Yeh Rishta Sirat track ends 27th October 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Sirat track ends 27th October 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Sirat track ends 27th October 2021 Written Update Sirat is constantly crying and scared about Kartik. Surwarna tries to light a Diya but it doesn’t light up when Dadi comes and lights it up. Suwarna feels that it is not a good sign. Dadi assures that Kartik will be safe. Manish is not able to establish contact with anyone at the airport. This creates more tension among them. On the other hand, Akshu and Aarohi are also stunned to see their painting destroyed. Sirat goes to the temple to pray for Kartik amongst the strong wind and warns him to come back safe and sound. Sirat tries to defeat the wind and move ahead to pray. At home Akshu and Aarohi ask everyone if Kartik is fine and the Goenkas start crying which makes them scared.

Sirat reaches the temple and prays to Devi maa. Manish pacifies Akshu and Aarohi but they ask about Sirat. Surekha informs them that Sirat has gone to the temple to pray for Kartik to return safely. Arohi expresses her desire to go and pray in the temple but Suwarna stops her and says to pray in the house itself. Manish is moved seeing both of them and promises them to bring back Kartik safely. Sirat is uncontrollable and continuously praying in the temple. Suwarna sings a prayer song to please Devi maa. Everybody prays.

Arohi decides to go and pray in the temple and Akshu follows her. Manish is constantly checking his phone to see if there is any message or call about Kartik. Akshu tries to stop Arohi from going out in bad weather but she wants to go and Akshu also goes with her. Sirat gets a call from Kartik but is unable to hear his voice and she feels that Kartik must have missed his flight or has reached safely.


Kartik sends a text to Sirat that he is completely fine and due to bad weather he got worried if he will ever get to meet them all but assures that he is coming home to her and the kids. Sirat cries in happiness and thanks Devi maa. Manish also receives a text from Kartik telling he is doing good which makes the Goenkas happy. Akhilesh also says that the airport manager has informed about the status of the flight. Dadi asks them to inform Sirat about it and find the girls missing.

Arohi reaches the temple and Sirat says that she should not have come but Arohi says that she wanted to pray for Kartik. Sirat informs her that Kartik is fine and will come back soon. Akshu is still downstairs and calls them out and Sirat asks her to stay there as she will come to take her up. In order to bring Akshu up, Sirat has a bad fall down the stairs and bangs her head on a stone. Akshu and Arohi are shocked and go to pick up Sirat. Akshu decides to call Manish and inform him about Sirat and tell him to send a doctor to the temple. Arohi is happy that Devi maa answered her prayers and Kartik is safe. Sirat remembers all the moments with Kartik and her family.

Sirat tries to speak to her daughters and Akshu asks her to say what she feels. Sirat asks Akshu to always support and take care of Arohi. Akshu promises Sirat to always take good care of Arohi. Sirat says these last words and dies. Akshu and Arohi are stunned. At home Goenkas cannot find Akshu and Arohi. Suwarna feels that the girls must have gone to the temple for Kartik’s well being and now they should inform Sirat, Akshu, and Arohi that Kartik is safe. Manish gets a call and cries profusely dropping his phone and sits down abruptly unable to gather himself. The Goenkas are worried and ask Manish what is wrong.

Arohi gets angry at Akshu for following her which lead to Sirat going to bring her upstairs that made her fall. Arohi puts the blame of Sirat’s accident on Akshu and goes away crying. Akshu remembers Sirat’s words about Arohi to always understand her and make her understand as she is younger than her. Akshu also recalls Arohi’s harsh words about Sirat having a fall due to her. Akshu is shopping in a market and there is a locket on her neck with Kartik and Sirat’s picture. She chooses a scarf but Arohi likes it.

Arohi tells that this scarf will suit me more and Akshu makes her wear the scarf and agrees that it will suit her more. Akshu and Arohi reach a lake and Akshu informs that here all the wishes are fulfilled. Arohi snatches the coin from her hand, looks at Abhimanyu and wishes that he falls in love with her, and drops the coin. Abhimanyu makes a wish and drops a coin. Akshu wishes that whatever Arohi has asked for it should get fulfilled and drops a coin in the water. Is this the end of an iconic era of Kartik and Sirat’s love story and the beginning of a new chapter? Keep reading.

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