Bade Acche Lagte Hai 13th September 2021 Written Update Ram Priya first date

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 13th September 2021 Written Update Ram Priya first date

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 13th September 2021 Written Update Ram Priya’s first date Ram gets prepared to meet Priya. His friends help him deck up perfectly for the first date with Priya. Kunal gives up his liking for Priya, knowing Ram and Priya’s alliance talks are going on. Nandini and Shivina free Ram from the marriage pressure, but Ram still wants to marry. Priya is worried because of her family, who request her to consider Ram’s alliance once. Priya agrees to meet Ram at the restaurant. The family gets happy thinking Priya has agreed to the proposal. The family hugs her.

Priya clears that she didn’t say yes for marriage, she is just going to meet Ram. Meera tells that its enough for them that she is going to meet Ram. Ram feels nervous. He takes a pill to control his anxiety. Adi asks him to stay confident and not take any stress, just be himself when he talks to Priya. Ram wants to keep things transparent. He reaches the restaurant first and awaits Priya. Ram realizes that their story didn’t begin on a good note. He decides to make their terms friendly. Priya arrives there.

Consequently, Ram and Priya meet on their first date. They decide to talk about their possible marriage for the sake of their families, after they had seen the positivity in their homes when their alliance talks were on. Ram thinks he should marry Priya if the latter is giving her consent, so that Shivina and Akshay’s marriage talks don’t undergo any problem. He wants to make the relations smooth between both the families, until they wait for Akshay to get a stable career in acting. Priya also wants to marry Ram if the marriage can bring her mother Meera at peace. She agrees to know Ram and hear out his reasonings once. Ram offers her the headache pills.


Priya tells that she doesn’t take tablets for headache or indigestion. Ram tells her that he wants to honestly tell her that he isn’t getting married for the sake of love or to get a companion in life. He explains the only motive for his marriage, that’s Shivina’s happiness, marriage and secure future. He tells that he has moved much ahead of love, he doesn’t expect any love in his life, but knowing Priya well, he realized that she also wants to marry a stranger just for Akshay’s happiness, not to find love.

He tells that they have something in common, they can do anything for their family’s happiness, they find their own happiness seeing their family in peace. Priya tells him that she feels irritated when people lie or false praise, but she is glad that he said nothing but the truth. They order food. Ram shows his interests. They try a new dish together and share it, along with a cute moment of laughter. Priya finally accepts his marriage proposal. Ram and Priya decide to marry, sharing a bond of understanding, friendship and faith. Keep reading.

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