Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update Illogical

Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update Illogical

Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update Illogical Rhea tells Kohlis that she didn’t know that she will be marrying in their family, but she has become their Bahu. Dida tells that Rhea will become her bahu if they accept the marriage. She doesn’t accept the marriage which they did because of fear. She tells that even Ranbir and Prachi got married secretly, but the family didn’t accept them. Siddharth tells that they married because of fear to save their lives, but they got married by following the rituals. Ranbir defends Siddharth.

He adds that Siddharth has fallen in love with Rhea. Dida tells that they shall not accept Siddharth and Rhea in the family, else Pallavi can’t forget Ranbir’s mistake. Siddharth tells that its not Rhea’s mistake. Dida tells Siddharth that even he shouldn’t accept the marriage. Pallavi has a soft-corner for Rhea. She accepts Siddharth and Rhea’s marriage. She allows them entry in the house. Rhea tells Pallavi that Dida is right, their marriage wasn’t a normal one, they got married to save themselves, they didn’t think of anything else.

She wants to get a lesson from her mistakes. She tells that she was excited to know that she has become a Bahu of Kohli family, she came in the ghunghat to surprise them, she has turned selfish and forgot their past. She wants them to get happy seeing her. She feels sorry to hurt them. She wants Pallavi to decide from her heart, unbiased about the past. She feels sorry to hurt them. She tells Siddharth that their marriage isn’t meant to be.

Pallavi stops Rhea from leaving. She tells Siddharth and Rhea that she can’t accept them, if she can’t accept Ranbir and Prachi. She tells that Prachi was selfish when she married Ranbir, but Rhea married Siddharth to save his life. She feels Rhea has saved a family, while Prachi has snatched her son. She tells Rhea that she wants to heal her wounds and stay happy with her. She feels Rhea knows the meaning of family, faith and companionship. She praises Rhea. She defends her decision that she didn’t accept Prachi for the sake of her family’s betterment.

She feels Siddharth is lucky to get a wife like Rhea. She welcomes Siddharth and Rhea home by a proper Grahpravesh. She blesses Siddharth and Rhea. Prachi feels hurt. Ranbir consoles Prachi. Pallavi welcomes Rhea into the family. Prachi also wanted such acceptance and welcome. Dida sympathizes with Ranbir and Pallavi. She asks them to come inside the house. Pallavi warns them to stop at the door. She tells Ranbir that he is welcome in the house, but alone. He tells Pallavi that he will come home just along with Prachi.

Pallavi doesn’t think this can happen. She feels Prachi is unlucky for the family. Prachi gets hurt by her taunts. Other side, Abhi is hurt by Pragya’s indifference. He wants to know the reason why Pragya hates him so much. He doesn’t know the reason. Sumit’s wife asks Abhi to deliver the car at the owner’s address, he has gone to the hospital. Abhi thinks its a chance to meet Pragya again. He wants to talk to her. Ranbir and Prachi hold hands.

Pallavi asks Ranbir why did he feel bad. Siddharth tells that she is just going on insulting Ranbir and Prachi. Pallavi asks him to shut up. She stops Vikram from supporting Ranbir. Prachi enters the house to tell them that Ranbir loves them. Pallavi pushes her out of the house. She asks Ranbir to take his wife and leave. Vikram wants his son. He gets an attack. Ranbir and Prachi get worried for Vikram. Pallavi calls a doctor. Abhi delivers Pragya’s car. He asks the guard to call Pragya. Guard tells that Pragya isn’t at home, she has gone to the farmhouse, she was angry that he didn’t get the car on time. Guard gives him the address.

Pragya likes the farmhouse. She asks Gautam about the price negotiation. She tells him that she will take the farmhouse instead that mansion. She tells that the deal is done. Gautam asks her to have a drink and celebrate. She tells that she doesn’t drink. Gautam tells that they can have soft drinks, he wants to apologize for their clash. He tells that they should start the deal on a good note. He explains that he is trying to fix the wrong.

Pragya agrees to accept the drink. Gautam spikes her drink. Pragya thinks of Abhi. She feels whenever she thinks of him, he appears out of nowhere. Abhi really reaches there to deliver the car. He finds Gautam planning to take an advantage of Pragya. Abhi bashes him up, only to get reprimanded by Pragya.

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