Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2021 Written Update Twins twist

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2021 Written Update Twins twist

Kundali Bhagya 22nd July 2021 Written Update Twins twist Sherlyn informs Prithvi that she has vowed to kill Preeta’s baby. He wants her not to take any such move. He wonders how to stop her. He gets an idea to inform Kritika and warn her about Sherlyn’s move. He has no other option than to instigate Kritika against Sherlyn. Kritika misses his call. The family shares a laugh seeing Karan getting too possessive for Preeta. Prithvi regrets that he isn’t with Sherlyn to stop her. Karan promises that he will never fight with Preeta. He tells that he will always be with Preeta and never have any complains.

Shrishti likes to see their happiness. Mahesh, Rakhi and Sarla bless their children. Sherlyn finds the cake in the refrigerator. She wants to ruin Preeta’s dreams and her happiness. She tells that even Preeta will lose her baby. Sarla ties a protective thread to Preeta to ward off the evil sight. She makes prayers for Preeta and the baby. Preeta tells that she can’t get any bad sight of the loving family. Sarla wants Preeta to look after herself well. Sherlyn looks for Preeta. She finds the entire family happy because of Preeta’s good news.

She wants to ruin their happiness by making the good news into a sad one. She gets an idea to make Preeta fall down. She throws the marbles on the floor. She thinks Preeta’s pregnancy will get terminated at its start itself if Preeta falls down and gets injured. Rakhi tells that Sarla is with Preeta. Karan runs to his room to be with Preeta. Karan asks Sarla to lecture him as well, he is going to become a dad, but he will still make his child very naughty. He asks Preeta to look after him also, he is also pregnant. Sarla laughs and blesses them to be happy.

She wants their child to come into the world soon. Sameer tells that he has thought of a good name for the baby. Bani asks who is going to dance for her in the party. Sherlyn expects Preeta to fall down on the staircase by stepping on the marbles. She imagines Preeta’s deadly fall, where she loses her baby. She imagines the Luthras losing their only hope and crying for the baby’s loss. Sherlyn hopes her dream turns true. She lies to Kareena that she is happy seeing the family happy. Kritika answers Prithvi’s call.

She apologizes for missing his call. He asks her about Preeta and Sherlyn. She asks if there is any problem. He can’t tell her that Sherlyn is going to harm Preeta. Sherlyn sees Preeta coming downstairs. Prithvi tells her that he had called Sherlyn to talk to her, he had felt that Sherlyn is in depression that she lost her baby. Kritika tells that she didn’t find Sherlyn depressed. Prithvi tells that depression can’t be seen by others, Sherlyn is hiding her pain from the family. He asks her to be with Preeta and not leave her, else Sherlyn may do wrong with Preeta out of jealousy.

He tells her that he has no enmity with anyone, he wishes good for everyone. He asks her to treat Sherlyn right, Sherlyn isn’t mentally sound because of Preeta’s good news. He gives her the responsibility. She thanks him for alerting her. She tells that she didn’t think of such a thing. He wishes that Kritika gets some sense and stops Sherlyn from harming Preeta. Bani stops Preeta at the stairs and asks her to walk slow. Sameer instructs her to hold Karan’s hand and come. Karan leaves Sarla’s hand and goes to hold Preeta. He safely gets Preeta downstairs. Shrishti finds the marbles on the staircases.

She feels fortunate that Preeta got saved. She picks the marbles. Sherlyn gets angered watching this. Shrishti suspects Sherlyn. Kareena and Bani welcome the Daima home. They introduce Preeta to Daima. Kareena believes Daima’s word. Daima examines Preeta and gives a big good news that doubles the happiness of the Luthra family. She tells them that Preeta is expecting twins. Karan and Preeta get super happy, while Sherlyn gets rotten by the jealousy fire. She gets more determined to kill Preeta’s baby.

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  1. Sherilyn would start holding a dolly, to come out of the madness, Preeta would have to give her one of the babies.
    Leap and twist coming. I have never been wrong about any of the India soaps.

  2. I’m super excited for this episode and this Happy track. Looking forward for the happiness in Karan and Preeta’s life. #PreeRan we all loooove youuuuuu


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