Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2021 Written Update Rhea challenges Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2021 Written Update Rhea challenges Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2021 Written Update Rhea challenges Ranbir Prachi and Siddharth meet at the cafe. They share the project updates. Prachi waits for Ranbir. She tells that she will go and look for Ranbir. Siddharth asks her to sit back and go late. Rhea happens to come there. She sees Siddharth holding Prachi’s hand. She gets a chance to click their picture to show their friendship in a wrong way. She has filth in her mind. She tells that she just had doubt on them, but they both are proving her doubt true by making it a reality. She tells that she was just making a story in front of Ranbir, but they are really writing a romantic story. Rhea clicks their picture before going to them.

Rhea fills doubt in Ranbir’s mind against Prachi. She tells that a guy and a girl can never be friends. Ranbir doesn’t believe the nonsense she tells about Prachi and Siddharth. Rhea tells that he has faith that Prachi can never do wrong with him, he is just overconfident. She asks him to take up a challenge. She tells that he can prove her wrong, or she will prove him wrong. Ranbir agrees to prove it to her.


Rhea challenges him the same way like she used to do before when they were in college, and Ranbir turns silly to agree to her and test Prachi’s loyalty. Meanwhile, Abhi is thankful to Pragya for making him meet the two special things of his life, music and his guitar. He tells that there is nothing left now to meet. Pragya tells him that she wants him to meet himself. Later, the police arrives at Pragya’s house to arrest Abhi. Tanu and Aaliya ask his crime. The inspector tells them that Abhi is charged for the accidental death of six people. Pragya is left shocked by the arrest.

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd October 2021 Written Update Rhea challenges Ranbir:

Gaurav calls Aaliya again. Rhea looks for Siddharth. She doesn’t find him in his cabin. She looks for some proof. She wants Siddharth and Prachi’s photos when they went on a business trip. She learns that Siddharth has gone to the canteen. She goes to see him. Siddharth is with Prachi. He tells that he is nervous. She tells that she will meet Ranbir and come. He asks her to sit with him and go later. Rhea tells that she just doubted them, but they are turning the doubt into reality.

She doesn’t care if they have something in between. She clicks their picture and goes. Prachi tells Siddharth that Ranbir’s startup is his dream, which she sees by her eyes. She wishes to support Ranbir and his dreams. Siddharth likes to hear her talk about Ranbir. He finds her love so true. He asks if every couple has such love. She asks doesn’t Rhea love him. He recalls Rhea’s bitterness. Rhea meets Ranbir. He greets her. She asks him what is he hiding from her. He tells her that he was seeing Prachi’s pictures.

She asks him why is he seeing Prachi’s photo when he sees her every day. He tells that he feels lucky to get Prachi as his wife. He adds that his love increases for Prachi every day, but Prachi has no time for him. He tells Prachi’s schedule. He is madly in love with Prachi. She gets angry. She asks him if Prachi doesn’t give him time when he comes home from office. He tells that she complains about the day and then sleeps, she has no time for him. She asks him if he knows everything about Prachi. He tells that he knows everything. She asks whom does Prachi talk in his absence. He tells that Prachi talks to Siddharth all the time.

She tells that she has to show him something, Prachi and Siddharth not just talk about work, but also something else. She tells him that Siddharth doesn’t give him time, their problem is the same, she got an answer for that. He asks her where is she taking him. She asks him to come along and see it. Siddharth tells that a person wants love and money, but he isn’t lucky to get such love. She tells about her parents’ true love. He tells her that he wishes he was so lucky, but Rhea doesn’t love her. She replies that Rhea loves him, she isn’t bad at heart. She asks him to understand Rhea’s feelings.

He thinks she is right, Rhea is unpredictable. She tells that his confusion is good, he has to understand his love and feelings also. She asks him to promise that he won’t think anything wrong. He asks her to always answer his calls and explain him if he needs her help. She promises that she will always stay with him. He promises to never such things again. They shake hands and laugh. Rhea shows them to Ranbir. Ranbir tells that Prachi refused to have lunch with him. Rhea tells that Prachi has time, but not for him. He gets upset with Prachi.

Aaliya asks Gaurav why is he calling her. She tells that she was hearing Abhi and Pragya’s talk. She adds that Pragya is going to renovate her new office. Gaurav gets a good idea after hearing this. He tells that he will talk to her later. Mitali asks Aaliya why is she secretly talking to Gaurav, when Abhi refused her to do so. Aaliya tells that Abhi also doesn’t listen to them, she also doesn’t want to listen to him. Ranbir goes to Prachi and rebukes her for lying to him. Rhea thinks Ranbir will take Prachi’s class now.

Ranbir tells Prachi that its his favorite sandwich, she can’t have it alone. He jokes and snatches their sandwiches. He asks Rhea to join them. Rhea is shocked to see their friendship. Rhea tells that Prachi knows Siddharth well. She adds that she doesn’t know him. Ranbir asks her not to worry, spend time with Siddharth and know him. Prachi tells that she has to rush for the meeting. Ranbir tells her that she will miss him. Prachi gets doubtful seeing Rhea with Ranbir. She leaves for the meeting. Abhi meets Pragya’s manager and suggests few things for the renovation.

The manager tells that the idea is good, but its risky for the surrounding buildings. Abhi tells that they should rebuilt the weak walls, safety is important than making the office beautiful. He adds that this was his first office, Pragya will never leave this building. He asks her to make the building a strong constructed one. Gaurav records Abhi’s statements to manipulate him. Ranbir comes home and messages Prachi that he has reached home. Rhea asks Ranbir why didn’t he give any reaction seeing Prachi with Siddharth. He tells that they have nothing in between, they have friendship.

She tells that a guy and a girl can never be friends. He laughs hearing her filmi line. He asks her to get realistic. He tells that he can guarantee their friendship, because he introduced them to each other. He feels Rhea didn’t get such a good friend in her life, so she is thinking so. He doesn’t listen to her. She understands that its not easy to make her against Prachi. She is determined to plant the seed of suspicion in his mind. Pragya and Abhi have a moment and have coffee together. He tells that he has made the coffee for her. She asks him to tell her that he has specially made it for her. She feels glad. He tells that she is renovating his office, he isn’t angry, he liked her gesture.

He tells that his first office is special for her. He thinks she has sent him there deliberately to give him happiness. She adds that she was busy, else she would have accompanied him. He misses his Dadi. He tells that he misses his old days. She tells that she had a good meeting with the artist, she signed him, but something was missing, like he has the x-factor. She tells that he was her favorite rockstar and she was his number one fan. They have a moment. Stay tuned.

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