Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update New Plot

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update New Plot

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update New Plot Sonakshi makes an entry in Karan’s life from somewhere out of his past, just like Mahira had come and got obsessed with him. Sonakshi is just his good friend since his college days. She doesn’t show any interest in Karan, knowing he got married to Preeta. She invites Karan in her wedding. She is pretty happy that Karan has settled down with a good loving life partner. Still, Sonakshi’s wedding track will get many unexpected twists.

There is speculation of Preeta’s miscarriage at the wedding function. Sherlyn will not miss the chance to target Preeta and kill her coming babies by taking an advantage of the wedding ambience. What Sherlyn would plan against Preeta is still to uncover. But, the big twist lies in the recent promo of the new villain. Is it a new villain or someone who becomes a target of Sherlyn while saving Preeta’s babies?

The Luthras prepare to leave for Lonavla for Sonakshi’s wedding, while Sarla grows much cautious about Preeta. Sarla knows that Sherlyn won’t mend her ways and will try to hurt Preeta. Shrishti gives another warning to Sherlyn to not try anything such again. Sherlyn can’t see Preeta’s smiling face. She wants to ruin her happiness at any cost.

She isn’t scared of anyone when it comes to her mad evil. Even Prithvi fails to stop Sherlyn this time. Sherlyn acts to befriend Preeta and pretends happy for her. She promises to look after Preeta and the babies coming into the world, but she actually plans to get Preeta killed. She thinks Sonakshi’s wedding will be the best event to execute the task. Prithvi decides to return home to the family to stop Sherlyn. The coming track of Sonakshi’s marriage is going to bring high-dose drama. The promo twist will get clear this week.

Full Update Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update:

Preeta explains Sherlyn that even if the family ousts her, they will be heartbroken because they love Sherlyn. She tells that they both should together keep the happiness of the family. She doesn’t want to tell anyone the truth, because the family loves and respects Sherlyn, the elder bahu of the house. She wants to trust Sherlyn. She asks Sherlyn to make a promise that she will not try to harm her babies again. Sherlyn acts sweet to Preeta and apologizes to her.

She promises Preeta that she will not harm Preeta and the babies again. Preeta is thankful to her. Sherlyn silently goes from there, but stays blowing with revenge. Preeta wishes that Sherlyn changes this time when she handled Sherlyn with love. Bani is thankful that Preeta reminded her childhood. She wants to relive her childhood. She tells that they will together go to Lonavla in a bus and enjoy a lot. Rakhi doesn’t think it will be right for Preeta to travel in a bus.

She tells that they will keep in mind about Preeta’s condition and decide. Bani and Kareena ask Preeta to speak to the doctor and knows all the dos and donts. Preeta tells that she will also go in the bus with the family. Sherlyn calls Prithvi to rebuke him for informing Kritika about her plans. She tells him that he has disappointed her, she will not come in his sugary talks from now. She calls their relation over. He tells her that he is her baby. She tells that their relation has expired, he doesn’t exist for her from now. He finds her too angered. Sarla makes the special laddoos for Preeta.

Shrishti tells that she is ready to go and meet Preeta. Janki tells that she will also get ready and come. She doesn’t want to miss the chance to see Preeta’s glowing face again. Shrishti asks for a laddoo. Sarla stops her from having it. She tells that she has made the laddoos especially for Preeta. She asks Shrishti not to finish the laddoos. Shrishti loves Sarla a lot. She agrees that she will not touch the laddoos, just Preeta will have it.

Preeta happily runs to check the door, expecting Karan. Rakhi and Shrishti come with Janki. Preeta gets surprised to meet her family. Janki wishes all the best to Preeta. Sherlyn meets the Aroras. Sarla gives the laddoos to Preeta with much love. Shrishti swears that she didn’t have any laddoo. Janki asks Preeta why did she get shocked seeing her at the door. Rakhi tells that Preeta was expecting Karan. Janki teases Preeta. Sarla, Rakhi and Bani tell that they didn’t tell anything of Sarla’s coming, just to surprise Preeta and bring a smile on her face.

Sarla asks Rakhi to be mindful of Preeta’s diet. Rakhi asks Sherlyn to get tea for Sarla. Sherlyn feels like a servant. She asks Sameer to inform Girish to get tea for Sarla. She dds that she isn’t feeling well. Sameer informs Shrishti that they are going to Lonavla to attend Sona’s wedding. Rakhi tells about Sonakshi’s sweet invite that they couldn’t refuse. She feels it will be a good change for Preeta. Sarla asks Rakhi to take good care of Preeta, and not let her run around. Rakhi assures Sarla that she will take care of Preeta.

On the other hand, Sherlyn complains to Kareena how Rakhi has treated her like a servant. Kareena calms her down. She asks her not to overreact and get upset, Rakhi loves both her bahus equally. She tells that Preeta is pregnant, they need to have special care for her. She adds that when Sherlyn was pregnant, Rakhi had given all the household responsibility to Preeta. She clears that she has no objection with Preeta and Sarla. She feels Sarla is a good mother, who is coming to visit Preeta and looking after her, unlike Sanjana who never looked after Sherlyn.

Sherlyn asks Kareena if she doesn’t love her. Kareena tells that she loves her family the most, Preeta has given much happiness to the family, so she has no problem with Preeta. She doesn’t want to go against Preeta from now. She asks Sherlyn to not feel upset about anything. Moreover, Shrishti speaks to Sameer and tells him that she doesn’t want him to look after Preeta, but to keep an eye on Sherlyn. Sameer asks the reason. Shrishti tells him that Sherlyn had tried to harm Preeta, Kritika saved Preeta in time, because of Prithvi’s timely call. She is afraid that Sherlyn will attempt again to harm Preeta.

Sameer can’t believe that Sherlyn is still so evil. She asks him to not let Sherlyn plan anything such. Janki overhears their conversation. She rages to teach a lesson to Sherlyn. Shrishti asks Janki to keep the matter to herself and not tell anyone about Sherlyn. Janki calls Sherlyn there. She tells Sarla that Sherlyn has crossed limits, they shall not spare Sherlyn this time. Preeta doesn’t want Sarla to know the tensed truth.

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  1. Don’t repeat the story by killing babies please let others (especially karan and parents) know that sherlyn is going to harm preeta.


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