Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Written Update Karan’s twist

Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Written Update Karan's twist

Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2021 Written Update Karan’s twist Sarla visits the Luthras. She meets Preeta. She shares Preeta’s pain. She asks Preeta to shift back to their home. She doesn’t want Preeta to tolerate things. Preeta finds it difficult to tell Sarla that she has sorted the issues with Karan and forgiven him. Sarla asks her to pack her bags soon. Karan waits for Sarla for long. He grows restless to know Sarla’s decision. He goes to the room to overhear Sarla and Preeta’s conversation. He is shocked to hear Sarla’s decision of taking Preeta home.

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Luthras are desperate to keep Preeta home and take good care of her just because of the misunderstanding. She adds that Luthras think Preeta is pregnant, they want to look after Preeta’s baby. She can’t see Preeta getting much pampered, by giving a false news to the family. She vows to bring out the truth of Preeta’s false pregnancy. She tells Sherlyn that she will reveal to the family that Preeta isn’t pregnant, she is just pretending to fool them. She wants Luthras to kick out Preeta from the house.


Prithvi gets scared hearing her vow. He knows Sherlyn always does what she determines. She tells that Preeta is the reason for all her sorrows. She adds that Luthras love Preeta right now, but she will make sure that Luthras hate Preeta more. She wants her revenge on Preeta. Karan gets tensed with the thought that Preeta will leave him and go away with Sarla. He doesn’t want Preeta to leave. He apologizes to Sarla and attempts to change her decision.

Sarla asks Preeta to come home with her. She tells that she has a right to decide for her daughter. She asks Preeta what’s in her heart. Kritika asks the family why do they look so serious. Prithvi tells her that Sarla got to know about Sonakshi and Karan’s past. He tells that Sarla took Preeta for a talk. Kritika asks Karan to stop Sarla from taking Preeta home. Sherlyn asks Karan to let Sarla and Preeta talk for some time. Karan finds Sarla demanding Preeta to come home. Sarla knows that Preeta won’t be able to decide anything for her. She asks Preeta to decide that she will not go anywhere leaving her husband and family.

She encourages Preeta to speak up her emotions. She tells that Preeta should let others know her opinion, her silence will spoil everything. She believes that Sonakshi is Karan’s past, they don’t know if Sonakshi is saying the truth, Sonakshi raised a question on his past, but Preeta has to support Karan, as he always supports her. She asks Preeta to stand by Karan. Karan is surprised to hear this.

Prithvi wants Preeta to leave Karan. Sarla tells Preeta that powerful present can overcome a weak past, husband and wife have to balance their relationship equally. She asks Preeta to strengthen her relation with Karan. She praises Karan, who cares for Preeta a lot. She doesn’t want to know about Karan’s past. She tells that the past can’t change the present truth, Karan has always stood by Preeta in odd times. She knows that nobody can break Karan and Preeta’s relation. She explains Preeta that Karan is her fate. She asks Preeta to always smile. Karan hugs Sarla with love.

Sarla asks if Preeta fought with him and troubled him. Karan tells that Preeta didn’t complain, her silence hurts him. Sarla tells that Preeta trusts him, their relation has become the best. Karan feels proud of Sarla for understanding the situation and believing him. Sarla tells that she is Preeta’s mum and dad, she has double responsibility towards her. She knows that Karan will always be there with Preeta. The Luthras worriedly reach Preeta’s room. They find Sarla hugging Karan and Preeta happily. Sarla asks Rakhi why is she crying. Bani tells that Rakhi was afraid that Sarla will take away Preeta.

Sarla tells that she will not separate Preeta from Karan and family. Kareena tells Sarla that she is glad to know her decision, she would have not spared Prithvi if he had done wrong with Kritika. Prithvi gets scared by Kareena’s warning. He tells that he needs some fresh air, and leaves. Prithvi and Sherlyn can’t believe that Sarla has handled the matter so easily. Sherlyn tells Bani that she had called Sarla for Preeta’s sake, she wanted Preeta to lighten her heart.

Kareena tells that Sherlyn has done wrong to come between Sarla and Preeta. Sherlyn gets upset that Kareena is also supporting Preeta. Rakhi praises Preeta for her maturity. Bani also rebukes Sherlyn. Kritika tells them that she will learn a lot of things from Preeta. She adds that Preeta is really the best. Sarla tells that Kritika is already good. She is also proud of Preeta. She tells that nobody can harm Karan and Preeta’s relation when they have blessings of the family.

Prithvi wonders how did the twist come in Karan’s life, how did Preeta and Sarla forgive Karan so easily. Sherlyn is equally angry. She tells that she couldn’t take her insult. She hates Preeta. She cries for her baby’s loss. She tells him that nobody loves her now. He tells that he loves her a lot. Sherlyn decides to destroy Preeta’s happy world. She promises to prove that Preeta isn’t pregnant, she is a cheat. She wants the family to hate Preeta.

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  1. sarla you don’t make upest for karan.
    sarla please don’t make upest for shiriti and janki.
    shirti please you say sarla what happened sonakshi marriage and you janki you must say with sarla about sonakshi marriage.
    dr preeta please you don’t go don’t pack your bag please dr preeta please try to understand that sarla you don’t worry about that dr preeta she will be happy 😊.
    sarla that dr preeta he loves karan so much sarla that karan he will be take care for dr preeta sarla you don’t make upest for shiriti she will not do anything for you I promise you that you can do it okay.

  2. rhaki this sherlyn she call sarla that only sherlyn she didn’t her planned hunderd percent I can see the face properly you come to know that rhaki please shout to sherlyn properly you don’t leave him.

  3. This should be the value and trust of a true couple.
    Also a mom who always wants her kids in safe n happy place. Thanks for bringing and showing such a emotional but a true lesson

  4. I hope writers get good twist by Preetas pregnancy and she should be pregnant and confirm who is the father of Sonakshi child, don’t keep the chapter incomplete.
    I have to say only one thing to the writer get twist but at the end please show positive.


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