Bhagya Lakshmi 15th October 2021 Written Update Rishi's lie caught

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th October 2021 Written Update Rishi’s lie caught

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Bhagya Lakshmi 15th October 2021 Written Update Rishi’s lie caught Aahana gives a dress to Dadi and asks her to wear it and come at 7.30 Pm as they are running a little late. Dadi tells her that she has already decided on her outfit but Aahana tells her that there is a change in plan and Lakshmi has told her to wear this outfit. Dadi tells her to not threaten her in Lakshmi’s name. Aahana tells her that when she will wear the outfit that time she will come to know and go away. Devika goes to give Rishi his outfit and tells Lakshmi has given it. Rishi tells that he has decided on his outfit but Devika doesn’t listen and tells him to come down at 7.30 sharp.

Sonia and Karishma are also shocked to receive outfits from Devika. Neelam disagrees to wear the outfit given by Lakshmi but Virendra asks her to wear it for his sake. Karishma throws her outfit in anger. Malishka comes happily to see Lakshmi getting insulted after her decoration gets spoiled but is shocked to see everything intact.

Everybody is surprised to see the village theme recreated by Lakshmi in their house. Rishi asks what is all this. Karishma and Malishka are shocked to see that the mess was cleared so quickly. Lakshmi wishes Virendra for his anniversary and asks him about the theme. He says that it is unexpected and unique like Lakshmi. Karishma asks Virendra if he really liked the decoration and he says yes. Dadi also says that she too liked it very much. She praises Lakshmi and thanks her for it.

Karishma calls the outfits tacky to which Lakshmi says that she had sent it. Virendra says that he absolutely loved the outfits and says that Neelam is looking so graceful in them. Rishi says that his mother is the prettiest lady in the world. Neelam tells Rishi that Virendra doesn’t know what to speak and what not to speak in public but he should not at least support him. Rishi says that it is the truth.

Virendra says that nobody will stop him today as he is very happy today and it is a happy day for him all because of Lakshmi’s beautiful personal touch. Karishma and Malishka are sulking. Virendra says that if he was a king he would have removed his necklace and given it to Lakshmi. Aayush says that he would have also told Mogambo Khush Hua. Virendra asks Rishi to give Lakshmi the gift he bought for her in front of everybody. Malishka says that the decorations are so desi and she is not sure if it may work as their parties are the talk of the town.

Aayush and Aahana say that the decorations are so to the point that there will be a stronger buzz this time. Dadi says that she feels that they have ditched the fake world and come into the world of reality. Devika says that she can feel the positive vibes and homely atmosphere. Everyone praises Lakshmi. Dadi asks Karishma to praise Lakshmi as it won’t give her any loss.

Karishma says that it is fine but the guests coming from Canada may find it old-fashioned. Dadi and Virendra say that their friends will definitely like it. Karishma asks Malishka how was the office lunch and she says that it was good and all become happy on learning that it is Neelam and Virendra’s anniversary. Malishka says that the employees gave them a large greeting card with signatures and Neelam loves it. She asks Malishka to thank all of them to which Karishma says that Malishka must have already thanked them on their behalf. Malishka replies with a yes.

Rishi comes with a gift and Virendra asks sorry from Lakshmi that he told Rishi to gift her in front of everybody. Lakshmi sees the band in Rishi’s hand and remembers Aahana telling her about the love bands. Dadi asks Rishi what he is waiting for. Devika says that there must be a little suspense and she closes Lakshmi’s eyes. Rishi asks Lakshmi to give him her hand and he puts gold bangles in it. Malishka is pissed. Lakshmi is shocked to see the bangles instead of love bands. Everybody claps for them. Aahana is puzzled too. Lakshmi gives a shocking look to Rishi and he gets uncomfortable. Guests start coming in. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she did not like his gift. Lakshmi reluctantly says that she liked it. Rishi looks at Malishka and leaves.

Shalu asks Lakshmi that it was supposed to be love bands and Lakshmi says that he might give later as it is not proper to give in front of everyone. Shalu teases Lakshmi. Aayush praises Lakshmi and teases Shalu. He asks Lakshmi how he got this idea to which Lakshmi says that Gurucharan chacha helped her. She tells him how Gurucharan chacha brought his Gurudwara decorators and finished all the decorations in half an hour. Shalu and Aayush tease and argue with each other.

Aayush asks Lakshmi as Shalu is her real sister as they are so different from each other. Lakshmi asks Aayush to taste the lassi and tell how it is and he tells her that guests will tell. The guests enjoy the lassi immensely. Karishma tells Sonia to let them enjoy the decorations and lassi but the party will be boring without a DJ. Sonia is shocked to see how Lakshmi quickly did the decorations when they had spoiled everything.

Karishma says she has no idea. Dadi listens to their conversation and is heartbroken. Lakshmi sees the gold bangles and thinks that the love band will be more precious than this. She is waiting for Rishi to give her the love band. Rishi is searching for Lakshmi. Neelam’s friends from Canada come and praise the rural India theme. They thank Virendra for inviting them to the party every year. They praise Lakshmi and ask Neelam to find a Punjabi girl for their son.

Malishka is angry to hear this. She tells Rishi to meet her alone. Rishi goes after Malishka. Dadi goes after Karishma and Sonia and tells them that she knows they tried to spoil the party. She schools Karishma on spoiling Sonia too instead of teaching her to do good. Dadi threatens to tell this to Neelam but Karishma tries to stop her. Dadi insults Karishma and warns her to mend her ways. Sonia tries to convince Dadi but she advises her to refrain from negativity if she wants to lead a good life. Sonia is scared that Dadi might tell Neelam but Karishma says that she will not tell as she needs positivity in the house.

Sonia is pissed at Lakshmi for mesmerizing Dadi towards her and Karishma says that this is the reason why she doesn’t want Lakshmi to stay in this house anymore. Lakshmi remembers her mother’s words about keeping a dupatta on her head during Anniversaries as it is good luck for couples. Lakshmi asks the goddess to bless her and Rishi to be forever together. Rishi is following Malishka when he meets Lakshmi on the way and asks her if she genuinely liked the gift. Lakshmi tells him that she was expecting something else and praises the love band in his hand. Rishi is shaken and tells her that a friend of his gifted it. Lakshmi is dumbstruck. How will Rishi handle the situation? Will he be able to clear the doubts created in Lakshmi’s mind about the love band? Keep reading.

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