Barrister Babu 10th November 2021 Written Update Daring act

Barrister Babu 10th November 2021 Written Update Daring act

Barrister Babu 10th November 2021 Written Update Daring act Bondita tells Batuk that Anirudh is alive and tells him the reason for him being alive as she is alive. She tells her that as she is still alive it is obvious that he too will be alive because they are one heart, one soul. Batuk gets furious listening to that and tells him that her belief is all bullshit and it is her guilt that she killed his brother. He warns Bondita that he will snatch everything from her, every person whom she loves as she has snatched his brother from him. He further tells her that if she wants him not to do such a thing then she would have to listen to him.

Bondita refuses to obey him and Batuk tells him if she does not obey him then she has no idea what he will do to her. He tells her that he will cause harm to her mother, her Thakuma and her two sisters Tupur and Tapur. He warns her that her sisters trust him and he will snatch everything from her by making her loved ones go against her. However, if she obeys him he will not do such a thing. He tells her that he will take her somewhere far from where she will not be able to elope. Once she gives birth to Anirudh’s baby she is free to go anywhere and do whatever she wants; he does not give a damn about it.

He tells her not to go anywhere and stay in her room and tells her not to be over smart as he is smarter than her. He further tells her that it was him who caused the misunderstanding between Tapur and her regarding her letter to Somnath. He warns her again and leaves the room. Later he gets food and medicines for her and closes the door. Later Trilochan comes to see Bondita and asks her if she is doing well to which Bondita tells her that she is fine. Batuk says that all her issues will be resolved as they are going to Calcutta tomorrow to visit a big doctor. Trilochan asks her not to worry as he is with him. Bondita asks for water from Batuk and he leaves to fetch the water. On the other hand, Anirudh takes Bondita’s name.


Later, Bihari receives a letter from Bondita in which she asks for a dhoop stand and a medicine for making people unconscious. Bihari sends her the things wrapped in a rug and Batuk gives the rug to Bondita. Bondita thinks that Batuk should not have considered her as weak and helpless as she has received strength from her Pati Babu and he will not be able to stop her from flying. Later in the night, Bondita tries to escape from the haveli by fooling Batuk. She lit the dhoop and filled the room with smoke. Batuk wakes up and tells Bondita to put off the dhoop. She convinces him to let the smoke be there and Batuk tries to take her out of the room but fails unconscious by the medicine mixed in the smoke. Bondita then packs her luggage but Sampurna stops her. She tells her the truth about Batuk and whatever happened so far.

She tells her that Batuk has manipulated Trilochan against her and now he too wants to snatch her baby from her. Listening to all this, Sampurna tells her not to go alone in this state and asks her where she will go. She tells her that she will go to Shantiniketan as her Pati Babu wanted to take their child there and she has also booked the train ticket. However, Sampurna tells her that she cannot let her go alone like this and tells her that she will come with her.

However, Bondita stops her and tells her that she will have to stay here as if Batuk finds out about her she will use Saswati to blackmail her. She tells her that Sampurna has to pretend that she does not know anything about her. She then leaves before Batuk gains consciousness. While she starts escaping from the house Sampurna tells her to take care of herself when Trilochan comes and stops her. Bondita then tells her that she is leaving the house to which he tries to convince her to restrain her from leaving the house. She then tells him that he is still pretending to be caring towards her and lying to her.

Listening to this, he gets angry and tells that Batuk was right about her, she is repaying all the love that she has received from this house like this. He tells her that despite getting all the love, education, and care from this house she is leaving this house and taking the baby with her also. He blames her being selfish and tells her that she has proved that outsiders will always remain outsiders. Hearing this Bondita tells him that she always considered this house as her own and considered him as his father. However, he never considered her as his daughter and wants to snatch her baby from her.

Trilochan then tells her that yes he wants to snatch the baby as she is a girl of advanced mind-set and will get married to anyone in no time. Bondita then tells her that he had this much trust on her and tells him that he would have asked her once whether she wants to leave the house or not. Trilochan then asks her the same and Bondita tells her that she will never take Anirudh’s baby from them as there is no one except him in this house to take care of her and this baby in the absence of Anirudh. She further asks him why he did not think that she too might want to see her baby growing up in this house. She too wants her baby to receive the love that his Pati Babu received from him. Listening to this Trilochan asks her to promise that this baby will remain Roy Chowdhury always.

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