Meet 11th November 2021 Written Update Meet's surprise

Meet 11th November 2021 Written Update Meet’s surprise

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Meet 11th November 2021 Written Update Meet’s surprise Manushi hides in some room. Mr. Meet/Ahlawat goes to check the room, but Anubha stops him in time. He goes to get the medicines. Meet tells that she was going to catch the guy whom Manushi used to meet before. Anubha asks her not to take Manushi’s name in front of Ahlawat, he may feel bad. Ahlawat wants to find out where could Manushi go. Meet and Ahlawat get surprised when the ladies bring them to the room for their special night. The ladies leave them alone in the room. Manushi wants their relation’s truth to come out. She waits for the morning, when the truth comes out.

Ahlawat tells Meet that he can’t sleep on the bed. Meet tells that she will remove the decorations from the bed. She doesn’t tell him about the ladies’ naughty plans. He tells that he wants to have a good peace without sharing his bed with anyone. She separates the two single beds. She doesn’t want the ladies to talk about their fake relation. She sits passing time. They both get into a funny activity and burst the air bubbles.

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Manushi hears the strange sounds coming from the room. She wonders what’s happening inside. She dreams of their romance. She wonders how did their life get better. Meet and Ahlawat get into a moment. He just wants to find about Manushi. Meet wakes up in the morning. She finds Ahlawat sleeping. She joins the bed back. She cares for him without making him know. Ahlawat falls down the bed. He wakes up. He suspects her actions. She tells that she was helping him to sleep well. He tells that he doesn’t want any help. He further mentions that she is his problem. Anubha calls Meet for important work. She asks Meet to fill water tank from the neighbor’s house.

Ahlawat hears everything. He asks them not to worry. He tells that he will take a bath using the hand pump. He adjusts in their house, and surprises them. They are happy to see his grounded behavior. He tells Meet that he can’t take a bath in front of her. Meet tells him that she will not see him. He takes a bath. Meet helps him when he asks for water. Meet uses her smartness and makes a manual water shower for him. She asks him to have a bath as he is used to have at his home. She knows that Manushi has hurt him a lot, but she shall return him the happiness. She wants to find out Kunal. Stay tuned.

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