Barrister Babu going off air Netizens react to save it

Barrister Babu going off air Netizens react to save it

Barrister Babu going off air Netizens react to save it Barrister Babu currently airing on colors is in news with reports of it getting pulled off. While the news can be true or false, it can’t be said. Netizens love the show that airs first on Voot and then becomes a trend across other social platforms. The show is going really interesting. Bondita has finally come in front of the society as Barrister Babu Bondita. She has fulfilled Anirudh’s dream by taking over his case itself. While Bondita proves that Anirudh might have shot Chandrachur during their fight, but for a big reason that Chandrachur had committed an immoral wicked act of molesting Tapur.

Anirudh’s punishment gets less than the death sentence, but he doesn’t get forgiven, since Chandrachur has lost his life. Chandrachur is assumed to be killed by Bondita. The truth is Chandrachur got saved. Chandrachur meets Tupur secretly at the temple. They together fool Bondita on seeing her arrive there. Bondita thinks Tupur has lost her mental balance. Bondita revisits the temple after getting suspicious that Chandrachur might be alive, because the dead body doesn’t match with Chandrachur.

Bondita’s suspicion turns true when she herself sees Chandrachur alive. She pledges to get him punished in order to save Anirudh from the court trials. Bondita brings out Anirudh with justice and honour. Chandrachur’s chapter will end in the coming track, but the Netizens ask, is this the end of Barrister Babu. We think the show must go on. Its just the first case won by Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita have to fight a long battle for women equality and empowerment. So Barrister Babu going off air must just be a rumor. Barrister Babu might run for more months if the TRP gets higher. Do you want the show to continue, pushed towards OTT via Voot, or a sudden closure? Comment your views and keep reading.


Barrister Babu going off air Netizens react to save it. Barrister Babu 4th October 2021 Written Update – A two-minute read:

Yet another mind-blowing episode of Barrister Babu today, Bondita and Anirudh try hard to defend Tapur in the court, but Subodh Chatterjeee makes it really tough for them. Subodh makes Tapur so tensed by his unexpected and evil questions that Tapur apologizes for coming in the court. Tapur decides to not tell the truth in the court, and instead run away to hide her truth. Bondita fails to prove anything in the court, because of Subodh.

Subodh proves that Anirudh has killed Chandrachur in rage, by insulting Tapur and entire womanhood to the limit that Anirudh loses his cool. Anirudh threatens to kill him, and proves how short-tempered he is. Subodh gets the court hearing verdict on his side. Bondita is given a last chance for proving Anirudh’s innocence. When she loses courage, Anirudh instills faith and courage in her. He restores her lost confidence by his motivational words.

He wants Bondita to win the case and set an example for all those girls who want to study and become a barrister. Anirudh encourages Bondita to just stay focussed and win the case. Bondita praises him that she will find a proof of his innocence. She gets clued that Chandrachur might be alive. She decides to follow the hint and expose Chandrachur’s truth in the court. A really nice episode with amazing moments between Anirudh and Bondita. The show brings interesting and inspirational moments. It must go on for long.


  1. Save barrister babu. It is one of the best shows Hindi Television has to offer with its revolting views and amazing cast. It portrays women empowerment and addresses the stigma of the society very beautifully not to mention the gripping chemistry between the lead actors. If it goes off-air, I, and a lot many, will lose faith in Indian Television.

  2. Barrister Babu must go on more than years because it is an epic show and colors tv should give importance to this show and stop uploading on voot before 24 hours because it is damaging BB’s TRP highly.when this show deserves much more. I will request to BB fans to see this show on tv as they are doing much hard work. Love u BB.

  3. When other shows are undergoing even less trp than Barrister Babu yet they are continuing then why not Barrister Babu?! Infact it is better than any Saas-Bahu drama or Extra Marital Affair Dramas and all. You see the show Meet and all…they have great TRPs and infact I love both the shows. Both of them try giving a message unlike other shows showing Punar Janam and all. Practically Colors TV has somewhat zero interest in the Show.

  4. Its the only serial which has good and meaningful story, when compared to other serials, pravisht is the first actor of this generation, whom I feel is an excellent actor, never stop this serial

  5. I love this show. Its unique. I m doing my bit by leaving a comment to save the show. Comment guys for the best show barrister Babu.

  6. My family loves this show very much. This show not only motivates women empowerment but also set an example for the younger generation.

  7. Please save it.. It is most clean decent family show… Nice story… Director producer story writer think… What needs to be done

  8. Barrister Babu show must go on because it is showing the problems and difficulties faced by the women and girls at the time of British era . It ‘s a nice show with good story , theme , actors and much much better than typical love shows.

  9. The show is the best. Pls do not off air it. It is the best. Pls. If nothing can’t be done atleast continue to run it on ott. Like Ishq mein Marjawan

  10. Colors Tv does partiality with some shows. Barrister Babu is one of them. I don’t know what is the reason. But uploading some shows of colors before tv and some after some time is highly offensive. Not giving promo for more than 2 months of a show will obviously lead to decrease in trp. Is there anyone else who agrees with me and wants to try to bring justice to other shows like barrister babu who have a very goof and unique concept??

    • Even Star Plus TV is better than Colors TV. Atleast it uploads all the show episodes before tv. Be it Anupama, MHRW, YRKKH, GHKKPM or any show. Every show’s new episode gets uploaded before tv but no partiality is done in this case unlike Colors TV.

  11. Serials like udaariyaan, choti sardarni, nimi denzogpa which have no content, all nonsense, no message to society except for running behind your own sisters husband or covering useless topic of artificial insemination being a chief minister are shown to have high trps which merely shows these numbers being rigged. Barrister babu is not only high on content but high on performance as well. Sad to know it being replaced. Choti sardarni needs to go off air, thoda sa badal has no relevance except the same old and repeat script. So does sasural simar ka 2 and balika vadhu 2 need to be shut.
    Before you take off this only sensible serial off air, do a reality check and change your channel producer who is introducing mindless serials

  12. Pls don’t discontinue the show. It is awesome it is about wowen empowerment. No new show can replace thus show . The actors are fantastic.


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