Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th November 2021 Written Update New beginning

Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th November 2021 Written Update New beginning

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th November 2021 Written Update New beginning Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th November 2021 Written Update Veena’s Fury Thapki is shocked. Dadi says that someone has tricked Thapki. Sapna says that there is Thapki’s face in the video. She adds that no one can steal Thapki’s voice and Priyanka says that such things spread like wildfire. Priyanka says that Veena will not only get humiliated in the city but also all over the world. Priyanka goes on to add the drama and says that what will relatives think that they all torture Thapki. Priyanka questions Thapki that why did she say all this.

Thapki tells that Simi aunty had come to speak to her but was not aware that she will make her video. Veena is irritated by Thapki’s stammering voice and closes her ears. Sapna says that Veena’s image is destroyed and asks Thapki why she had to speak all this with Simi. Thapki tries to explain her side but Priyanka shuts her up and says that Veena’s image is already tarnished in front of everybody. Priyanka says that Thapki has done wrong.

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Veena says that nature and habits never change and if a snake is kept as a pet it will bite one day. Veena goes on to say that people who stammer have dirt inside them. Veena tells Dadi that Thapki has beautifully destroyed her image on Diwali. Thapki tries to convince them but Veena, Sapna and Priyanka leave in anger. Dadi also doesn’t believe Thapki and goes away. Thapki asks Purab to believe her but he leaves. Veena goes into her room and breaks things in anger. Sapna and Priyanka laugh listening to the noise coming out of Veena’s room. Sapna is happy that they hit the right spot. Priyanka says that all this drama was possible because of her excellent editing skills. Priyanka adds that Sapna unnecessarily taunts her for being on the phone but today that talent came into use and now everybody will be angry with Thapki.

Sapna says that Thapki was only used for the drama but in reality, Veena was her target. Priyanka asks Sapna if she will trouble Veena so much. Sapna says that till the house is not under her control she will keep troubling Veena so that she becomes Dadi’s number one daughter-in-law. Priyanka says that she also wants to become Sapna’s best daughter-in-law and with the number one tag they both will rule the house. All the family members ask Veena to open the door but she doesn’t listen to them. Thapki tells Dadi she is innocent. Dadi says that she believes her but Thapki has to prove her innocence in front of Veena and other family members. Thapki goes to speak with Veena but she starts breaking things.

Thapki cries and asks Veena to give her one chance to tell her side. She says that she didn’t do all that. Thapki decides to sit outside Veena’s room till she comes out. Veena goes on breaking things. The next morning Thapki gets a call but Veena opens the door and Thapki goes after her. Thapki tries to speak with Veena but she asks her to stay away. Veena asks Sapna to stop Thapki or else she will do something bad. Sapna tries to stop Thapki but she doesn’t stop speaking and pleads Veena to listen to her.

Thapki requests Veena to listen to her once and after that, she will do as Veena says. Priyanka tells Sapna that if Thapki speaks then their secret will come out. Sapna asks Priyanka to do something. Thapki tells Veena that she spoke with Simi but she has twisted her words and presented it. Thapki stammers a lot while speaking and Sapna and Priyanka put words in her mouth. Veena stops Thapki and tells her not to expect forgiveness from her. Purab comes and tells Veena that before she takes any decision he wants to show her something. Purab takes all the family members in front of the TV. Purab shows Thapki’s video in which she has clearly told good about Veena. Purab says to Veena that proof is in front of her and simple people are mistreated in this world. Purab informs Veena that someone has twisted the video and sent it to them so that she gets angry at Thapki. Purab tells that along with Simi, there are other people involved too. Sargam tells that such people should be jailed. Dadi asks Purab about them and he says that they are their close family members only. Purab tells that there is no need to stretch this matter and he has informed them to stay away from their family matters.

Purab tells Veena that from this incident it is clear that people who stammer are not wrong. Purab feels that Veena will not forgive Thapki but will she ask forgiveness from Thapki for whatever she said. Thapki tells Purab that there is no need for all this as it’s not Veena’s fault. Veena is informing a relative that she has sent the original video and so they should stop irritating her now. Sapna brings tea for Veena and asks her to improve her mood. Sapna provokes Veena against Thapki and Purab. Veena feels that Purab has done wrong. Sapna says that Purab’s behavior can make Thapki arrogant. Sapna asks Veena to be vigilant towards Thapki as she has started controlling Purab. Sapna triggers Veena that she has only one son and if he also goes out of hands then she will have nothing.

Paresh calls Thapki and asks about her well-being. Thapki tells that she is safe and sound. Paresh asks Thapki about her first Diwali in the Singhania family. Thapki remembers the incident and tells that at first, she thought that her Diwali will go in darkness but it went well. Thapki tells Paresh that she made diyas out of flour and placed it all over the house. She adds that she celebrated Diwali as Jaya had told her.

Paresh informs Thapki that the doctor has told to conduct one more operation on Jaya or else her voice can go. He informs Thapki that after this surgery everything will be fine. Thapki asks Paresh about the expense and he says that 2 lakhs will be needed. Thapki is shocked and asks Paresh that how they will arrange such a big amount. Paresh informs Thapki that Purab has already given him the cheque. Thapki is overwhelmed to know from Paresh that Purab has called a renowned surgeon from America to operate on Jaya.

Purab enters the room and Thapki thanks for taking her side. Purab says that he did all this to save Veena’s reputation. Thapki informs Purab that Paresh told her about the money given by him for the operation and that she cannot take such a huge amount from him. Purab replies to Thapki that she has also done a lot of things for his family and asks her to stop doing it. Thapki tells Purab that she is the daughter-in-law of this house and it is her right to do so.

Purab tells Thapki that he also has exactly the same point as he too has the rights. Thapki tells Purab that she had done all these things because she considered the family close to her heart. Purab also tells Thapki that he too considered the same. Thapki asks Purab if he considers their marriage as real now. Purab is in fix. What will Purab reply to Thapki? Is this a start of new beginnings for Thapki and Purab this Diwali? Keep reading.

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