Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Update Fateh shocking surprise

Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Update Fateh shocking surprise

Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Update Fateh shocking surprise Jasmin gets decked up as the bride. She waits for Fateh. Sweety tells Jasmin that Fateh is really a nice guy, and loves Jasmin a lot. Jasmin asks her where did the nice guy go. She wants to meet Fateh and make a grand entry with him. Fateh leaves from the house on his bike. Jasmin calls Fateh. He is not reachable. Fateh doesn’t want to attend Tejo and Angad’s engagement. He leaves from the house and stays away from the family. Angad and Tejo get engaged in front of the family. They have a fake engagement.

The families are really happy for Tejo. Tejo tells Angad that like they faked the engagement, they will come up with a breakup drama soon. Fateh lands back home. Fateh and Jasmin are seen exchanging the garlands, but Fateh still has his eyes on Tejo. Tejo finds Fateh and Jasmin married. She returns the ring to Angad. She tells that now that Fateh and Jasmin got married, they don’t need to keep their engagement bond. She tells that they don’t have to do any drama now.


Fateh tells Jasmin that everything will change between them after his surprise comes out. Fateh is done with his own preparations. His surprise will change the lives of four of them. What surprising revelations will be made? What did Fateh plan to reveal, that will leave Jasmin shocked? Did Fateh learn about Jasmin’s evils? Did he really marry Jasmin as Tejo thinks? Or will Fateh take his revenge by leaving Jasmin in the mandap and choosing to marry Tejo? Fateh’s surprise is going to shock both Tejo and Jasmin. Can you guess his surprise? Comment your views. Keep reading.

Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Full Written Update Fateh shocking surprise:

Jasmin tells Fateh that it was her hard work that she planned their grand romantic entry. They didn’t make a grand entry together, and he landed with Tejo. She regrets that her surprise got wasted because of Tejo. He asks her not to worry, marriage matters to them, not the grand entry. She tells that the grand entry was her dream for a long time. He asks her to look at him, he is her dream which is getting fulfilled. He adds that she is finally getting him, they are getting married, what else does she want.

He tells that he will keep her very happy and make her go mad out of happiness when his surprise comes out. He asks her to keep patience for his surprise. She questions him about the surprise. She asks him what it is that he isn’t revealing and just mentioning. He tells that he can’t tell her anything as of now, but she will go really crazy when she sees the surprise. He consoles her and asks her to be happy, after all it’s their wedding day and deserves their smiles. Fateh hugs her with love.

On the other side, Simran gets Tejo to her room. Tejo tells that she doesn’t want to enter the room. Simran tells that Fateh didn’t enter the room since Tejo left, and he didn’t even let Jasmin come there. She adds that the room is just the same as Tejo left. Tejo gets emotional recalling Fateh and her moments spent in the bedroom. Simran tells her that Fateh is nothing without Tejo. Tejo seems to know that well, but Fateh doesn’t know.

Fateh overhears Khushbeer talking about the Pandit availability. Khushbeer asks the family pandit to come home and perform the rituals for both the functions, engagement and marriage. Fateh asks Khushbeer not to call the Pandit home. Khushbeer asks if Fateh has changed his marriage decision. Fateh adds that he has already arranged a pandit for his marriage. He tells that he doesn’t want their old Pandit to come and say anything wrong, Jasmin’s mood can get spoiled.

Khushbeer tells that they don’t care for Jasmin. He asks Fateh to think about Jasmin and her mood. Fateh tells that it’s a big day for Tejo and Angad also, and he doesn’t want any drama. Khushbeer wishes he shows some sensibility in his life and takes the right decision. Tejo gets ready for the engagement, while Jasmin starts decking up for the marriage. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s wild violent outburst. She wishes that everything goes fine. She prays that Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage happens peacefully. Angad reaches Tejo and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. He praises her beauty in a poetic way.

Tejo asks him to stop flirting. He tells that she will look better and match his good looks if she puts a rose in her hair. He takes her permission and tucks the rose in her hair. He tells that they both will be an amazing pairing if they really get married. He jokingly proposes to her for marriage. He asks her to think once about him. She tells that she thought of it already, she will always stay with him, but just as a friend. She just loves Fateh. She can’t love Angad, but doesn’t want to lose a great friend. Angad accepts her decision. He tells that she proved that if a person aims for the moon, then he falls among the stars, it’s okay if he doesn’t get her love, he will adjust with her friendship.

He mentions that friendship is the first step towards love. She tells them that they are having a fake engagement, but their real friendship will begin with it. They share a laugh and hold hands. Fateh comes to the room to see Tejo. He finds Tejo and Angad together and happy. He apologizes for walking in just like that. Angad tells that he can come in anytime because it’s his house. Fateh congratulates them for the engagement in advance, saying they all will get busy with their respective functions in some time. He gives his wishes heartily. He hugs Angad. He gets an urgent call and rushes. Angad jokes that he will go and meet Khushbeer to keep his demands.

Khushbeer and the entire Virk family welcome Sandhus and other guests home. Everyone is excited for Tejo and Angad’s engagement. Rupy finds Khushbeer worried and asks if Jasmin did anything wrong. Angad tells that he kept a little demand and put Khushbeer into a fix. He tells that he wants Khushbeer to become his dad and be at his side when he has no family with him. He wants Khushbeer to bless him. Everyone asks Khushbeer to accept Angad’s cute demand. Khushbeer looks at Fateh. He thinks his hopes are really futile. He worries for Fateh. He accepts Angad’s demand and keeps a condition that Angad will always love Tejo. He wants Angad to keep Tejo happy. Angad agrees to his condition. Fateh watches them from afar.

Khushbeer makes Angad promise that the latter will never get sorrow in Tejo’s life. He tells that Virks will be from the groom’s side and Sandhus will be from the bride’s side. He asks them to call Tejo for the engagement. Angad tells that they can get engaged later after Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage. He calls Fateh downstairs. Fateh tells that there is still time for the marriage, so they can go ahead with the engagement. Angad agrees to get engaged with Tejo. The families have happiness shining in their eyes.

Angad and Tejo dance in their engagement function. The families also join them. Fateh goes away on an urgent call again. He leaves the house, while Jasmin is waiting for him. Sweety calls Jasmin really lucky to get someone so loving like Fateh. Jasmin asks her to go and find Fateh. She wants Fateh to get ready on time. She shows the sehra kept there. She tells that Fateh would have gone to plan the big surprise. Jasmin learns that Fateh is nowhere. She grows worried. Angad and Tejo sit for their engagement. Rupy and Satti bless Angad and give him the gifts. Jasmin starts to panics.

Sweety enquires from Nimmo about Fateh. Nimmo tells that he might be somewhere around. Sweety goes to Jasmin and informs that she couldn’t find Fateh. She jokes that Fateh has run away from the marriage. Jasmin reprimands her friends when they laugh at her misery. She keeps calling Fateh, but he doesn’t answer. Tejo doesn’t see Fateh anywhere. Her eyes just look for him. Angad asks Tejo to think once again before the engagement.

He tells the families that Tejo is such a gem that he would have agreed to fake the engagement on her saying. They say that he really got Tejo and will have a relationship of a lifetime with her. Angad tells that he will have a friendship with Tejo. He finds her looking for Fateh. Finally, Fateh returns home and ends Tejo’s wait. Tejo and Angad go ahead to exchange the rings and get the families blessings. Will Fateh witness their engagement and stop it? What is his surprise? Keep reading.

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