Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th October 2021 Written Update Prisha reveals truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th October 2021 Written Update Prisha reveals truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th October 2021 Written Update Prisha reveals truth The media troubles Rudraksh and Prisha by their questions regarding Sania’s murder. Rudra doesn’t want to leave Prishi alone. Inspector Sachi arrives there to take over the case. She stops the media from playing a drama to mock the law. She asks the reporters to let them handle the law. She scolds them for becoming the judge themselves and announcing the punishment for the culprit. She takes Prisha into custody. She asks Rudra to hide a good lawyer for Prisha, until then Prisha will be safe in custody. Rudra and Prisha get separated when she is taken by the police.

Armaan’s plan backfires badly. On the other side, Sharda watches the news of Prisha’s arrest for Sania’s murder. She is shocked by the news. She sensed that something was wrong. She wants to find out the matter from Rudra. Rudra sheds tears while trying to recall the night’s incident. He goes under the shower. He puts pressure on his mind, but doesn’t remember anything. He wants to know what happened in the room. He knows that Prisha can’t do anything such. He receives Sharda’s call. Sharda asks him about Prisha’s arrest.

He tells her that Prisha didn’t do anything. He doesn’t understand anything. He narrates the morning incident to Sharda. He tells about Armaan and his fight. Sharda tells her that Armaan is behind Sania’s murder. Rudra says that Armaan can’t kill his wife, he may be taking advantage of the situation, but he can’t go to this extent. Sharda still believes that Armaan is the culprit, just that Armaan can benefit from this situation. Ahuja tells Armaan about the huge loss. Armaan is more worried for Prisha, than Sania’s loss.


Ahuja asks Armaan if he has killed Sania, because he wanted to ruin Rudra. Armaan tells that he had to ruin Rudra’s career, he didn’t wish to kill Sania, he didn’t want Prisha to get trapped into this murder case. He regrets that he had been away from Sania and couldn’t save her. He blames himself for the murder. Prisha gets interrogated by Sachi. Prisha feels embarrassed to tell about Sania and Rudra’s night. She tells that she has killed Sania with a knife. Sachi believes that Prisha is innocent. She wants to know who Prisha is protecting.

Rudra asks Prisha not to say anything. He gets his lawyer there. Sachi asks Rudra to tell his wife not to joke with the law. Sachi leaves them to talk. Rudra asks Prisha not to worry and tell the entire truth. Lawyer tells that Sachi will find out everything. He calls it a wrong move to accept the crime. Rudra asks Prisha to tell the entire truth to the lawyer and him. Prisha tells that she wants to talk to Rudra in private. The lawyer goes out. Rudra asks Prisha to admit the truth. Sachi gets Sania’s lab reports.

The lab technician gets scared seeing her, like he is hiding something. Rudra makes Prisha swear on him. He just wants to tell the truth. Prisha hugs him and cries. She tells that she didn’t kill Sania. Rudra asks why did she lie to take the blame on herself. She tells that she is doing this to save him. He asks her what did he do. She tells that she came to the room and found him with Sania. She tells that he was sleeping, and she tried to wake him up. By that time, Sania was murdered. She erases the evidences against Rudra.

She tells that she knows Rudra didn’t kill Sania, but he would get trapped in the murder blame, she took the blame on herself just to buy some time for themselves. She reminds Rudra that he had come to their room, when Sania called him. Rudra tells that he doesn’t remember anything. She asks him was he too drunk. He tells that he just had one drink, maybe the drink was spiked. He suspects that the real murderer had framed him. She asks him if Armaan told him about the wife swap. Rudra tells that Armaan told the disgusting thing.

She feels Armaan is behind the murder. Rudra tells that even Sharda told the same. He tells that Armaan would be framing him to separate them, he is a disgusting man to foil their honeymoon. He reveals that Armaan had tried to stop their romance many times. Prisha believes Rudra. She tells that Armaan tried to cross his limits before as well. Rudra feels he is a fool to believe Armaan. Prisha tells that it’s his goodness that he supported Armaan before.

Rudra tells that Armaan had framed them. Sachi gets the reports and concludes that Prisha is the murderer. She says that the evidence is against Prisha. She shows the CCTV footage. Sachi proves that Armaan can’t murder his wife Sania. Rudra goes to confront Armaan for killing Sania. Armaan and Rudra accuse each other. Rudra promises Prisha that he will save Prisha from this mess. He tells Sharda that he will fight the entire world, and bring Prisha home. Keep reading.

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