Kumkum Bhagya Pranbir Last Meet 11th November 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Pranbir Last Meet 11th November 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya Pranbir Last Meet 11th November 2021 Full Written Update Ranbir stops Prachi and asks her why is she throwing attitude at him. She tells that she is leaving to save the respect of their relation. She asks him why did he boast of his faith and love always. She asks how can he doubt her. Ranbir tells her that his love is one-sided. He asks her if she loves Siddharth or any third guy is coming in her life. He talks dirty things about her lover. She asks him to control his tongue, he got totally blinded and lost his mind because of his doubt. She asks him to talk to her when his anger calms down.

Ranbir tells her that their relation is over, they have nothing to talk now. He tells that he has seen his wife and his brother in the same bed, seeing their illegitimate relation, he will not keep his marriage. He tells that he understood everything when he got cheated. He tells that character is necessary for marriage, not any love. He adds that Rhea was right, that Prachi ruined Rhea’s house as well. He accuses Prachi for being unfair towards Rhea as well. Prachi tells that she gave the utmost importance to her husband.


She asks him how can he disrespect her. He tells her that she has ruined her own Kumkum and disrespected their marriage, when she met Siddharth. She reminds the duties of a husband and a wife. She tells him that its his duty to protect a wife’s esteem, but when a husband ruins his wife’s dignity himself by such allegations, then there is nothing left. She tells that he has to hear the truth, she has a right to explain him. He tells that he has seen her with Siddharth since two years, and couldn’t understand their affair.

She tells that he can’t forgive himself when the truth comes out. He tells her that truth has come out, he will never forgive her. Prachi tells that she is broken and shattered, that he suspects her character. She breaks down. Ranbir asks her to accept her affair, then she maybe forgiven. He tells that he will never forgive her. He tells her that he doesn’t trust her after seeing her with Siddharth. He doesn’t want to see her face. Prachi tells that it will be wrong to explain him. She doesn’t want to plead or apologize. She tells that her faith broke on him, but she still has her self-esteem.

Prachi tells that Ranbir was just finding an excuse to break the marriage, like his parents wanted. He asks her not to bring his parents in their matter. She asks him to hear the truth, that she doesn’t love him, and even he doesn’t love her. He asks her why didn’t she tell this to him before. She asks him how can he believe so. He tells that he believed it, because he doesn’t want to stay with a disloyal wife. He calls her a cheater. He hates her. She is hurt that she loves him. She wishes that they never met, they never fell in love and got married.

Ranbir leaves from the hotel, but Siddharth stops him. Rhea and Aaliya get glad seeing their plan working. Ranbir angrily bashes up Siddharth, who defends Prachi. Siddharth asks Ranbir to beat him and vent out his anger. Ranbir rebukes him for his affair with Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir to stop hurting Siddharth. Ranbir asks them to stay together and defend each other. He asks them to just spare her. He asks them to get married. Prachi loses her cool and slaps Ranbir to limit his tongue. Ranbir calls their marriage over. He tells that its their last meet. He tells that he will always remember her cheat and the slap.

He leaves the hopes of their relationship. Siddharth asks him to listen. Ranbir tells that he trusted his brother, who cheated him. He angrily bashes Siddharth more. Siddharth tolerates the bashing. Prachi hates the violent sight. The people in the hotel stop Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi call it over, and this gives the ultimate happiness to Rhea. Prachi and Ranbir leave from there and cry, sitting in the middle of the roads. Ranbir curses the day when he met Prachi. Keep reading.

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  1. A class facking shit again.
    Ektaa is one sick disturbed mind when writing so she only produces trash.
    wat was the need for all those useless hurtful dialogues?
    Disgusting that Rhea and alliya won again with the evil sick demented mind thoughts and action.

  2. The evil side must continue their devil plan and the otherside should be prove their innocent, but evil side r always win these is not fair.I request not to seperated Ranbeer and prachi

  3. A leap coming. The story for punar viva going to repeat, Prachi pregnant but he would end up with Rhea. Peach would hide it and when he do find out he would think the child is Sid one.

  4. Aaliya and Rhea should have been in coma in place of Abhi and Pragya. Abhi thinks that Prachi destroyed Rhea’s life but the truth is Rhea destroyed Prachi’s life. She must die.

  5. There is no happiness for the2 sisters. Separated at birth. They met each other after 20 years. And they are still driven further and further apart. There is Aliyaa already why make a duplicate Rhea. Aliyaa never wanted to see Abhi happy. And all he just wants is his Pragya. She killed Bulbul, what did she do to Disha, Purab and Disha separated. There was not one day that Rhea and Aliyaa did not plot. Give Pragya and Prachi a bit of happiness for goodness sake

  6. Please the lead have happiness never.
    Alliya lived a married life with purab have intimacy and a child Aryan wat Disha got and Sammy got ? Disapoeared from the show.
    Kiara never came back to the show but Rhea came back to start she evilness with Alliya.
    Bet yuh anything Pallavi will have Ranbir marry Rhea or get engaged to Rhea.
    In all Honesty Prachi is better off without Ranbir.
    Sanju was a Goon but he might have treated her better.
    Best Sick demented Ekta n ger team bring a new live interest for prachi n let Ranbur ,palkavi Rhea,Alliya and Abhi live happy together.


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