Imlie 25th October 2021 Written Update Miracle for Imlie

Imlie 25th October 2021 Written Update Miracle for Imlie

Imlie 25th October 2021 Written Update Miracle for Imlie Aditya gets shocked to see Imlie and Pranav getting locked inside with him in prison. He asks what happened. Imlie replies that she stopped a thief from running. She tells Pranav that she already warned him that he will soon be locked inside the prison. Aditya asks whom is she calling the thief. He further asks Imlie what is she doing inside the prison. Imie replies that she was not feeling good without him and Pranav jiju helped her to reach him.

She asks Pranav is she right? Pranav gets shocked hearing Imlie calling him Jiju. He further thinks why Imlie didn’t told truth to Aditya. Imlie thinks if Aditya gets to know that Pranav has stolen the pendrive, he may lose his mind and beat Pranav. She thinks not to tell anything to Aditya right as Pranav can break the pendrive in anger and Aditya will lose an important evidence of his news article. Aditya thinks he should ask Imlie or not that why she actually came behind him in the prison. He thinks to not ask Imlie anything right as she can taunt him. Pranav again starts thinking that he can’t take Imlie lightly as she may be making some plan.

Imlie again thinks that she needs to prove that Pranav stole the pendrive as well as kept drugs in Aditya’s room so that Rupi will never trust Pranav again. Aditya gets confused thinking he should talk to Imlie or not? Pranav thinks why are Aditya and Imlie so quiet, is it their secret language? Imlie starts laughing and asks Aditya and Pranav why are they talking in their thoughts? Aditya apologizes to Pranav on Imlie’s behalf for getting him arrested. Pranav says to Aditya that it’s fine. Imlie pushes Pranav aside and sits with Aditya.


Aditya says he is habitual of getting in trouble because of his profession. He asks lmlie about the pendrive. Imlie tells Aditya that Pendrive is where it should be. Aditya asks Imlie did she took pendrive to his office? Imlie replies no shocking Aditya. He asks her where the pendrive is? In a joking way Imlie tells that Pendrive can’t go anywhere. Aditya asks to talk seriously. He gets irritated with Imlie’s antics.

Pranav tries to ask a constable’s help to get his phone and make a call. Imlie pinches Aditya and the latter asks her to sit straight. Pranav gets alerted that Imlie wants to tell Aditya something. Imlie goes near Aditya and tries writing something on his back. Aditya and lmlie feels romantic with their present closeness. Pranav thinks about what is happening between Imlie and Aditya. Aditya asks Imlie she was not talking to him at home and now suddenly she is getting romantic.

Imlie replies to Aditya that she is still not talking to him. Aditya asks her why she is being romantic in front of Pranav in the police station. Imlie shouts chee and gets aside. She then again goes close to Aditya and tells him that she wants to tell him some secret. Aditya asks her to tell him. Imlie tells him that she will tell him in short and asks him to understand it. Aditya agrees. Imlie starts writing on Aditya’s back. Aditya understands that lmlie wants to tell him that Pranav stole the pendrive. Imlie stops angry Aditya from rising up and beating Pranav.

Aditya asks Imlie to leave him as he will not do anything to increase their trouble. He further tells Imlie that they need to face cheap and nonsense person like Pranav in a strategic way. Aditya too writes something on lmlie’s back like she wrote and gave him her message. He also gives her a message and gets romantic. Imlie asks him if he is getting romantic at this time? Aditya calls Imlie Jhalli and the latter calls former shehri langur. Police informs Imlie and Pranav that they are free now. Pranav runs out. Aditya asks constable for a few minutes to talk to Imlie.

Aditya asks Imlie how will she stop Pranav from running away with pendrive behind his back. Imlie asks him to not worry she will not let Pranav run away with pendrive and deceive Rupi. Harish and Pankaj are seen doing the formalities of Imlie and Pranav’s bail. Pranav excuses himself and goes outside. He makes a call to the minister and informs him that he will reach him with the pendrive in 15 minutes. Imlie taps Pranav’s shoulder and asks him to leave for home. Pranav says to Imlie he will not go anywhere with her. A police inspector is seen asking Pranav to come with him to Tripathi house.

He tells Pranav that nobody from the Tripathi family can go anywhere and he was too present in Tripathi house, when police got drugs from Aditya’s room. On the other side, Aditya thinks he has full faith in Imlie but when will he win Imlie’s trust. At Tripathi house, Aparna asks Rupi to call 9 girls from the colony for kanjak pooja. Malini asks Aparna why it seems that she didn’t sleep the whole night. Aparna tells that she couldn’t sleep thinking about her children who are in prison since last night. Malini uses the opportunity and blames Imlie for Aditya being in prison.

Aparna uses Gandiki’s example and says that Bapu too went to prison for the truth. She further says that how can Aditya not fight for the truth then. She recalls that Imlie made her realize that Aditya touched her feet instead of Devi Maa. Aparna says that Devi Maa will help her. She further says that lmlie has a habit of fighting for others. Aparna says that Imlie will fight for Aditya with full zeal. Aparna gets disappointed by not seeing Aditya return with Imlie and Pranav.

Tripathis get shocked seeing police too. They inform them that they came to perform their duty and search Tripathi house again. Imlie l tells the police that she will go with them. She looks at Pranav and says they need to search every nook and corner. Imlie further says they may find any proof to prove Aditya’s innocence. Malini gets angry at lmlie. Imlie asks Malini to calm down as she will bring Aditya out of prison anyhow. She indirectly asks Malini to keep eyes on Pranav.

Pranav asks the minister to understand that lmlie is tough to handle. Minister tells Pranav that he is himself coming to Tripathi house to get the proof. Malini asks Pranav about Aditya’s condition. She asks Pranav if he is talking to his contacts for Aditya’s help. Pranav gets frustrated and says to Rupi ‘he came for what and is doing what’. Pranav leaves, Rupi tensed. She thinks Pranav is in this mood as he had to be in prison the whole night because of Imlie. Next Imlie is seen asking God to help her. Suddenly, the door opens and 9 kanjak’s come inside Tripathi house.

Imlie understands God’s hint. Imlie and Tripathi’s welcome the Kanjak’s. She makes a plan with the kanjaks and asks their help. They agree to help Imlie. Tripathi’s serve the prasad to Kanjaks. In the next episode, Kanjak’s will be seen passing the pendrive to each other. Before the pendrive could reach lmlie a woman’s hand will grab it.

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