuckin temper if u hate preeta much look for other things to watch no one force to watch the show they are so many things u can do

      3. Kate okoye Avatar
        Kate okoye

        My dear preeta is not the first to know cheat but Karan ok

      4. Cleontine's Avatar

        Elle c’est remarié a karan uniquement pour sauver la vie de mahesh. Et en plus karan l’avais déjà épousé ce qui aurait fait de mahira la seconde…

  8. Continuing Pain Avatar
    Continuing Pain

    if Preeta gets pregnant, do you really think that Sherlyn will remain quiet and peaceful. Of course not, most likely she will hire some hitman again. She has a longterm problems with Luthra family as Luthras destroyed Prithvi and Sherylon’s marriage and their happy life.

  9. zeba nasrin Avatar

    i really wanna see that episode i wanna see karan’s reaction after that but befote that happens makers should made shirlin and prithvi expose and mahira also because if mahira and shirlin find out that preeta is pregnant they could harm her

  10. Susan Avatar

    During wedding of krithika even if anything goes wrong and if preeta is carrying and blamed on her or put her out of the house, both karan and preeta should be together.
    Even if leap comes or not let all the evils be at Luthra house.

  11. Susan Avatar

    During wedding of krithika even if anything goes wrong and if preeta is carrying and blamed on her or put her out of the house, both karan and preeta should be together.
    Even if leap comes or not let all the evils be at Luthra house.

  12. Jayne Dharmai Avatar
    Jayne Dharmai

    The main cause of the series drop in ranking is PRITHVI and Shuisty. And MIRA they are not wanted in the series. Prithvi talks too much and all the rest of the Luthra Family are DUMB.

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