Udaariyaan 27th October 2021 Written Update Jasmin exposed

Udaariyaan 27th October 2021 Written Update Jasmin exposed

Udaariyaan 27th October 2021 Written Update Jasmin exposed Jass kidnaps Fateh just to get a ransom from the Virk family. He wants enough money to leave the country and live a good life in Canada. He is pretty sure that Khushbeer will be ready to pay any amount to save his heir, his elder son. Jass sends Fateh’s picture to the Virk family to tell them that he has kidnapped Fateh. He demands a huge ransom. Jasmin is shocked to learn about Fateh’s kidnapping. Her anger knows no limit, and she reaches the academy to meet Jass. She wants Jass to free Fateh. Jass and Jasmin get into a heated argument.

Fateh struggles to save himself by removing the chains. He plans to escape. He learns that Jasmin has come to the academy to save him. Jass takes Jasmin at the gun point. He asks her why did she come when he didn’t invite her. Jass threatens Fateh that he can do anything to them. Fateh asks Jass to leave Jasmin. Fateh further asks Jass to shoot him, but not harm Jasmin. He requests Jass to just spare his love Jasmin.

Jasmin worries for her life. She is also scared that her truth can come out if mad Jass takes her name. Jass laughs seeing Fateh’s love for selfish Jasmin. He realizes what a big fool is Fateh, who doesn’t know the truth of the girl he loves. He asks Fateh how can he love Jasmin so much. He taunts Fateh for his foolishness to leave a true woman like Tejo for someone like Jasmin. Jass asks do you know Jasmin’s truth.


Fateh asks him what does he mean. Jasmin panics. Jass doesn’t let her move, and catches her hand. Jass tells that Fateh would be thinking about the person who told him/Jass about the proof Fateh is gathering to help out Tejo. He tells that he got to know about the evidence, all thanks to Jasmin, who informed him everything. Fateh is left shocked by this revelation. He learns Jasmin’s evil truth. Will Jasmin really get exposed this time? Keep reading.

Udaariyaan 27th October 2021 Full Written Update Jasmin exposed:

Jasmin plans to stay with Fateh all the day to know his plans. She doesn’t want him to leave first. She looks for him. She doesn’t find him in the house. She realizes that he isn’t around. She wonders if he didn’t come home since the night. She wants to know where did he go early in the morning. She gets a shocking picture from Jass. She sees Fateh at Jass’ gunpoint. She calls him to rebuke him for his evil daring. She tells him that she got him into the game, and he is playing a game with her.

He replies that Fateh is playing a game with him, he will just take the ransom and leave for Canada. He demands the ransom of 75 lakhs. She tells him that she doesn’t have much money. She asks him to give her time, she will give him money when she marries Fateh. She tells that Tejo should get out of her life. Jass tells her that she is a big fool. He threatens to call Tejo and tell her the entire truth. He tells that Tejo can do anything for Fateh’s sake. Jasmin asks him not to take her name, she will arrange the money and soon come to meet him. He asks her to come as soon as possible to free her lover.

Jasmin panics that Jass can do anything to her Fateh. Khushbeer questions her to know if everything is fine with Tejo. He asks her what was she talking about Jass. She lies that she was speaking to Tejo, who said Jass isn’t troubling her, she is doing well. She tells him that she needs to go to the academy for her work. Fateh is kept captive by Jass. Jasmin goes to the academy to arrange money. She checks the accounts. She can’t withdraw the big amount from any account. She wants to save her Fateh.

Jass gives her 5 hours. He threatens her that he will kill Fateh if she fails to get the money. He asks her to go to Tejo and find out the plans against him. He tells that he will call Tejo and reveal her truth if she doesn’t help. Jasmin doesn’t understand what is happening with her. Jasmin arrives home to meet Tejo. Satti asks her why did she lock the door. Jasmin asks her where is the family. Bebe asks her why did she come when she left them. Jasmin tells that she wants to meet Tejo. Satti stops her from hurting Tejo. Jasmin tells that she needs to talk about Fateh. She shows the picture to Tejo.

