Yeh Rishta Kartik death news 25th October 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kartik death news 25th October 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kartik death news 25th October 2021 Written Update Akshu asks Arohi if she will meet her grandmother and says that Manish told her how Sheela is. Arohi remembers what Sheela said and gets angry at Akshu that Manish would have told her how Sheela and her mom are from a poor family while her mother is from a high-class family. Arohi is very angry with Akshu due to Sheela’s manipulation and shuts the door on her face. Akshu is trying to convince Arohi and asks her to open the door. Sirat comes there and asks Akshu if they again had a fight. Akshu tells Sirat to bring back Arohi’s grandmother to the house regardless of whatever she has done and she will surely love them just like other family members.

Akshu informs Sirat that Arohi will remain angry till her grandmother is brought back. Sirat says that nothing like that will happen and plans to bring Arohi out. Sirat says that Kartik is coming back home after a gap of many months and Arohi immediately comes outside. Akshu and Arohi are excited to welcome Kartik and decide to make gifts for him. Sirat is also happy that she will meet Kartik after a long time. All the family members are excited and decide to welcome Kartik in a grand way. Suwarna decides to make delicacies for Kartik and Dadi warns everyone that nobody should trouble Kartik after he comes.

Akshu and Arohi are thinking about what they should give Kartik. Akshu thinks of making a card for him but Arohi says that she has already planned to make a card for Kartik and give a coffee mug from her savings. Arohi asks Akshu to think of something else and Akshu says that she will make a pen stand for Kartik. Arohi says that she has also decided to give a pen stand to Kartik and again asks Akshu to think of something else.


Akshu finally decides to prepare something special for Kartik. Sirat is on cloud nine and cannot contain her excitement. She is pressing Kartik’s jacket and burns it accidentally due to the immense happiness but gets scared of burning it. Sirat sees Akshu’s gift and likes it. Arohi is as usual angry and says that Akshu is clever and made a personalized gift box when she told her that she will make a pen stand. Sirat shouts at Arohi for talking badly to Akshu and stealing her idea.

Sirat prepares Kachori for Kartik and all are excited to welcome him back home. All the family members indulge in rhyming statements along with Akshu and Arohi. Arohi says that she will make Kartik eat the yummy Kachoris and when he asks her what she wants at that time she will tell him to bring her grandmother back. Manish comes and tells Arohi that Sheela is not her grandmother and warns her to not tell anything regarding this to Kartik. Manish asks Sirat if she did not make Arohi understand.

Arohi asks Manish why he scolds Sirat all the time and does not allow Sheela in their house because she is not rich like Akshu’s grandmother. Arohi questions why everyone is against Sheela and misbehaves with Sirat. She says bitter words to Sirat and leaves angrily. Akshu informs everyone that Arohi spoke to Sheela and Sirat understands that she has manipulated Arohi. Suwarna asks Akshu to take care of Arohi.

Akhilesh is in shock and asks Surekha to switch on the news channel. Arohi is thinking that Sheela was correct and Manish doesn’t speak properly with Sirat. Akshu convinces Arohi and suggests her to smile broadly and go to the airport to pick Kartik. Akshu and Arohi hug each other but the wind blows and Arohi’s card is spoiled. The Goenkas are shocked to see the news that the flight coming from New York to Udaipur has gone missing. Sirat breaks her and Kartik’s photograph while trying to gather herself. Sirat and Dadi start crying very badly and pray for Kartik to be located soon. Manish tells them not to be scared as it may be a rumor. Kairav calls Sirat and she consoles him that Kartik will be found soon.

Sirat tells Kairav that nothing will happen to Kartik and that she loves him a lot and Kartik loves him more than she does. Sirat is sure that nothing can happen to her Kartik and plans to go to the temple to pray for him. Dadi insists that they will come along but Sirat says that they all should stay back or else Akshu and Arohi will get a doubt. Sirat asks her family to handle everything at home till she comes back. Sirat asks Arohi to catch the pooja plate and tells she will bring Akshu with her as the wind is blowing badly. Sirat walks down the steps and falls, making Arohi and Akshu shocked. Sirat bangs her head on a stone and injures herself. Akshu and Arohi are too shocked to react. Is this the end of Sirat and Kartik’s happy family? How will Akshu and Arohi handle the situation? Keep reading.

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