Imlie 5th November 2021 Written Update Malini shot

Imlie 5th November 2021 Written Update Malini shot

Imlie 5th November 2021 Written Update Malini shot Radha asks Aparna if she thinks that Imlie would have sent upcoming baby’s bangles to Satyakam? Aparna replies no, she says to Radha that Imlie never even touched Aditya’s things. Radha says to Aparna that not for herself but for Satyakam Imlie can do anything. She makes Aparna recall how Imlie helped Satyakam in running away when he shot Aditya earlier. Aparna says her heart doesn’t want to think that Imlie did something wrong. She tells Radha that a person who lies can never meet others’ eyes and Imlie always talked to them eye to eye.

Aparna says she will never again make a mistake of not trusting Imlie. Radha and Aparna decide to make everyone busy working together. They ask Malini to make Rangoli, Imlie to make diyas, Rupi to decorate the home and Nishant to bring sweets. Nishant makes a diwali and soan papdi joke making everyone happy. Rupi and Imlie too make a joke. Malini gets a call and leaves to reveal it. Anu informs Malini that Meethi and Satyakam ran away from the window. They smile evilly. Imlie is seen lighting the diyas. She is about to fall from the ladder but Aditya saves her by catching her in his arms.

Both Imlie and Aditya get lost in each other’s eyes. Malini feels jealous seeing them in a romantic position. Aditya puts Imlie on the floor. He asks her if she is fine? Imlie replies yes. Aditya asks Imlie if she tied the rope properly? Imlie replies that till someone intentionally doesn’t open it it won’t get opened. She goes back to work. Aditya too leaves from there. Nani sees Malini staring Imlie and asks her why is she eyeing Imlie evilly? Malini says it’s her plan to keep every bad thing away from her eyes. She further says that this diwali she wants every useless thing out of home.


Malini is seen making a rangoli for diwali. She asks Imlie how is the rangoli she made? Imlie asks Malini if it was her plan to steal the bangles and make her and Aditya fight to separate them? Malini replies to Imlie that at present she is making rangoli. She further says to Imlie that she doesn’t know why all her talks seem like a conspiracy to her. Imlie asks Malini to see what she has become now. She asks Malini how she can steal her own child’s bangles? Malini winks and ask Imlie to be silent.

Malini tells Imlie that she already told her that the upcoming child will only bring her close to Aditya. She reveals that while talking to Dev she realised that people get emotional with kids’ conversation and thus she used those emotions. Imlie asks Malini how can she use an innocent? Imlie tells Malini that her and Aditya’s love passed all the tests. She further challenges Malini to continue her plans as good always wins over evil. Malini asks Imlie if she thinks that she is only a good person?

Rupi asks them what they were talking about. Malini tells Rupi that she was just praising Imlie’s Chandelier decoration. Rupu too praises Imlie’s hard work on chandelier decoration. Malini tells Rupi that she and Imlie were discussing that Imlie’s diya’s lights and her rangoli’s colors will decorate Tripathi house till next level. Imlie switch off the lights. Meethi and Satyakam reach Tripathi house. Satyakam says he first wants to talk to Imlie as Anu and Malini can plan anything. Malini evilly sees the chandelier decorated by Imlie.

Meethi and Satyakam enter Tripathi house secretly. Malini thinks that now she will open the chandelier’s rope and her next plan will start. She opens the chandelier rope and it falls on the floor. Meethi hears Malini’s voice for help. Malini shouts that the fire started. Satyakam says if something happens to Imlie he will burn everything. Tripathi’s find Malini trapped in fire. They try to blow off the fire using an extinguisher. Smoke from fire troubles everyone and makes it difficult to see anything.

Imlie switch on the lights. She sees Meethi as the smoke goes off. Meethi tells Aditya that Satyakam wants to apologize to him. Before she could finally tell Aditya that Satyakam is ready to surrender himself to the police, Aparna asks where is Malini? Everyone wonders where is Malini? Nishant and Pankaj goes outside in search of Malini. Aditya doubts that Satyakam kidnapped Malini. He asks Meethi and Imlie about Satyakam’s whereabouts.

Aditya says to Imlie that he told her to get Satyakam arrested but she made him believe that Satyakam won’t harm Malini and his child. He says the same thing is happening which he feared. Aditya warns Meethi that if Satyakam harms Malini and his child he will not leave Satyakam easily. Meethi tries to justify by saying that Satyakam came to apologize to him. Aditya doesn’t believe Meethi’s words. He asks if Satyakam is so truthful why is he hiding?

Aditya says Satykam can stoop to any level. Pankaj asks why he is getting angry at Imlie. Everyone asks Aditya to find Malini first. Aditya asks the guard if he saw Malini and Satyakam? Guard replies he didn’t see anyone. Imlie questions Meethi if Satyakam is wrong or can hurt anyone? She asks Rupi to give her her phone to contact Satyakam. Everyone gets worried for Malini. Aditya says he is going to call Police. Imlie finds some one’s footprint on the floor. Anu comes with Dev pretending to be tensed about Malini.

Anu grabs Meethi’s neck and asks her where Malini is and what she did with her? Anu continues shouting. Aditya leaves to find Malini. Imlie requests Aparna to be with Meethi as she will be coming soon. Imlie goes behind Aditya. She tries to explain to Aditya that if Satyakam kidnaped Malini, he knows nobody can find him. Imlie tells Aditya that she thinks Malini made Satyakam disappear. Aditya refuses to believe Imlie. Imlie tells Aditya the most dangerous enemy comes in evil friend’s cover. She calls Malini an enemy in friend’s cover. Aditya tells Imlie that now they have started thinking differently.

Imlie tells Aditya that they are getting separated now. She makes Aditya remind that he was the voice of truth and poor earlier but now he isn’t able to differentiate between good (truth) and evil (lie). Aditya asks Imlie to let’s see who proves to be the right one. In the next episode, someone will shoot Malini. Anu will ask her who shot her. Malini will point her finger at Imlie and Satyakam. Satyakam will accept that he shot Malini. This will shock and angry everyone.

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