Tejo realizes that Fateh is in danger. Jasmin asks Tejo if Jass is staying in their house. Tejo tells that Fateh had found an evidence against Jass, that’s the reason that Jass kidnapped him. Jasmin asks Tejo to find a way to arrange 75 lakhs and save Fateh. She begs Tejo for Fateh. Tejo asks Jasmin why did Jass send her, instead demanding the ransom from Khushbeer. Jasmin tells that she doesn’t know what is Jass planning. She adds that she didn’t tell anything to Khushbeer, who is already worried.

Tejo tells that Khushbeer doesn’t have such a big amount. She promises to do something against Jass. She tells Jasmin that Fateh has got a proof against Jass. Jasmin asks her to share the findings. Tejo tells that she will complete the work left by Fateh and deal with Jass herself. She asks Jasmin to go home and not tell about the kidnapping to anyone. Jasmin wants to save Fateh herself before Jass tells them about her. Tejo prays to get strength for freeing Fateh.

Fateh tries hard to get himself freed. He applies all his strength to pull the chains out. Jasmin makes a fake cheque to fool Jass and get Fateh freed. She forges Tejo’s signatures on the cheque. She calls Jass to know the address to get his money. She tells him that nothing should happen to Fateh. Tejo tries to reach Fateh. She also tracks Fateh and gets the same address of the godown. Jass meets Jasmin and scares her. She asks him not to create problems for her. He berates her for cheating her own sister. She gives him the cheque. She asks him to spare Fateh. Fateh finally breaks the chains and frees himself.

Jass asks Jasmin to stop her drama and arrange the cash. She tells that she can’t arrange the cash so soon. He asks her to call Tejo and tell her to arrange the cash. Jasmin and Jass speak to Tejo on the call. Jass asks Tejo to get money and come soon to meet him at the address he is sending. He tells her that she shouldn’t act smart like Jasmin. He warns her against involving the police, else he will kill both Fateh and Jasmin. Tejo asks him not to harm them. She promises to arrange the cash. He asks her to come soon. Fateh looks for some way to go out.

Jass tells that Tejo can do anything for saving Fateh, he should have called her before. He thinks what to do of Fateh and Jasmin after taking the money. Jass catches Jasmin and takes her to the godown. Fateh breaks the cuffs and goes away to strike Jass. Fateh and Jass get into a fight. Jass stops him at gun point. He threatens to shoot him and also Jasmin. Fateh asks Jass to kill him, but spare Jasmin. Jass laughs on his love for the evil Jasmin. He asks Fateh does he know Jasmin’s truth. Jasmin asks Fateh not to trust Jass, who is a creep. Jass gets insulted by her.

He tells Fateh that it was Jasmin who told him about the evidence found by him/Fateh. Jasmin doesn’t let Jass take her name. Jass and Fateh get into an action fight. Fateh doesn’t learn Jasmin’s involvement in Jass’ return. Jass gets them at the gunpoint again. Jasmin runs away to save her life. She leaves Fateh alone. Tejo gets the police there. Jass tells the Inspector that Tejo is his wife, and Fateh is her lover. Tejo slaps him and brings Jass’ real wife Rukmani there. She exposes Jass’ crime to the police and gets him arrested. Jasmin saves herself from the mess. Fateh and Tejo succeed in their plan and get rid of Jass, but not the real root of the evil, Jasmin. Jasmin’s truth doesn’t get exposed. Will Fateh take the hint and understand Jasmin’s evil? Keep reading.

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  1. He will not know .. Jasmine and da truth will not know soon .. In the next segment she is still present in the Virk house. So I’m astonished that he will know .. To know the truth of Jasmine. It has to be Fateh to hear it and see it with his own ears and eyes to believe .. It has to be this electroshock like Tejo to taste the same pain and betrayal that Tejo suffered through them .. They were each cheated by Jasmine .. He must taste his own poison the Fateh .. Still can’t wait to hear Jass tell Fateh what everyone tells him that he chose Jasmine to lose a woman like Tejo. OK the family says he wouldn’t believe .. But this is a stranger saying it. So he should understand. But Fateh you have to beware


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