Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2021 Written Update Prithvi wins

Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2021 Written Update Prithvi wins

Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2021 Written Update Prithvi wins Mrs. Malhotra stops Mahira from revealing the truth to the family. She hits on Mahira’s head. She tells Mahira that she know the secrets of Prithvi and Sherlyn. She asks Sherlyn to catch Mahira. Sherlyn tells that when Preeta has failed to bring out her truth, then Mahira can’t do anything. Kareena reaches there to throw out Mahira from the house. Mahira asks Kareena to check the recording once. Kareena refuses to listen to her. Mahira asks her to check the recording at least for Kritika’s sake.

Sherlyn asks Kareena not to believe Mahira. Prithvi and Kritika’s marriage rituals begin. The family is happy for them. Mahira reaches there to stop the marriage. She asks the family to listen to her once. Rishabh commands her to leave the house. Mahira tells them that she wants to tell them a big truth of Prithvi and Sherlyn. Karan asks Mahira why is she ruining their happiness. Preeta asks them to hear out Mahira once. Mahira tells them that Prithvi and Sherlyn are playing a big game, they will ruin their family.

She asks Kareena to play the recording, which has Sherlyn’s confession. She tells that even Mrs. Malhotra has confessed about their relationship. Karan and Preeta ask Mahira to play the recording, which makes Prithvi tensed. Mahira asks them to kick out Prithvi and Sherlyn from the house. Shrishti and Sameer meet Dr. Roshni, who had revealed about Prithvi and Sherlyn’s relationship.

She asks Dr. Roshni to help them by revealing the truth to the family so that Kritika’s life gets saved. Dr. Roshni refuses to help her. She doesn’t want any troubles for her. Shrishti struggles to convince her. She tells that if Prithvi marries Kritika, then he will ruin her life. She asks Dr. Roshni to save an innocent girl’s life. Dr. Roshni asks her to spare her. Dr. Roshni tells that she has given the proof that day. Shrishti tells that she failed to tell the truth to the family. She asks Dr. Roshni to try once so that she doesn’t stay in guilt.

Kundali Bhagya 17th July 2021 Full Episode Written Update:

Dr. Roshni seems convinced. Mahira plays the audio recording, which gets edited. Mahira fails to prove Sherlyn’s crime. Sherlyn had seen Mahira recording their conversation and stopped it in time. Mahira tells that Sherlyn knew about the recording. Rishabh calls the police to get Mahira out of the house. Mahira asks Kritika to understand the truth, Prithvi loves Sherlyn. Kritika loses her cool. She slaps Mahira when the latter reveals that Sherlyn was carrying Prithvi’s child. Kareena can’t tolerate Mahira.

She asks Sherlyn to throw out Mahira from the house. Mahira gets humiliated. She wants revenge on Sherlyn. Sherlyn declares that the marriage will happen. Shrishti tells Sameer that Dr. Roshni has agreed to help. Prithvi and Kritika proceed with the marriage rounds and vows. Preeta really wanted Mahira to expose Prithvi’s truth. She regrets that Mahira has also failed. She wishes for a miracle to happen that exposes the evil duo. Shrishti calls Janki to know about the marriage status. Janki tells that she is worried for Shrishti’s marriage, since she is pregnant.

Shrishti clears the misunderstanding. Sameer tells that he was mistaken, Shrishti isn’t pregnant. Janki doesn’t understand. Prithvi happily goes to complete the sindoor ritual. Preeta stops him. Bani asks the reason. Sarla tells that Preeta isn’t stopping him. Preeta tells that she had seen Prithvi and Sherlyn together, they shall find out the truth before the marriage completes. She shares her suspicions with the family Shrishti reaches there just in time to stop the marriage.

The family doesn’t understand why everyone is stopping the marriage. Shrishti tells that Preeta didn’t wish to stop the marriage. Preeta tells that she has stopped the marriage already. Kareena vents anger on them. Preeta tells that they shall try to find the answers, if Prithvi and Sherlyn have got blamed. Preeta asks Kareena where did the recording go when she had also gone to the room. She asks Dr. Roshni to tell them the truth. Shrishti tells that Prithvi and Sherlyn’s mothers already know Dr. Roshni.

Dr. Roshni tells them that she knows Prithvi and Sherlyn since their college days, she met them at her hospital where Sherlyn came for the checkup, she had told Prithvi’s name as the baby’s father. The family is hugely shocked by this revelation. Sherlyn asks Dr. Roshni why is she lying, did Mahira pay her to lie. She sheds crocodile tears to fool the family. She tells that she has lost her baby, she doesn’t want to lose her family. She threatens Dr. Roshni by showing a shocking video. Dr. Roshni realizes that Sherlyn has kidnapped her son.

Sherlyn asks her to tell the truth. She exclaims that she is fed up of the blames. Dr. Roshni apologizes to her for the lie. She takes back her words. She tells that Sherlyn didn’t have any affair with Prithvi. She puts the blame on Preeta and Shrishti, who wanted to stop the marriage. Sarla feels heartbroken that her daughters will get blamed again. Prithvi tells that he is feeling sorry for the trouble. Shrishti asks Dr. Roshni why did she lie.

Dr. Roshni replied that she has saved Preeta and her from the danger, Prithvi and Sherlyn are too dangerous, their fate can’t change. Preeta wants to know what’s written in her Kundali Bhagya. Sarla blesses her daughter. She asks Preeta not to invite more sorrow in her life. She wants Preeta to make a new start and welcome happiness. She makes Preeta forget the troubles and smile. Karan and Preeta hug Sarla. Prithvi and Kritika’s marriage doesn’t stop. Prithvi fills sindoor and marries her by completing all the rituals. The family gets happy for them. The couple gets blessed, while Preeta watches hopelessly. Karan and Preeta get together to write a new Bhagya for themselves. Do you like the hyped drama or expect this to happen? Comment your views. Keep reading.

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  1. Stupid serial just like KKB. Each ongoing for years with no proper story. Always the evil villians win.
    Finally ended a 4 year pregnancy🤣🤣🤣

  2. This story is getting frustrating as it depicks that evil always overcome truth for the past 4 years. They should get caught by now and find other means to carry the story on. To make it interesting be realistic.

  3. Stupid serial negativity will never end, r the writers sadists enough is enough , I will sto watching , no leap , this is only a heap of junk, horror.serial.

  4. For how many years, this story is been woven around wack lines and unending amateur drama with repeats ….. horrible storylines … the writer needs to go back to school .

  5. One of the worst daily soap if I can give negative rating to this serial then I would surely give negative rating. It always promote negativity. Villains Prithivi and Shyerln never got caught even after so many people know about the truth what the bloody fuck is this???? Writer of this show is horrible. He actually think the people are dumbs that’s why he stretches pregnancy of Shyerln for two years. Main lead actor and actress what’s their name yes Karan and Preeta along with her sister and her boy friend who is Karan’s youngest brother always try to expose both of the villains but always failed. How much stupidity does this writer wants to show public….. I rarely watch this show but my mother watch it due to which I got updates regarding this shit. I always give slangs to the writer of this show whenever got an update regarding it. So if you guys can’t show positivity and create new turning points then stop airing this show.
    For producer and banner under which this show is telecasting please stop this shit and hire new writer who has some brain for your next show because nobody like this type of story line.

  6. The most stupid thing about the seriel is that sherlyn was pregnant at last holi and was still pregnant after one year on this year’s holi…. it’s ridiculous…. I don’t understand why people watch this….no story…no logic…. nothing….and who the hell marries someone like they are doing.. this should be ended…. immediately


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