Kundali Bhagya 13th August 2021 Written Update Karan in shock

Kundali Bhagya 13th August 2021 Written Update Karan in shock

Kundali Bhagya 13th August 2021 Written Update Karan in shock Sarla advises Preeta to come back home and then tell everyone about the truth. Preeta tells her that she can’t lie to the family further, she doesn’t deserve their love and care, even Kareena is taking care of her, Kareena loves her thinking she is pregnant, but the truth is that she isn’t pregnant. She doesn’t want to cheat anyone. She tells that if the family knows that she has hidden the truth from them, then they will hate her.

Sarla tells that they will care for her even more knowing the truth, nobody can hate her, since Preeta has proved herself as the best. She adds that the family isn’t loving her because she is pregnant, but because she needs more care at this time. She exclaims that the family will know it well that Preeta is the one who is the most hurt. She asks Preeta to accept her fate and wait until she gets a baby in her life as per destiny. She wants Preeta not to tell the family so soon, wait for few days and tell them once they return home.


Meanwhile, Karan meets Preeta. She hangs up the call. Sarla prays for her daughter. Karan finds Preeta really upset. He asks her if she is hurt by his action or word. He apologizes to her. She apologizes to him, feeling guilty to lie to her. He tells her that he is really stupid to hurt her. He promises to look after the baby more than her, and not let her sleep get disturbed. He makes plans to teach football to his baby. Preeta asks him to stop dreaming. She can’t see him weaving more hopes. She tells him that there isn’t any baby coming, she isn’t pregnant.

Karan is left shocked by this revelation. She breaks down and hugs Karan. Sherlyn gets Preeta’s medical reports. Prithvi calls her to know about the reports. She tells him that she already knows the truth, she is checking the reports just to satisfy her ego. Before she could check the reports, she loses it. She fails to see the reports. She screams when a passing bike splashes the dirty mud get over her face and clothes. She calls it a bad day. Archala pacifies Rakhi who is worried for Karan and Preeta’s fight.

Rakhi feels its wrong if Karan has made Preeta cry. Archala tells that maybe the truth is something else. Bani also feels Karan told something to Preeta which made her cry. Rakhi tells that she taught her sons to respect their wives, who would be carrying their child in future. She fails to understand how Karan can hurt Preeta’s heart. She can’t think why did Preeta cry. She tells that Preeta shouldn’t cry in the state of pregnancy.

She goes to see Preeta. Archala feels Rakhi is like Preeta’s mother who loves Preeta a lot. She also praises Preeta. She loves their bonding. Sonakshi wishes that she becomes like Preeta and gets such love from Archala. Rajat assures that Archala will take care of her. Kareena waits for Preeta’s reports. Sherlyn returns with the mud over her. Kareena asks her how did this happen. Sherlyn tells that she fell down. Kareena catches Shrishti and Janki making fun of Sherlyn. Janki tries to distract Kareena.

Karan asks Preeta if she is joking or something. Preeta tells that she isn’t joking, she feels her life has become a joke, the doctor has confirmed that she isn’t pregnant. She tells him that she got the news that she could never conceive, she wanted to share this with him after coming from the hospital, she didn’t want to hide from everybody, but she didn’t get a chance. She didn’t wish to break their hopes and snatch their happiness.

She apologizes to him that she had to hid the truth from him. She tells that she broke down seeing the way Karan and family are looking after her. She doesn’t want to cheat anyone. Karan and Preeta cry a lot. He tells her that he isn’t sorrowful, he loves her and the baby doesn’t matter, he won’t need to share their love with anyone else. Rakhi feels Karan shouldn’t hurt Preeta in this state. She suspects that they are fighting a lot behind the closed door. Bani asks Rakhi not to interrupt between them, maybe Karan is convincing Preeta.

Karan cheers up Preeta with a positive approach. Bani doesn’t want Rakhi to worry too much about the baby. She asks Rakhi why is she thinking wrong, Karan will never do anything that affects the baby. Rakhi feels restless. Karan tells Preeta that everything is over, their baby won’t be coming. They share their pain. Will Karan and Preeta share the news with the family? Keep reading.

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