Thapki Pyaar Ki Upcoming 10th November 2021 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki Upcoming 10th November 2021 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki Upcoming 10th November 2021 Written Update Purab informs Thapki’s uncle that Jaya’s doctor has told him about conducting an operation on her. Uncle is tensed but Purab makes him understand that her voice can go again so operation is the only solution. Uncle agrees. Purab takes the responsibility to bear all the expenses. Purab requests uncle to not tell Thapki anything till Diwali ends as she may get worried. Uncle tells Purab that Thapki is very lucky to get a good husband like him. He sends Purab to Jaya as she has something for him.

Thapki is busy making Diwali sweets in the kitchen. Dadi is tensed about how Veena Devi will behave as Thapki has already composed herself. Veena Devi wears the sari recommended by Dadi and comes downstairs. Thapki and Veena Devi come face to face which irritates Veena Devi. Jaya thanks Purab for not letting Thapki know about her condition. Veena Devi promises to start afresh and celebrate Laxmi Pooja on a grand scale. Jaya gives Purab outfits designed by her for him and Thapki and asks them to wear it for Laxmi Pooja.


Veena Devi announces that Thapki will not be a part of Laxmi Pooja. Jaya requests Purab to send her their picture so that she will feel she celebrated Diwali with her daughter and son-in-law. Purab agrees and leaves. Dadi tells Veena it is not possible but she is adamant. Veena argues with Dadi which shocks her. Thapki asks Dadi to not fight with Veena and decides to stay in her room and not be a part of Laxmi Pooja. Priyanka and Sapna are happy to see Thapki go into her room. Thapki is crying and sitting alone in her room.

Thapki remembers Jaya’s words and Veena’s restriction and cries more. Purab gives Thapki outfits given by Jaya. Thapki decides to wear Jaya’s gift and celebrate Diwali in her room. Thapki gets ready and Purab cannot take his eyes off her. Thapki goes to wear gajra and Purab helps her wrap it around her hair. Thapki requests Purab to wear the outfit given by Jaya but he shuts her up. Veena requests Purab to come down for the pooja. Thapki makes a small preparation for pooja in her room.

The lights go off suddenly, making everybody confused. Dadi says that the goddess will be angry if Thapki is not allowed to attend the pooja. Purab listens to this and goes angrily into his room. Thapki tells Purab that she has an idea. Veena tries to call the electricity board. Purab and Thapki make diyas. Veena is angry to know that only their electricity is gone in the whole area. Veena blames Thapki for being the reason for making the goddess angry.

Purab and Thapki bring Diyas and Dadi is very happy. Everybody take diyas one by one and light up the house. Dadi says that there is no need to call the electricity board now as the whole house has lit up. Dadi asks Thapki and Purab to perform the pooja. Sapna and Priyanka are happy seeing Veena’s sulking face. Priyanka thinks that Diwali has been celebrated nicely but the real bomb will explode soon. Thapki and Purab perform the pooja successfully. Thapki takes the pooja ki thali to everyone but Veena refuses to acknowledge it. Dadi says that the pooja went well and taunts Veena.

Purab remembers Jaya’s request of sending his and Thapki’s picture. Purab calls Thapki near him to click a selfie to send it to Jaya. All family members gather around to click family picture except Veena who goes aside. Everyone gets a notification on their phone which shocks them. Veena looks angrily at Thapki. Priyanka and Sapna do a melodrama about seeing Thapki’s video on the Singhania family group. Thapki is clueless about what is happening and why is Veena looking like that at her. Thapki asks Purab to show his phone and Purab reluctantly shows her the video.

Thapki sees her video on Purab’s phone in which she is seen telling that Veena is torturing her and so she needs justice. Thapki and Veena are shocked. How will Thapki prove her innocence? Will Sapna and Priyanka be successful in creating more gaps between Thapki and Veena? Keep reading.

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