Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2021 Written Update Surprise

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2021 Written Update Surprise

Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2021 Written Update Surprise time Sushma leaves her car at Sumit’s garage. She wants the juice stain to get cleared as well. She asks the garage owner to send the car to her house on time. She arranges another car for herself. She doesn’t know that Pragya had come to the chawl to meet Abhi, where the juice was spilled over the car by mistake. She is glad that Abhi and Pragya aren’t meeting again. Meanwhile, Siddharth and Rhea hide in the wedding function. Siddharth isn’t sure of going in, but Rhea tells him that they have no better place to hide than the crowded function.

The drug sellers are no fools either. They run after Siddharth and get much frustrated by the chase. Jack and Jenny lose their cool. They want their drugs back. The drugs are worth crores. They don’t want their money to go waste. Also, they want to kill Siddharth for making the chase so tiring. Ranbir and Prachi overhear this shocking thing. They get alert of the goons and look for Siddharth at the earliest to rescue him.

They want to take Siddharth with them before the goons find out anything. Rhea tells Siddharth that they had to ruin the drugs to get saved from the police, they have troubles coming from both the ways. She tries to distract the goons. She gets away from Siddharth in getting saved from Jack. Prachi and Rhea get too close to meet.

Rhea’s hand brushes Prachi’s hand while she passes by. Prachi and Rhea sense each other by the touch. They come face to face. Ranbir and Prachi finally help Siddharth and Rhea. They bring Siddharth and Rhea home. Pallavi is left shocked to learn about Siddharth’s marriage. Mad on his move, she orders him to leave the house. She is more shocked to find Rhea at the door as Siddharth’s wife. Keep reading.

Ranbir and Prachi get into the wedding event, where they meet the bride and the groom. Ranbir fails to answer the groom. He meets Jack and remembers his warning for Siddharth. Siddharth and Rhea find another way to leave. Prachi and Rhea have another hit and miss, when someone comes between them and block their sight. Rhea still wants to know if she really felt Prachi. Prachi is also confused. Siddharth sees Jack following. He takes Rhea with him. He tells that they have to hide from the drug sellers.

He lies to the guest that Rhea is the bride’s friend. The groom catches the uninvited guests, Siddharth and Rhea. The bride also confronts them to know the truth. Siddharth tells that he is stuck in a problem, he entered the function seeing the crowd, he is just hiding from the goons. Rhea tells that the situation is really bad for them. The groom and the bride help them out. Siddharth and Rhea explain their situation by revealing the entire odd story.

The couple finds them saying the truth and help them out by giving the wedding attires. Siddharth requests them to save their lives. The groom agrees to help them by his unique idea. Siddharth and Rhea take the disguise of the groom and the bride. They get the brilliant chance to cover their faces and leave from the function by tricking the goons and the police. Rhea doesn’t want to hide the truth. She tells Siddharth that the people will get them married if they hide the truth. Siddharth tells that he has no option either. He asks Rhea to marry him in front of the police.

Rhea tells that she can’t marry him, she doesn’t even know him. Siddharth tells her about his family. He asks her to trust him, he will always keep her happy, he doesn’t know to fight anyone, he will never fight anyone. Rhea tells that she still doesn’t want to marry him. He asks the reason. Pandit asks them to come to the mandap for the marriage. Rhea agrees to marry Siddharth. They get married in the most dramatic way. Ranbir and Prachi reach the marriage mandap in search of Siddharth. They get a huge shock of their lives to see Rhea marrying Siddharth. Rhea too happens to see Ranbir and Prachi in front of her. She gets heartbroken seeing Ranbir whom she dearly loved. She marries Siddharth.

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  1. Abhi needs a better life. Than to be always stressed out with abhi. And rhea I cant stand her. She is a total mess. 😄

  2. Pragya is getting really boring. Acting too smart even her aunty. Try and find out what is abhi’s problem instead of just talking 👄.


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