Yeh Rishta New story track 22nd October 2021 Update

Yeh Rishta New story track 22nd October 2021 Update

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Yeh Rishta New story track 22nd October 2021 Update A new story develops in the show, bringing the differences between Akshu and Aarohi. The latter gets against the family, who loves Akshu a lot. Sirat pacifies Akshu and says not to take Arohi’s words seriously as she is young and doesn’t understand such things. Sirat informs Arohi that Akshu genuinely cares for her and did not do anything to butter her or impress her but only because she is good by heart. Arohi is unable to control her emotions and starts crying. Everybody asks her what is the matter and she says that she never receives praises or compliments for her deeds and receives just scoldings. Sirat pacifies Arohi and hugs both of them.

Sirat changes the topic and says that she needs Akshu and Arohi’s help in choosing gifts for the students of Akshara dance academy or else Dadi might scold her. Sirat indicates Dadi to react and she starts scolding Sirat to quickly make arrangements for the gifts. Arohi and Akshu agree to help Sirat. Arohi suggests Sirat to give books and educational toys to the kids and Akhilesh says that now the kids will become smart like Arohi.

Akshu suggests that they can give ghungroo and dancing shoes to the kids and Manish says that it is a perfect gift for the children as they are associated with dance. Sirat asks Arohi and Akshu to hurry up fast or she will get scoldings from Dadi again. Akshu is sadly looking at Arohi’s trophy when Sirat gives a trophy to Akshu for being a great daughter. Sirat tells Akshu to not remain angry with Arohi and Akshu says that Arohi is the one who is angry. Sirat says she will speak to Arohi but Akshu says she will never stop talking to her sister and Arohi also cannot remain angry for long.

Arohi sees Sirat hugging Akshu and gets angry. Sirat calls her but she goes to sleep. Manish is tensed by Arohi’s behavior and says that it will go on now. Manish tells Suwarna that Sirat must not have told Akshu the truth and they all should have twisted the story to protect Arohi and Akshu’s bond. Suwarna informs Manish that the truth had to come out some or the other day and it’s better it came out early. Surekha is worried that though Arohi has Goenka’s blood in her, she also possesses Sheela’s evil genes. Sirat asks Surekha to not compare her girls by saying all these things because if they listen she will not have any answers to give.

Manish asks Sirat to take care that Arohi’s childishness doesn’t grow up to be her rudeness. Akshu goes to convince Arohi and takes her favorite chocolate for her. Arohi asks her to go away or else she will say something which will hurt her and Sirat will end up scolding her. Akshu is not ready to give up and gives her jalebi and says that Sirat knew that Arohi will come first and that is why she had already ordered them. Arohi refuses to eat it and Akshu is adamant that she will not go till Arohi forgives her. Akshu and Arohi help Sirat in packing gifts for the kids of Akshara dance academy. Sirat makes Arohi and Akshu patch up and Manish is happy seeing them. Arohi and Akshu hug each other and Sirat clicks their picture.

Dadi gifts Arohi and Akshu for helping out Sirat in such a short time. Gayu says that the kids will be happy with their gifts and Suwarna says that they will develop more respect towards the academy. Arohi questions why the academy is named after Akshu and not her. Sirat says that Naira was a great dancer and she named the academy in her mother Akshara Singhania’s name. Arohi asks Sirat why she did not name her boxing academy in her mother’s name. Arohi asks Sirat why she did not tell her anything about her grandmother leaving Sirat speechless.

Akhilesh informs everyone that the kids from the academy have arrived. Dadi asks them to forget all these things and take care of the kids. She wants Arohi and Akshu to give gifts to the kids. The manager is happy that the kids are excited to receive the gifts. Akshu asks the manager to show her Naira’s dance videos. The manager praises Naira and her mother Akshara and Arohi also wishes to meet her grandmother. The manager praises Akshu for sticking handmade cards on the gifts. The kids insist Arohi and Akshu click a group selfie.

The manager informs Manish that Sheela had come to the academy to ask for work desperately. Sirat informs him that whatever she tells he should not give her a job. Sheela lands up at Goenka house and tells Sirat what kind of daughter she is and if she cannot help her mother a little. Dadi is scared that Sheela will reach their house. Sheela greets everyone and goes to Arohi. Sheela says that she recognized Arohi despite not meeting her or seeing her. Sheela hugs Arohi. Sheela says that Arohi is just like her and she was exactly like this in her childhood. Akhilesh asks the manager to take the kids to the academy and they will send their gifts and snacks there.

Sheela tells Arohi that she is her grandmother and Arohi becomes happy. Manish asks Arohi and Akshu to go inside but Arohi says that she wants to talk to her grandmother. Arohi tells Akshu that her grandmother has come and now she will ask Sirat to open a boxing academy in her name. Manish says that Sheela is not her grandmother and asks them to go inside. Sirat asks her to get out but Sheela asks her to give a job as she is in urgent need and doesn’t have anything to eat. Sirat refuses to believe her and says that she doesn’t have any relationship with Sheela.

Sheela manipulates Arohi against Goenkas and says that she is from a poor family and that is why not respected. Arohi says that there is some confusion and her family is not like that. Sheela says that the Goenkas have a soft corner only for Akshara. Will Sheela be successful in making Arohi like her? How will Akshu manage this changed Arohi? Keep reading.

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