Yeh Rishta Abhimanyu Akshara love story 27th October 2021

Yeh Rishta Abhimanyu Akshara love story 27th October 2021

Yeh Rishta Abhimanyu Akshara love story 27th October 2021 Dadi is searching for Akshu and calls out her name. Akshara is very happy to go back home and jumps in the boat when flowers land on her head. A still of Akshara, Naira, and Akshu is shown on the screens where all the trio are showered with flowers. Suwarna asks Dadi to have patience as Akshu will be back home after 3 years. Dadi says that Akshu left home 3 years ago because she had to. Akshu plays her guitar and sings a song for all the people on the boat. People become happy and enjoy Akshu’s song. Suwarna hears a loud sound and gets scared.

She goes to check and sees the cream on Akhilesh and Manish’s face. Suwarna laughs at them and Vansh makes a video of their messy cake-making skills. Suwarna asks Manish and Akhilesh to wash their faces or else Akshu and Arohi won’t recognize them. Suwarna warns them that she doesn’t need any chaos today and Manish says that that department is handled by someone else. Akhilesh says that nothing will happen as the kids have grown up. Suwarna also assures him the same and Manish hopes the same.

Akshara is very excited to meet her family and dances around with mixed feelings. Kairav comes to pick up Akshu and they both hug. Kairav says that he thought she would never come but Akshu says that Arohi called her so she had to come. Kairav blindfolds Akshu and takes her inside the house. The Goenkas give a grand welcome to Akshu and everyone becomes emotional and hugs her. Akshu is searching for Arohi but Manish tells her to forget Arohi’s anger. Akshu says that she never bothered about Arohi’s anger.


Akshu calls Vansh her favorite and Kairav gets jealous. Akshu tells him to not get angry as both of them are valuable for her. Arohi comes and taunts Akshu but Akshu goes and hugs her. Arohi acknowledges her but ignores her love. Arohi is waiting for her MBBS results and everyone wishes her luck. Manish wishes to speak with Akshu and Arohi and asks them about their marriage plans but both of them are shocked. Suwarna thinks that it is not the right time as Akshu has just come home but Dadi tells her this is the only right time. Manish asks them if they have any boyfriends. Arohi says that right now she doesn’t have any but if she gets one she will inform him first. Akshu says that she wants to establish a relationship with herself later with someone else.

Arohi says thank god because Akshu did not say yes for marriage or else everyone would have been behind her after Akshu. Arohi’s results are out and she tops the state. The Goenkas are very happy. They cheer, clap, and congratulate Arohi. Akshu goes to hug Arohi but she ignores her and goes to Dadi, Suwarna, Manish, and Akhilesh. The cousins dance together. Akshu says to Arohi she has created history. Arohi goes to check again and finds out that she has not created history but someone is there who has scored more than her before. Arohi blames Akshu for spoiling her happiness and scolds her a lot. Manish asks Arohi to stop. Akshu tries to convince Arohi but she leaves in anger.

Manish says that Arohi is becoming rude day by day. Akshu sees the computer screen and finds out that a guy named Abhimanyu Birla created a rift between her and Arohi. Abhimanyu Birla makes a grand entry on his bike and gets a call from Dr. Harshvardhan Birla. Akshu goes after Arohi and tells her sorry but Arohi blames Akshu for snatching away Sirat from her. Arohi says that she can never forgive Akshu in this birth and goes away. Akshu feels very sad and gets depressed by Arohi’s words. Akshu takes a deep breath and starts singing a song. Abhimanyu receives a call from his mother and stops his bike. She informs Abhimanyu that his dad is waiting for him at the hospital. His mother insists him to get married and Abhimanyu says bye.

His mother says that whenever she talks about marriage he avoids her and Abhimanyu says that some people pretend to be happy while some are sad and that is why he doesn’t believe in marriages. Abhimanyu tells his mother that he will meet her in the evening and hangs up the call. His mother thinks that Abhimanyu is right but in his marriage, there will be happiness and love too. She feels that Abhimanyu will very soon meet a girl who will change his perspective about marriage along with his life.

Abhimanyu is mesmerized by Akshu’s song and cannot help himself by getting lost in it. Abhimanyu follows Akshu’s voice and lands there. He finds her pendant and picks it up. On the other hand, Arohi finds Abhimanyu Birla’s picture online and notices him to be very hot. Arohi decides to meet Abhimanyu. Will there be a love triangle between Arohi, Abhimanyu, and Akshara? Who will Abhimanyu choose? Keep reading.

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