Sasural Simar Ka 24th November 2021 Written Update Samar’s twist

Sasural Simar Ka 24th November 2021 Written Update Samar's twist

Sasural Simar Ka 24th November 2021 Written Update Samar’s twist Samar stops Avinash from going to Simar. He tells that Simar would be tired, she should take some good rest. Avinash wants to see her once. He doesn’t find Simar in her room. He asks Samar where did Simar go. Simar asks Avinash why didn’t he sleep till now. Avinash tells that he just came to see her. Samar signs Simar to lie to Avinash. Simar hides the truth from Avinash. She tells that she is okay. Avinash feels sorry. He tells that he trusts her completely, but he doubted her for a moment. He feels she can never break his trust. He is amazed to see her strength.

He tells that he is glad to see her move on in life. He is proud of her. Simar wants to tell him about Aarav. Samar asks her not to tell anything. He sends Avinash. Aarav wants Simar to give him a chance to explain himself. Simar feels sorry to hurt her parents. She can’t stop her feelings for Aarav. She looks for Aarav. She wonders if he fell into some trouble. She runs to help Aarav when she finds him hanging to the broken pipe. She tells that she isn’t angry on him. She asks him to come up. Aarav falls down. He gets too injured. He looks for Simar. Simar runs outside the house to see Aarav. Aarav thinks she left and didn’t care to see him.

Samar plays music. He is shocked to see Simar running, with the dupatta on fire. Simar runs outside to reach Aarav. Aarav is too hurt and struggles to reach the car. He tells that Simar always felt more hurt than him. He wonders why she didn’t come to see him. He feels at fault that he has hurt her heart so much. Simar looks for him. Samar follows Simar. He blows off the fire from her dupatta. Sandhya doesn’t want Badimaa to know anything about Aarav. She prays for Aarav. She lies to Badimaa. She tells that she wanted to pray and get her heart at peace. Reema meets Badimaa and presents the video to her. Shw tells Badimaa that Simar and Aarav were together.


Badimaa is shocked that Aarav cheated her and went against her word. She goes to Aarav’s room to confront him. She gets Simar’s dupatta and her earrings there. She throws that away. She thinks she was wrong to think that Simar’s chapter is over. Reema wants Simar to get hurt. She wants to give back the pain to Aarav and Simar. She wishes them best of luck.

Samar asks Simar what is she doing. Simar tells that she has to go to Aarav. Aarav wants to say sorry to Simar once. He calls her. Simar leaves her phone behind. Samar picks her phone. Aarav gets inside his car. Aarav gets heartbroken. He drives away from there. Simar runs after his car madly and ends up hurting herself. Samar saves her in time. He asks her why is she ruining her life after her lover. She tells him that Aarav is her ex-husband. He asks her if she is married.

He tells that Aarav left her, he doesn’t love her. She asks him not to say anything if he doesn’t know Aarav. He tells that he knows Simar, but he has seen her lying to her parents today. He asks why are they playing the Karwachauth drama, when their marriage ended. Simar doesn’t think Samar can understand the complicated relation. She tells that Aarav and her heart are connected and beat for each other. She explains him the painful separation that breaks the person completely. She cries for Aarav.

She tells that he doesn’t believe in love, so he can never understand such pain. Samar expresses his pain, that he lost his lover Nisha in an accident. He tells that he has lost Nisha, he knows the pain of separation well, and in his case, he can never see Nisha again, because Nisha is dead. Simar is shocked to know this. Keep reading.

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