Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2021 Written Update Shocker

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2021 Written Update Shocker

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2021 Written Update Shocker Sania and Armaan want to separate Rudra and Prisha forever. Sania informs Armaan that Rudra won’t be able to reach Delhi and stop the wedding. She puts Rudra to sleep. Armaan gets confident that nobody can stop him from marrying Prisha, the love of his life. Ahana and Mishka get a good news that Ahana is the legal owner of the Khurana properties. Ahana gets overjoyed and celebrates with Mishka. Mishka tells her that they should leave the country until Rudra and Prisha are away and busy.

Prisha stays lost during the Sangeet ceremony, when she performs with Armaan. Gopal observes Prisha’s upset face and goes to talk to her. He advises Prisha not to marry Armaan and step back if her heart isn’t willing. He tells her that he will be supporting her decision. Prisha is in two minds. She waits for Rudra to come and stop the marriage. She tells Gopal that she is very sure that Rudra will come to stop her marriage with Armaan.

Gopal tells Prisha why Rudra has gone away from her, just for the sake of her happiness. He informs that Rudra has gone to find Saransh. She is shocked to learn that Saransh is alive. Krishna decides to meet Prisha at her marriage ceremony, by accepting Anvi’s invitation. Prisha misses Rudra and thinks just of him. Gopal finds Prisha in pain. He wishes that her hopes don’t break. Sania stops Rudra from waking up and making any phone call. She drugs him again and makes him sleep for long. She switches off his phone.

Vasu doesn’t want Prisha to cry for Rudra. She wants her daughter to move on in life. Prisha wants to see Rudra once, knowing everything will fall into place once he arrives. Rudra gets conscious and realizes how Sania had been drugging him to stop him. He reprimands her. He goes to the extent of strangulating her.

She admits that she stopped him from going to Prisha’s marriage ceremony. She challenges to top Armaan and Prisha’s marriage if he can. Rudra rushes to Delhi to stop the marriage. Prisha anxiously waits for Rudra. She sits in the mandap with Armaan. Rudra reaches there and gets blocked by the security guards. Armaan doesn’t want Rudra to enter and halt the marriage. He makes sure that Rudra doesn’t get any entry.

Prisha and Armaan exchange the garlands. She looks at the door for Rudra’s arrival. She wants Rudra to come and admit that he did everything for her. She regrets her decision of marrying Armaan. The truth will come out that Krishna is Prisha and Rudra’s Saransh. Ahana had kept Krishna hidden from Prisha for this reason. Rudra’s entry happens on time. Pandit asks Armaan and Prisha to take the rounds.

Prisha unwilling takes a round. Armaan asks her to come ahead. Rudra fights the guards and barges into the house. He finds Armaan and Prisha married. He questions Prisha why didn’t she wait for him and marry Armaan. He asks her to answer him. Will Prisha get married to Armaan? Did she halt the marriage herself? Keep reading.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2021 Written Update Shocker:

Ahana prepares to leave the country. Krishna doesn’t want to go with her. She silently leaves from the house. Rudra informs Bunty that Prisha is really getting married to Armaan, and he has to stop the marriage. He asks Bunty to come quickly and help him out in stopping the marriage. Rudra gets a lift from his fan. Gopal knows that Prisha is waiting for Rudra. Prisha wants Rudra to stop the marriage and confess that he just loves her. She tells that she had agreed to marry Armaan knowing Rudra won’t tolerate this.

She feels their fate doesn’t have their union. She is helpless to get married to Armaan. Rudra races against the time to stop the marriage. He finally fights the guards and enters the marriage hall only to find Prisha and Armaan taking the rounds. He questions Prisha about her marriage. He wished she waited for his arrival. He confesses that he loves her a lot. He asks her to confess that she also loves him. He adds that he had lied to her about his marriage with Sania for the sake of Saransh.

He reveals that Saransh is alive. He tells her that Ahana had Saransh with her, he was finding Saransh just for Prisha’s sake. He asks Prisha why did she get married to someone else. Gopal is glad that Rudra has come back. Prisha’s faith wins. Rudra tells that he can’t live without Prisha. Prisha tells Rudra that she knows this truth already that Saransh is alive, and also that Rudra loves her a lot. She tells him that she didn’t get married to Armaan, and stopped the marriage midway. Prisha is also madly in love with Rudra. She defends Rudra who has done everything to return her happiness and Saransh.

Gopal has made the revelation in time to stop the marriage. Prisha tells Rudra that she knew that he loves her. They unite happily. Rudra regrets that he couldn’t find Saransh. Prisha makes the shocking confession that she has Saransh with her. Rudra asks how did she get Saransh, where is he. Krishna hadcome to the marriage hall secretly to meet Prisha. Prisha tells that she has got her Saransh back when fate united them again and again. She summons Krishna there. Rudra tells that Krishna is Ahana’s adopted daughter.

Prisha reveals that Ahana had hidden the truth from them. She removes Krishna’s wig and tells them that Krishna isn’t a girl, but a boy, Krishna is their Saransh. She tells that she had confirmed the truth by the birthmark on the child’s back. Rudra gets emotional. Rudra decides to punish Ahana. Sania catches hold of Ahana and Mishka. She brings them to Rudra and asks him to punish them.

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