Sasural Simar Ka 30th November 2021 Written Update Simar’s wedding

Sasural Simar Ka 30th November 2021 Written Update Simar's wedding

Sasural Simar Ka 30th November 2021 Written Update Simar’s wedding Indu scolds Simar for not caring for their family pride. Avinash believes that Simar can’t do anything wrong. He tells that Simar can touch a stone and make it gold. Simar gets the sweets for Avinash, while Badimaa gets some kheer to feed to Aarav. Badimaa wants to talk about his marriage. Aarav tells that the kheer is really nice. Badimaa tells that she can see it on his face that he doesn’t like it. Aarav tells that his choice is different. He asks her to change his choice and get habitual to his old choices in life. She knows he is missing Simar, but doesn’t want him to do this. Avinash likes the Simar special kheer.

He asks Samar to have the kheer. He tells that Samar will become Simar’s fan if he eats the kheer. Samar really likes the kheer. He tells that he really loves the kheer. Avinash asks her to serve the kheer to Gagan as well. Gagan thanks her. Simar takes some kheer for Aarav. She lies to Indu. Roma and Lalit come to meet them. Reema and Vivaan also come home. Simar asks him how is Aarav and everyone in the Oswal mansion. She worries for the family. He tells that everything is just the same.

Aarav misses Simar so much, that it makes Badimaa and Gajender worried. Badimaa asks Gajender to do something to help Aarav. He tells that Simar has to move on in order to help Aarav. He assures that he will find a way. He tells that she is his strength and she has to be strong. Sandhya tells that she is ready. He tells that he has some work, and excuses himself. Samar watches Simar. Reema asks Samar if he has fallen in love with the city. Samar tells that the city is very interesting.


She asks him if he likes someone. Samar tells about Sirav, a business tycoon, he is a nice man. She wants to ask about Gajender. He doesn’t tell her anything. She suspects he is hiding something. Gajender and Sandhya come home to meet Simar and family. Sandhya tells Indu that Reema has taken all the house responsibility just as Simar used to do. Simar hugs Sandhya and sheds tears. They get emotional. Simar cries and tells that she got emotional seeing Sandhya after a long time.

Avinash introduces Samar to Gajender. Gajender replies that he knows Samar well. Simar gets emotional and enquires about the family. Sandhya asks her not to ask anything that makes her lie. She understands everything. She feels helpless that she couldn’t do anything for Simar, like she took a stand for Aditi. Simar asks her not to explain. She tells that she had made a big mistake and she had to bear the punishment. Badimaa makes Aarav donate the gifts to the staff. Aarav tells that Simar isn’t at home, she isn’t his wife now. He regrets to tell that.

Gajender proposes Samar’s alliance for Simar. Simar’s family is shocked. Avinash asks how does he know Samar. Gajender tells that he loves Simar as his daughter and is saying this for her happiness and good future. He wants Simar to settle down in her life. Indu tells that Simar needs time to accept a new relation in her life. Avinash falls into a big dilemma. Sandhya tells that she would have made Simar her bahu if it was in her hands. Simar cheers up Sandhya. Aarav is very hurt and feels stuck in his life’s sorrow. He tells that he has to move on for the sake of his family and forget Simar. He doesn’t think its easy for him to forget Simar. He tells that he can never forget Simar.

Simar asks Sandhya to try the new juice drink she made. She mistakenly spills the juice on Sandhya’s saree. She apologizes. She asks Sandhya to clean the saree and come. Sandhya asks her not to worry. Aditi is shocked to see Aarav shattered and crying. She hugs him. He tells that she is breaking down. She asks him to stay strong and not lose this way. She motivates him. He asks her to look at him, he can’t give courage to anyone, he has failed as a son, a grandson and also a husband. He feels that he couldn’t keep anyone happy. Aditi cries for him. She feels they are paying a punishment for their ancestors’ sins. He tells that they all are going through this sorrow for no reason. He begs her to help him, else he will get destroyed. Keep reading.

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