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Barrister Babu 4th November 2021 Written Update Leap twist Anirudh struggles for his life. The villager asks hi to tell him about his identity. He wants to inform Anirudh’s family about him. He tells that he has saved Anirudh on finding him on the sea shore in an unconscious state. He asks Anirudh to try to talk the name of his family member, whom he wants to contact. Anirudh writes Bondita’s state with difficulty. Bondita’s prayers get answered when Anirudh returns in her life. Anirudh falls weak and faints back. The old man calls a Vaid for him. Mallika is fed up of Batuk’s drama. She wants to expose Batuk’s truth in front of Bondita.

She steals his eye lenses. She is glad that Anirudh and Batuk look the same, but their eye colour is different. She tells that Batuk needs to wear the colour lenses to become Anirudh, but now he won’t be able to wear it. She secretly plants the lenses in front of Bondita. She gets the lenses in Bondita’s sight. Batuk realizes that he lost one of the lenses. He gets troubled thinking who took it and why. Luckily, he always have a back up plan ready.

He gets the other pair of lenses and wears it. Bondita gets confused seeing the lenses and goes to confront Anirudh. Mallika wants Bondita to know Batuk’s identity. Bondita lectures Batuk about the truth which isn’t hidden any way. She tells that the eyes tell the entire truth and all the true emotions. Batuk isn’t scared of her. He fools her once again. On her questioning, he reacts and tells that he doesn’t know about the lenses. Mallika wonders how he managed it so soon. Bondita gets upset by his weird behavior again. Batuk cleverly excuses himself. He goes to find out who has made his lenses reach Bondita. He suspects Mallika.


Batuk gets emotional that four months have passed, and just five months are left for Bondita’s delivery. He wants to have Anirudh’s child in his arms, then throw out Bondita from the house. The old man is worried that Anirudh is responding to the treatment slowly. Vaid tells him that Anirudh has to fight for himself by his self-will. He helps Anirudh speak up to know who is he. Batuk learns about the baby’s first kick from Bondita. He still doesn’t touch her to feel the kick. Bondita fails to understand his behavior. He doesn’t want any risk for Bondita because of Mallika. Mallika wants to party with him, but he plans to send her off to Italy.

He tells that she can’t stay as a guest in his house. He doesn’t want Bondita to doubt and fall into any dangerous condition, that maybe fatal for the child. He asks Mallika to just go away. Bondita gets to meet Prabhudas and his widowed daughter, who lost her child to her evil Sasural. They plead to Bondita to fight the case and get the baby back to a mother. Bondita understands the pain of a mother when she loses her baby. She wants to fight for the widow’s rights as well. Mallika wants to marry Batuk. She knows he is getting mad for Anirudh’s coming baby.

Her mother advises her to harm Bondita and kill the coming baby by feeding the poisonous mushrooms to Bondita. Mallika gets evil on her mind. Trilochan is glad that Bondita will be soon giving the family heir to them. Bondita asks him to permit her for fighting the widow’s case and bless her to win. She tells that she will fall in her own eyes if she can’t help others. Trilochan threatens her once again that he will end their ties. Bondita apologizes to him that she can’t stop for his sake. Batuk laughs on her miseries, since he plans to get her ousted soon. Bondita cries on her fate that she had to upset her family to walk on the path shown by Anirudh to eradicate the bad customs of the society.

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