Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update Ranbir loses Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update Ranbir loses Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update Ranbir loses Prachi Sushma gets the divorce papers sent by Ranbir. She gets angered that Ranbir has tried to hurt Prachi again. She goes to seek an answer from him. She reaches Kohli house to confront Ranbir. Rhea insults Sushma. She tells that they have sent the divorce papers to Prachi, and its already signed by Ranbir. She adds that it will be good if Prachi signs the papers and frees Ranbir from the relation. Sushma tells Rhea that she already got the papers signed by Prachi. She throws the papers on Rhea’s face, stating that she can enjoy Ranbir’s freedom as much as wants.

Pallavi tells that Sushma went in much angry, she will never let Prachi come to Kohli house. She tells that Prachi should be away, only then she won’t be able to find the truth about the divorce. Vikram tells that Prachi shouldn’t be anywhere around Ranbir. He is sure that Sushma will never let Prachi meet Ranbir now. Prachi visits a temple. She finds Ranbir there. Ranbir and Prachi sense each other’s presence. Will they meet or have a hit and miss again? Will she be able to win back Ranbir by proving her innocence? But, does Ranbir deserve Prachi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Pallavi tells Vikram that they thought to get Ranbir separated from Prachi first and then talk about Rhea. She adds that they forged Ranbir’s signatures on the divorce papers. He can’t believe it. Pallavi tells that they will show the divorce papers to Ranbir after Prachi signs it. He tells that Ranbir will ask about the signatures. Rhea doesn’t think he will ask about it in anger. He tells that he will question them about the cheat. Pallavi tells that she will lie to Ranbir.


He asks her not to lie to their son. She tells that they have make Prachi out of Ranbir’s life. Vikram leaves it to Pallavi. He just wants his son’s happiness. Rhea feels Vikram and Pallavi are doing everything to help her. She just wants Ranbir. Sushma asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi isn’t able to accept the reality. She gets under the shower and sheds tears of pain.

Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Update Ranbir loses Prachi:

Prachi gets under the shower and cries, thinking of Ranbir and her love moments. She breaks down thinking how he broke up his ties with her. Ranbir gets a burn by the hot tea. It reminds him of Prachi’s care. He misses her in his life, but doesn’t want to accept. He scolds the staff. He leaves for home. Sushma tries hard to reach Prachi. She is much worried for Prachi. Prachi opens the door. Sushma finds her all drenched. She asks Prachi the matter. Prachi hugs her and sheds tears.

She tells that Ranbir has sent the divorce papers. She doesn’t want to take the blame. She tells that she isn’t at fault. Sushma tells her that Ranbir has failed in his duty of a husband. Prachi tells that she has failed in keeping her hatred. She feels she can never forget Ranbir, she has failed to hate Ranbir for breaking their marriage. She adds that she is at the same point of her life where Ranbir left her. Sushma consoles her. Pallavi, Vikram and Rhea have a talk over dinner. Vikram asks Rhea to try and win Dida’s heart, it will be good for Ranbir and her relation. Pallavi tells that Dida just loves Prachi, Dida isn’t having food with them as well. Sushma arrives there to teach them a lesson.

Sushma asks them for Ranbir Kohli. She tells that she wants to meet him. Vikram asks who is she. Pallavi knows Sushma Tandon, who is Pragya and Prachi’s guardian. Sushma tells that she has come as Prachi’s guardian in Pragya’s absence. Rhea asks her why did she come. Sushma wants to talk to Ranbir. She asks Rhea not to interfere in between the elders. Pallavi tells that Ranbir isn’t at home. She asks what does she want to talk. Sushma tells that she will just talk to Ranbir. Rhea tells that she will handle Sushma. Sushma asks her to stay out of it. Pallavi tells that Rhea is the bahu of the house. Sushma scolds Rhea.

Vikram tells that Rhea has a right to talk in between. He asks Sushma why did she come to talk to Ranbir. Sushma tells that Abhi and Pragya stays with her like a family, like they used to stay with Kohlis before. She explains her relation with Prachi. She wants to protect Pragya’s daughters. She shows her right on Rhea as well. Rhea shows her bad manners by her arrogance. Sushma tells that Prachi calls her Badimaa. She asks Rhea to call her Badimaa, else shut up. Pallavi asks her to leave if she has come to defend Prachi.

Rhea tells that she has sent the divorce papers to Prachi, its better Prachi signs the papers and ends the relation to free Ranbir forever. Sushma throws the papers at her. She tells that Ranbir is free now. Pallavi checks the papers. She finds it unsigned by Prachi. She tells that Prachi didn’t sign the papers. Thankfully, Sushma tells that Prachi didn’t sign, Kohlis don’t mean anything to Prachi, Prachi just had a relation with Ranbir. She tells that Prachi will not listen to Kohlis. Sushma recalls Prachi refusing to sign. Sushma promised Prachi that she will answer the Kohlis.

Rhea asks her why doesn’t Prachi sign the papers and get separated from them. Sushma asks Rhea if she has sent the divorce papers, let just Ranbir’s parents talk. She tells that Ranbir has broken his relation with Prachi and Kohlis ousted Prachi, the divorce isn’t needed. She promises them that Prachi will never come back to them, she doesn’t want such a disgusting family or any share of their property. She tells that Prachi doesn’t want to link herself with them. She asks them to spare Prachi.

Rhea asks if Prachi will spare them, if she changes her mind and comes back to claim her rights then what will they do. Sushma tells that there is a difference between Prachi and Rhea, Prachi is just like Pragya, she will listen to her elders. Sushma is glad that Prachi has left the Kohlis, her life was really disrespectful, but now she will have a better life. She tells that she will not let Prachi return to Kohlis. She asks Pallavi and Vikram to control their son, Ranbir, there is nothing left between Ranbir and Prachi. She tells that she will make Ranbir out of Prachi’s mind and heart.

She asks them to forget Prachi. She warns them against contacting Prachi, because everything is over from Prachi’s side. Rhea is relieved by Sushma’s assurance. After Sushma leaves, Rhea feels a big problem got solved. Pallavi and Vikram also believe that Sushma will keep Prachi away from Ranbir. Rhea is sure that Ranbir and Prachi will never meet now. Meanwhile, Prachi is praying at the temple to gain strength so that she can go away from Ranbir. Ranbir reaches the same temple, when his car suddenly breaks down there. Prachi wants to face the truth and accept the reality. She wants to forget Ranbir forever. Pandit tells that her prayers will be fulfilled. Ranbir and Prachi have a hit and a miss. They sense each other around, but fail to come in sight. Keep reading.

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  1. The title is absolutely correct ‘ranbir loses prachi ‘ yes he is the one who is going to lose everything including prachi .
    Prachi should not be the one who loses but ranbir should be .he deserves he didn’t believe prachi.
    It’s good that you have not put the title as prachi loses ranbir.

  2. Again in Ekta Kapoor show criminals winning the makers of Ekta Kapoor shows KKB and Kundali bhagya only criminals winning very stupid show and the boys Ranbir,Karan Rishab they are wearing bangles and there eyes are closed do not see the truth

  3. Why they bring back season 1 of kumkum bhagya in Zee Tv, we were expecting this season but no they bring back the season where Abhi and Pragya were not married at first


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