YRKKH Upcoming Sirat arrest Anupama Starplus Top 2

YRKKH Upcoming Sirat arrest Anupama Starplus Top 2

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YRKKH Upcoming Sirat arrest Anupama Starplus Top 2 Sirat goes to Goenka house after getting thrown out from Chauhan’s house. She decides to go back to her ancestral house. She meets Kartik and Goenkas to bid them bye forever. She takes her Nani from Goenka house. When she begins to leave, police arrives there along with the media. Chauhan makes sure that Kartik and Sirat get defamed. Sirat is accused for murdering Ranvir, by taking Kartik’s help. Sirat gets arrested because of the murder charges posed by Chauhan. The reporters make it more tough for her.

They ask Sirat why did she murder Ranvir, when he was also a rich man like Kartik. They raise questions on Kartik and Sirat’s affair. The reporter tells that Sirat should have divorced Ranvir, instead killing him. Kartik has promised Ranvir that he won’t let anything happen to her. He assures Sirat that he will keep his promise to Ranvir and protect her, he will not let anything happen to her ever. They have a moment in front of the media.

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Sirat doesn’t want any problem for Kartik and Kairav. She wants Kartik to stay out of her matters, else his family respect will get at stake. Kartik can’t let her face the problems alone. He remembers the duties of a good friend. He rebukes the reporters for staining someone’s name without knowing the fact. He decides to expose Chauhan’s filthy plan. Will Kartik end up marrying Sirat to fix the wrong in her life? Keep reading.


Anupama and Leela’s bond gets better. Anupama and Leela spend some time cooking in the kitchen. Kavya is jealous that she couldn’t win the family’s heart. Anupama has decided not to help Vanraj directly in running the cafe. She teaches cooking to Leela to help Vanraj. Rakhi humiliates Anupama. Rakhi and Kavya had taunted Anupama who talks of big things and then depends on others for help.

Anupama asks Rakhi to not stoop her thinking. She asks Kavya and Vanraj to leave if Kavya has a problem with her. She shows the door to Kavya. She proves that she can leave her goodness if Kavya tests her patience. She adds that she can become Kavya if needed, but Kavya can never become Anupama. She asks Kavya and Vanraj to leave from her house.

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