Udaariyaan 25th October 2021 Written Update Tejo dares to kill

Udaariyaan 25th October 2021 Written Update Tejo dares to kill

Udaariyaan 25th October 2021 Written Update Tejo dares to kill Tejo fails to contact Fateh. Jass poses more problems for her when she tries to run out of the house to get help from the neighbors. Jass locks the gate and tells her that he can’t permit her to go out at night. He asks her to be his good wife and come with him to her room. The family tries to teach him limits, but he leaves them scared by attacking Dilraj. Jass tells Tejo that its their wedding night which will be completing today, since he had left her on the day of their wedding. He apologizes for being bad to her before. He asks Tejo to love her husband.

Tejo is left shocked and feels threatened by Jass. Fateh checks Tejo’s missed calls and regrets. He calls her back and doesn’t get through. A worried Fateh rushes to Sandhu house, only to find Tejo threatened by Jass. He knows Tejo is strong enough to save herself. Tejo runs out of her room, and goes downstairs to her family, while Jass follows her. He reminds her a wife’s duty to please her husband by obeying him.

Jass threatens Tejo and her family. She tells him that she can do anything if he comes ahead. Jass tells her that she is his wife, a wife doesn’t behave with her husband in this manner. She asks him to stop right away. Tejo takes a big step to protect her dignity and threatens Jass that she can take his life if he dares touch her. Fateh seems to hear her shouting, and grows worried. What will happen next? Keep reading.


Udaariyaan 25th October 2021 Written Update Tejo dares to kill:

Jass threatens Tejo that he will punish her all the night. Tejo fights him and takes a knife to protect herself. He tells him that she can kill him and she is ready to go to jail for the crime. He tells that he has a right to spend the night with her because she is his wife. Tejo tells him that he doesn’t know that she can take Durga and Chandi avatar to kill a devil like him. Jass tells that she isn’t doing right. Satti, Lovely and Bebe come to Tejo’s rescue. They scold Jass for disrespecting a woman.

Fateh reaches the house and finds the gate locked. He wonders that they aren’t in the house. He sees the lights in Tejo’s rom. Jass gets scared of the women. He tells them that he will go outside and sleep in the guest room. Bebe asks Satti and Lovely to stay with Tejo. Satti consoles Tejo. Fateh wants to go inside and check once. He wonders how will he go inside. He comes up with a way to climb the wall and get inside. Bebe keeps an eye and finds Jass sleeping. She prays for some help. Fateh enters Tejo’s room and finds her too scared. He tells her that its him. Tejo breaks down and hugs him.

He finds her too scared. He asks her the matter. She reveals to him how Jass got the Sandhu men arrested, and then misbehaved with her to celebrate their first night. Fateh rages and tells that he will not leave Jass alive. She asks him to not make any mistake, else he will also land in the jail. She tells that Jass has played a big game with them, they have to stay calm and save the family first. She tells that Jass will use their mistake against them.

Fateh wishes that he came on time and rescued her. He tells that he has a way to remove Jass from her life permanently. He asks her to come along to the police station in the morning. She asks him not to tell anything to the Virk family. She asks him to go home. Fateh refuses to go home. Tejo tells that she has a knife to protect herself, if he stays with her in the house, then Jass can create more problems for them. Fateh tells that he will come in the morning to pick her. He leaves.

Bebe wakes up Jass and gives the lemon water for his hangover. Jass thanks her. Bebe adds the sleeping medicine in it. Tejo finds Fateh outside the house. She holds his hand and jumps over the wall to reach him. Satti sends Tejo with Fateh. Fateh takes Tejo to the police station. Tejo meets her family men there and tells them that Fateh can save them. Fateh and Tejo meet the Inspector. Inspector refuses to accept them. Tejo explains that Jass is a devil, he is troubling them. Fateh asks Inspector to help them.

Inspector tells that there is no criminal case on Jass. He asks them to find some help from the central jail where Jass’ mum is jailed. Fateh knows who can help them there. He takes Tejo outside. He calls Khushbeer to get his help. Khushbeer asks him why does he care for Tejo now. Fateh tells that everyone has hurt Tejo a lot. He asks Khushbeer to speak to the commissioner and take a favor from him. Khushbeer agrees.

Fateh and Tejo meet the jailer, who helps them by handing over the records. Bebe and Satti don’t want Jass to know about Tejo’s absence. They wish that Fateh and Tejo find a way out. Fateh and Tejo find about Rukmani, who visits Jass’ mum at the jail. Fateh tells that they can get any clue by visiting Rohtak. He asks Tejo to return home and keep an eye on Jass, without letting him doubt. He assures her that he will find out everything. Jass wakes up. He asks for Tejo. Bebe asks him to have breakfast and not create any drama. Jass throws the breakfast away.

Fateh goes to drop Tejo home. Tejo tells that his friend in Rohtak will help him. Fateh asks her to take care of herself. Satti lies to Jass that Tejo has gone to the college. Jass scolds the women. Fateh learns that Tejo didn’t eat anything since night. He asks her to have some food, else she will feel weak. Satti attacks Dilraj again. He compels the family to tell him the truth. Fateh finds Tejo crying again and feels sorry for her. Tejo gets hurt recalling their moments. She realizes that Fateh is no more her husband, and sheds tears. Fateh consoles her. He wants to bring her out of the sorrowful phase. Who is Rukmani? What proof will Fateh gather against Jass? Keep reading.

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