Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Update Triangle twist

Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Update Triangle twist

Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Update Triangle twist Bondita is confused that Mallika thought Anirudh to be Batuk. Batuk whispers to Mallika to not speak anything. Batuk says that he is Anirudh Roy Chowdhary, Batuk’s elder brother, and introduces Bondita as his wife. Batuk asks Bhari babu to drop Mallika. Bondita says that if Mallika is here then Batuk will also be here. Batuk says that it is Batuk’s old behavior to always say that he will come but he never comes. Batuk says that he must have gone for a vacation and asks Mallika to leave. Trilochan says that Batuk has got wings and keeps traveling to different places. He also asks Mallika to leave as he will arrange a car for her.

Bondita stops Mallika and welcomes Batuk’s girlfriend into the house. Trilochan asks Batuk to get rid of Mallika quickly or else it can prove hazardous for Bondita and the baby’s health. Bondita shows the guest room to Mallika and she speaks about Batuk. Bondita tells Mallika to ask anything she needs and informs her to meet at dinner. Batuk informs Mallika of the whole story behind him acting like Anirudh. He asks Mallika to go back to Delhi but Mallika blackmails him that if she goes the truth will come out that he is Batuk.

Sampurna tells Bondita that she found Mallika very strange and why did she ask her to stay here. Bondita says that Mallika can bring Batuk home. Bondita wants her family to complete and all should live together happily. Batuk tells Mallika he loves her and trusts that she will not tell anything to anyone. He also asks her to stay in his house and leaves. Trilochan tells Batuk that Mallika can create problems but Batuk says that he will handle her. Mallika comes for dinner and says that it is too hot. She sits beside Somanth in a mini dress and he gets up and goes to sit near Bondita. Sampurna covers Mallika with a shawl and says that there are lots of mosquitoes and she can get a fever.


Batuk asks Bondita to have more greens as the doctor has told her. Bondita refuses and Batuk feeds Bondita which makes Mallika jealous. Mallika takes Bondita’s kheer and Batuk picks it up and says that it is Bondita’s and not hers. Sampurna tells that Bondita is pregnant so Anirudh has asked her to eat in a silver bowl. Mallika says that she doesn’t need any special bowl for herself. Batuk asks Bondita how the kheer is and Mallika injures her fingers in jealousy. Batuk is about to go to Mallika but Trilochan stops him and asks him to sit. Bondita goes after Mallika and applies medicine to Mallika’s bleeding fingers.

Bondita tells Mallika that if she has any problem she can tell her as she did not like Mallika getting up from the dinner table. Mallika says that she felt a little jealous seeing Anirudh’s love and concern for her. Bondita asks why and Mallika says that Batuk is not like Anirudh and he only thinks about himself. Bondita says that he is like that only from childhood and she doesn’t know about it. Mallika says that she knows a lot of things about grown-up Batuk which she doesn’t know.

Batuk feels that he cannot trust Mallika as she may reveal that he is Batuk in anger. Bondita says that she wants to know about Batuk and asks Mallika to tell about him. Mallika says that some things about their loved ones should be kept locked inside the heart. Mallika asks Bondita why she is interested in Batuk’s life. Bondita says that she became his girlfriend much later but from childhood, she was her sister-in-law and friend too.

Bondita informs Mallika that they used to do various mischief together. Bondita says that she wants to meet Batuk and pull his ears. Bondita tells Mallika that only she can help her in bringing back Batuk. Mallika tells Bondita what is the need to call Batuk when he is here only. Batuk is shocked. Mallika says that Batuk is here only in her heart and says that he will not go anywhere from there. Bondita tells Mallika that she will send her food and asks her to take care. Bondita sees a locket in Mallika’s neck and asks her if there is Batuk’s photo. Bondita asks her if she can see his picture and is about to see it when Batuk comes and asks Bondita if she had her medicine.

Batuk indicates Mallika to go. Bondita asks Batuk how he can forget when he was the one who fed her. Batuk said yes as he was stressed and worried. Bondita again asks Mallika if she can see the picture of Batuk and opens the locket. Bondita is shocked. Has Bondita seen Batuk’s picture or somebody else’s? Keep reading.

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