Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th November 2021 Written Update Mystery

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th November 2021 Written Update Mystery

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th November 2021 Written Update Mystery GPS asks Vasudha to leave the knife. Radha asks GPS to not stop Vasudha as she can’t do anything. She tells Vasudha that she and GPS (Krishnan) love each other. Vasudha asks Radha how she will love if she will kill her and the former stabs the latter. She comes out of her imagination and gets sweaty. Vasudha thinks about what she was thinking of doing. She thinks what is GPS doing with Radha? Vasudha thinks she will not be able to control herself if she goes in front of Radha and GPS.

Vasudha says to herself that she can’t see GPS with someone else. She thinks to catch GPS red handed. Vasudha sees Radha and GPS going somewhere outside. She thinks to follow them to know the truth but the Auto driver refuses to give her a ride. On the other side, Rudra makes children and people at camp happy by giving a stunning performance. He sings a song for kids. Vidhi tells Saaransh that nobody will tease him anymore. She asks Saaransh if he is happy now getting famous? Saaransh replies yes and calls Vidhi his best friend.

Prisha feels happy seeing Saaransh and Vidhi’s friendship. Rudra finishes his performance and kids clap for him. Rudra says he will perform more after breakfast. Rudra and Prisha get busy with kids. Camp instructor tells kids that now they will have to play a game. Kids say they want to play with Prisha and Rudra. Rudra asks the kids to play with each other leaving Prisha and him alone. Kids however convince Rudra and Prisha to play with them. On the other hand, GPS returns to his home and tells Vasudha that he went to see a friend who suffered an attack. Vasudha interrogates GPS and asks which friend?


GPS tells Vasudha she doesn’t know, it’s his new friend from laughter club. Seeing Vasudha’s expressions, he asks her if she doesn’t believe him? He says he will make her talk to his friend’s wife. Vasudha refuses to talk to GPS’s friend’s wife. She tells GPS that she trusts him more than herself. GPS says he wants to sleep for a while as he is feeling tired. Vasudha wonders why GPS is lying? She thinks to learn what GPS is hiding from her. On the other side, Prisha and Rudra compete in a lemon race. Rudra cheats and makes Prisha’s lemon fall. Both Rudra and Prisha enjoy and play with kids.

Next, Rudra-Saaransh compete with Prisha and Vidhi in a foot-tied race. Rudra wins by picking Saaransh in his arms. They also take part in a balloon race. Prisha calls Rudra a cheater. Rudra asks Prisha what will she do now? Back at Srinivasans, Vasudha gets shocked on seeing a debit message from the bank on GPS’s phone. The message reveals that GPS sent some money to Radha Murthy. She wonders why GPS transferred money to Radha? GPS asks Vasudha if she saw his phone? Vasudha replies it’s kept in front of her. He tells his friend’s wife might call him for help. He leaves without having breakfast.

Vasudha thinks to get details of money transferred to Radha Murthy from GPS’s account. Back at camp Prisha and Rudra are seen playing Dog in the pond. Prisha kisses Rudra and wins by distracting him. Rudra calls Prisha a cheater. They get into a cute war of words. Prisha asks Rudra to tell how she cheated. Rudra feels shy revealing how Prisha won. Vidhi falls while playing. Everyone rushes to her. Prisha says she will apply medicine. She asks Vidhi if she needs her to call her Param uncle? Vidhi in a scared tone refuses to call Param.

Rudra and Prisha wonder, seeing Vidhi scared. Vidhi is taken away for first aid. Rudra and Prisha decide to call Param to inform him about Vidhi’s wound)injury. On the other side, Mishka and Param fight regarding Rudra’s concert styling. Param gets a call from Rudra. Rudra tells Param he has a surprise for him. He asks Param and Mishka to come to the local he is sharing. Rudra and Prisha discuss about Param and Mishka’s relationship. They also discuss if Mishka will accept Param with Vidhi’s responsibility? Vasudha thinks of taking Prisha with her to get Radha’s details.

She finds Prisha unavailable and calls at Khurana’s landline. Vasudha gets to know that Prisha is at Saaransh’s camp. She thinks to get information about GPS and Radha alone. Param and Mishka reach the camp. Prisha reveals Vidhi as a surprise to Param. Vidhi gets scared seeing Param. Param is seen angry seeing Vidhi. Rudra asks Paraam why he is reacting angrily. Param replies that he doesn’t want to see Vidhi’s face. Param leaves and Mishka goes behind him. Vasudha on the other side, reaches the bank and gets shocked to know that GPS has been transferring money to Radha for 10 years. She requests Radha’s mobile no. and address from bank staff but he also refuses to go against bank policy.

Vasudha thinks to know more details about Radha herself. Prisha asks Param why he hates and hurts Vidhi? Param asks Prisha to not interfere in his personal life. Rudra stops Param and Prisha from fighting. In the next episode, Vasudha will search GPS things at home for details and proofs about Radha. GPS will see her and ask if she doubts him of having an affair? Vasudha will meet Prisha at a restaurant and share with her that GPS since 10 years is transferring money to Radha Murthy. Prisha will follow GPS at night. She will reach a mental health clinic following Radha and GPS. Prisha will be left wondering about it.

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