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Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2021 Written Update Pragya’s defeat

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2021 Written Update Pragya’s defeat Gaurav tells the media that Pragya looks sweet, but she is aggressive. He gives the well-calculated statement to frame Pragya. He asks the media to support the truth, since a man’s respect is also important. He tells them that he wishes to gain their support. He makes a winning streak. Aaliya and Tanu get glad seeing the media supporting him. Pallavi introduces Prachi and Rhea to Rajeshwari. Prachi impresses Rajeshwari Rhea also learns how to treat the guests in a traditional way.

Rhea and Prachi go to get the snacks. Rhea tells Prachi that it was a nice tactic to impress the guests. Prachi tells that she just wanted to get their blessings. Rhea doesn’t think that they can get so many blessings. Prachi explains that they can gain the elders’ strength and good values by touching their feet. Pragya breaks down after Gaurav’s blames. Sushma asks her to win over Gaurav, and not fall weak. Gaurav meets them to challenge again. He asks them if Pragya can win over him after all the smashing in the media. He tells that they both can’t harm him now.

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He stops Sushma from slapping him. He tells that he respect elders. Pragya asks him why did he lie to win, he could have attacked on front. Gaurav tells that he wanted to hurt her in a way that she doesn’t regain herself. He knew that he couldn’t win back the money and property, so he has attacked her respect and reputation to win back his lost goodwill. Sushma asks him to leave. He tells Pragya that he will end the game, now she will lose her companies and properties. He wants Pragya to regret her actions.

He tells Pragya that Abhi had beaten him and also his brother. He asks if she got him beaten by her bodyguard to break his confidence. He reveals that he lost his fame, now he will ruin her, she will also everything she has earned, her company shares will crash down. He adds that she can build her business again, but she can never get a clean image now, she can never get the lost respect back, her character has been maligned, no one will be able to do business with her. He threatens Pragya. Sushma asks him to just leave.

Rajeshwari selects Pallavi for running her foundation. She praises Pallavi to be very responsible. Rhea finds ways to make Prachi fall in Rajeshwari’s sight. She gets angry when Rajeshwari praises Prachi. Pallavi and Dida are happy to hear good about Prachi. Rajeshwari blesses Prachi. She tells that she likes those people who keep tradition by heart. She adds that Prachi won her heart. Teji makes silly excuses and praises Rhea. Rhea controls her anger and makes a leave. Teji covers up saying Rhea is unwell. Dadi sees Pallavi smiling.

She knew that Prachi will win Pallavi’s heart. Teji asks Rhea to vent out anger in front of her. Rhea tells that she belongs to a very rich family, she can’t touch anyone’s feet all the time. Teji supports her. She asks Rhea to make sure that she makes the last move to win, Rajeshwari will just remember what happens in the end, Pallavi will decide who will she give the keys. Rhea asks Teji what can she do at this time when Prachi is running ahead of her. Teji asks her to make Prachi fall down in Pallavi’s sight.

She knows about Prachi and Ranbir’s enmity. She asks Rhea to snatch best bahu tag from Prachi, who snatched Ranbir from her. She provokes Rhea against Prachi. Rhea agrees with her. Gaurav asks Aaliya about Pragya’s past. Tanu tells that Pragya isn’t interested in anyone, she is loyal to her partner. Gaurav likes her. Aaliya asks him to just ruin Pragya, and not lose focus, else he will get ruined. He wants people’s sympathy. He tells that Pragya will be losing out really bad this time. Aaliya and Tanu get glad.

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3 responses to “Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2021 Written Update Pragya’s defeat”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Prague would lose respect forcing a change in ownership in the business which Alyia and Tanu would take over.

  2. Pearl Mahlangu Avatar
    Pearl Mahlangu

    When will Pragya be happy in life with her family. Aliya I hate you, you are a bad influence to Rhea and I wish you nothing but bad things in life. I will never watch Twist of fate because I hate the way Aliya treat Pragya and Prachi and for God’s sake Prachi is also your brother’s daughter

  3. Gemma khan Avatar
    Gemma khan

    Its time to take a twist and punish alilya and taun.i hate them ..when will pragya be treated well.

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