Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2021 Written Update Prithvi blunder

Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2021 Written Update Prithvi blunder

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Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2021 Written Update Prithvi blunder Prithvi falls for Preeta once again seeing her look stunning in the glittering attire. He loses his heart to her. He can’t control himself and goes to dance with Preeta, seeing her shake a leg with Karan and family. Prithvi holds Preeta’s hands and gets madly dancing with her, without caring that everybody is watching his weird act. He doesn’t even care for Kritika and Sherlyn’s presence.

Kritika and Sherlyn get staring at him in anger, seeing his weird behavior. Preeta asks Prithvi to leave her hand. He pretends to not hear anything because of the dhol beats. He continues to pull her close and dance. Karan also stays around Preeta at this time, when Prithvi acts cheap. Preeta herself handles Prithvi by stepping on his foot with her heels. Prithvi gets hurt. He leaves her free. Preeta goes away from there. He is actually very happy to know that Preeta isn’t pregnant.

He dreams of Karan and Preeta’s separation. He wants Preeta’s false pregnancy news to be known to the Luthras, and Karan angrily ousting Preeta from his life. Prithvi gets caught by Sherlyn, while Kritika spares him knowing his funny side. Sherlyn knows that Prithvi is still mad for Preeta. She lectures him once again to rebuke him for always showing keen interest in Preeta. Kritika looks for Prithvi. She calls him up. His phone doesn’t connect. She tells Shrishti that she is finding Prithvi.

Shrikant happens to see Prithvi. He tells Kritika that he just saw Prithvi going to that particular room. Kritika tells him that its Sherlyn’s room. She wants to know if Prithvi is really there. Sherlyn yells at Prithvi. She asks him to maintain distance from Kritika, who would expect him to be with her all the time. She tells that Kritika would want his love, but he won’t love Kritika.

Prithvi doesn’t understand Sherlyn’s jealousy. She asks him to shify to the guest room instead Kritika’s room. He tells her that he had worked hard to marry Kritika and become a part of the Luthra family. Kritika and Shrishti check Sherlyn’s room. They don’t find Prithvi with Sherlyn. Prithvi gets saved once again.

Full Update Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2021 Written Update:

Rajat tells everyone that they think he is a nice guy, but he is really hiding a secret. Preeta asks him not to take Shrishti serious, she is really mad. Shrishti tells that she is very much serious, she wants to know the truth from Rajat. Preeta asks her not to make things awkward for Rajat. Karan supports Shrishti. He asks Rajat to do ahead and answer. Rajat is ready to answer Shrishti’s questions. She asks him the secret unknown to Sonakshi’s family. Rajat agrees to tell the secret.

He tells that everybody knows that he is a nice guy, who got chosen by Yashvardhan for Sonakshi. He adds that he likes Sonakshi since three years, since their first meet, it was love at first sight, he made himself suitable to send the alliance for her. He tells them how much he loves Sonakshi, but had to make it an arranged marriage. He feels fortunate that he got successful in business just to get Sonakshi in his life.

Sonakshi and the family is happy to know the romantic love story. He tells that Shrishti is really dangerous to guess everyone’s real feelings. Shrishti knows that Rajat’s family is hiding something else. The family decide the names for Preeta’s baby. Sonakshi is glad to get her mehendi applied by Rajat. Karan writes the baby’s name on Preeta’s hand. Sherlyn stares at them. Sonakshi finds Sherlyn looking oddly at Preeta. Yashvardhan gets the dhol artists there. The family gets busy.

Shrishti follows Shrikant, who passes some documents to a man. She questions Shrikant about the person he just met. He denies meeting anyone. She tells him that she has just seen someone with him. He asks her to mind her own business. He doesn’t want her to act as family, she isn’t any family to question him. Shrishti doesn’t tell anything to Sonakshi. She loves the mehendi design. The family happily dances with Rajat and Sonakshi. Prithvi dances with Preeta, who steps on his feet. He realizes it was just his dream.

Kritika cares for him. Prithvi gets stressed for his business. He tells Kritika that he was troubled for some work. She tells him that he is going to the wrong room, he will be staying with her in her room. She tells that its their room, they are married now. She shows her mehendi to him. She asks him to show his name in the mehendi design. She expects some romance, while he feels uneasy. He tells her that he will just find the name and show her. Kritika laughs when he tickles her.

Sherlyn gets jealous seeing them laughing. She messages him to come out of the room. He makes an excuse about his work. He rushes to Sherlyn. Rajat tells Karan that Sonakshi doesn’t listen to anyone. Preeta and Sonakshi meet them. Preeta tells Karan that Sonakshi’s mehendi is so dark, which proves Rajat’s love. Sonakshi tells that Preeta loves Karan, just like Rajat loves her. Rajat promises to love her. Sonakshi gets surprised to see Rajat present there.

Karan tells that Sonakshi and Rajat are made for each other. She invites them for family games. Shrikant watches Sherlyn and Prithvi going to the same room. Prithvi asks her why did she threaten him. She asks him not to go to Kritika’s room. He tells that he is Kritika’s husband for the world. She asks for her rights. She shouts on him. Shrishti asks Kritika to come with her. They learn that Prithvi is in Sherlyn’s room. Keep reading for further updates.

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    Prithvi and Sherilyn escaped, Shistri minding someone business and can’t prove her accusations thus, ridicule by Kareena.

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    Uriel narinesingh and clifford narinesingh

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