Anupama 27th October 2021 Written Update Epic Anuj

Anupama 27th October 2021 Written Update Epic Anuj

Anupama 27th October 2021 Written Update Epic Anuj Anuj honestly tells Anupama that many women came into his life and ex-girlfriends but he ever fell for anyone. He says if he would have married someone a long ago then it would have been a deceit by him to that person. Anuj further discusses with Anupama, he says that people say that love happens after marriage. He asks what if after marriage, love doesn’t take place? Or if love will be just one-sided? Anupama gets flashbacks of Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage. Anuj explains that he didn’t marry anyone else because of the above explained fear.

Anupama tells Anuj that he should get married again. She tells him that he doesn’t look more than 30. She continues praising Anuj by telling him that he is handsome, fit, rich and a good hearted person. She asks him to find a life partner soon as everybody needs a partner in life. Anuj starts laughing. In a joking manner Anuj tells Anupama that there are two types of people in the world, One who is happily unmarried and the other one who is unhappily married. He further explains that people can be either happy or married and he chose to be happy.

Anupama laughs continuously. Anuj tells her that he has bad luck in matters of love. He also tells her that he found a reason to be happy. Anuj asks Anupama if he can ask something if she will not mind. Anupama permits him to ask anything. He says to Anupama that a few minutes ago she said that everyone needs a life partner. Anuj further questions her that why she doesn’t get married again. Anupama stops Anuj’s words in between and says that she doesn’t need a new life partner.


Nandini gives Vanraj a medicine saying that Baa gave it for him to lessen his pain. Vanraj thanks her. Nandini asks him if she can say something. She says she feels bad for him as when he treats Anupama badly, he hurts himself too. She tells Vanraj that when kids play in mud they have to go through mud themselves to throw mud on other kids. She says that same logic goes for pain. She continues explaining to Vanraj that the person who gives pain to someone else feels the pain himself/herself too.

She asks Vanraj if he feels that always fighting is the right thing. She tells Vanraj that she feels that everything that happened in past days was just built up. Nandini further requests Vanraj to prevent or handle anything bad from happening in future. On the other hand, Anupama explains to Anuj that she doesn’t have the courage to love someone again and to deal with any kind of pain. She further explains to Anuj that if young love deceives a person then it breaks his/her heart, but if love of 25 years deceives a person, whole existence breaks.

Anupama tells Anuj that by much difficulty she gathered pieces of her existence and now she cannot let it break again. She explains that a person can get habitual of living with pain but cannot endure it. Anupa.a says she will not be able to fall in love or get married again. Anuj again starts talking in a joking manner and Anupama laughs. They decide to leave the temple for work. When they go to sit in the car, the weather starts deteriorating. Anupama messages Bapuji that she and Anuj are leaving and will reach by 7. Rain starts pouring and Anuj says that maybe further roads get blocked.

Anuj finds it difficult to drive in rain as he is not able to see anything due to heavy rains. Their car suddenly jerks and Anupama shouts, Anuj gets worried for her. Back at Shah house, the whole family is waiting for Anupama to return. Pakhi asks about Kinjal from Paritosh, who replies that Kinjal has gone to Mumbai for a conference. Bapuji says that Anupama messaged him that she will reach by 7. Everyone worries for Anupama seeing the deteriorating weather. In a taunting way, Baa asks them not tk worry as Anupama has Anuj with her.

Baa accuses Anuj of intentionally taking Anupama outside, even being aware that the weather will deteriorate. Vanraj agrees with Baa’d words. Bapuji says he is worried for both Anuj and Anupama. On the other hand, Anuj says that they have to stay somewhere near till the rain stops. Anupama says she will too go with him to find a place to stay till rain stops. Anuj and Anupama both enjoy recalling horror hindi movie rain moments. They start walking in the rain. Anuj saves Anupama from falling. He gives Anupama his court.

Vanraj worries for both Anupama and Anuj seeing the weather. Samar says it will be safe if Anuj and Anuapma would have found a hotel to stay. Vanraj and Baa think it in the wrong way. Baa in a low voice says that she will create a mess if Anupama doesn’t return home in the present day itself. Anuj and Anuapma find a house and ask boys living there for help. They agree to help Anuj and Anupama on knowing that Anuj is a known and reputed businessman. Bapuji receives Anupama’s call. He, Samar and Nandini ask her to stay safe wherever she is staying as a cloudburst has occurred there. They ask her to leave the next day for home. Baa, Vanraj and Paritosh don’t feel good hearing this.

In the next episode, Anuj and Anuapma will enjoy and dance with children present in the house. Vanraj will call back on the phone from where Anupama called them. A boy will inform Vanraj that Anuj and Anuapma are resting in the bedroom. This will anger Vanraj. Next morning, Kavya will instigate Vanraj against Anupama and ask him to teach Anupama a lesson. Vanraj will sit on a chair in front of the main door and wait for Anupama.

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