Choti Sardarni 9th November 2021 Written Update Climax drama

Choti Sarrdaarni 27th January 2022 Written Update Shocker for Raj

Choti Sardarni 9th November 2021 Written Update Climax drama Rajveer teams up with the kids at the orphanage. He sings and dances just to cheer up Seher. Rajveer wants Seher’s happiness. Harshdeep learns about a possible IT raid at her house. She gets worried. She tells that their house will be raided in an hour, she needs to hide all the black money before the officials come. Harshdeep hides all the black money and the documents. Kulwant checks the documents. She learns the huge conspiracy. Seher finally smiles. Rajveer succeeds in his attempt. They share a moment.

Kulwant goes to Seher and sees her hair loosened up and volunteers to tie her hair firmly. Seher sits down. Kulwant asks Seher if Rajveer loves her or fights with her and Seher says that Rajveer is a great man and takes care of her. Rajveer enters the room and says that he will always take care of Seher as she is a beautiful person. Seher and Rajveer fight with each other which amuses Kulwant and she laughs. Kulwant says that they both fight like kids. Seher and Rajveer blame each other for being quarrelsome.


Seher asks Kulwant to have her medicine as she has to go to school. Kulwant is puzzled to know that Seher is going to school at this age. Rajveer laughs and says good one to Kulwant. Seher gives the medicine to Kulwant but she throws it and drinks only water. Seher informs Kulwant that she has to go to an orphanage and invite kids for Diwali. Kulwant hugs Seher and says she will go and rest.

Kulwant blesses Seher and Rajveer. Kulwant decides to teach a good lesson to Harshdeep. Seher comes to meet Kulwant but Bitu is sleeping instead of her. Seher comes to talk to Kulwant but Bitu starts snoring and Seher leaves. Bitu heaves a sigh of relief. At the orphanage the kids ask Seher about Rajveer but she says that they both had a fight. Seher asks the kids if they are happy and they say that they are as she takes good care of them. The kids decide to do something special for Seher and along with Rajveer they all sing and dance for her.

Seher is not in the mood to get convinced. Seher wears a creepy getup and scares Rajveer. She is about to fall but Rajveer catches her. Rajveer and Seher have a romantic moment and fall on the ground holding each other. Seher asks Rajveer if he wasn’t scared and he replies that Jatt never gets scared. Seher questions him about what happened last night and Rajveer says that he was only acting. Harshdeep gets a call from a person who says that the opposition people have conspired against her and her bungalow will be raided anytime.

Rana scares Harshdeep. Kulwant asks Rana to destroy the sim. Rajveer and Seher wish the kids Happy Diwali but the kids are sad. Rajveer and Seher ask them about their gloomy state and they say that on Diwali they used to get sweets, gifts and chocolates but the owner of their orphanage used to take it away and thrash them. The kids say that they never witnessed the outside world on Diwali as they were confined in the rooms. They are sad that they don’t have family and thus cannot celebrate Diwali.

Rajveer and Seher pacify the kids and hug them. Harshdeep informs Bobby that there is going to be a raid at their house and so he must hide all the illegal papers. Harshdeep and Bobby gather all the stuff, put them in the car and keep it in their factory. Kulwant sits in one of the bags and reaches the location. Rajveer and Seher promise the kids to celebrate Diwali together and give them gifts, sweets and chocolates. Seher enlightens the kids about the Bandi Chhor Divas, a Sikh celebration. The kids compare the happening to their freedom from the cruel orphanage owner. Seher asks them to forget the past as they all are a family now. Kulwant informs Bitu and Rana that keeping Seher happy is their responsibility and for that they have to handle Harshdeep properly.

Kulwant, Bitu and Rana check all the stuff and unpack the bags. Seher encourages the kids to enjoy Diwali by lighting diyas, eating sweets and bursting firecrackers. The kids are very happy. Kulwant finds a contract in which it is written that during delivery if there are complications then the child has to be saved only. Bitu and Rana are shocked to know that Rajveer is involved with Harshdeep in this conspiracy. They tell Kulwant to confront Rajveer. Kulwant tells them that Harshdeep has tricked Rajveer by making him sign on a blank paper and pasted it on the contract papers.

Kulwant pledges to unmask Harshdeep. Kulwant asks Bitu to preserve all the papers of Harshdeep and decides to tell her truth after Diwali. Seher is ready for the Diwali party and Rajveer looks lovingly at her. They both indulge in sweet bitter banter. Harshdeep gets a call from Kulwant Kaur who blackmails her. Harshdeep is scared. Rajveer is unable his express his feelings to Seher. Rajveer applies Kala Tikka to Seher and goes away. Seher admits that she was compelled to marry him but now it’s her wish to be with him.

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