Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2021 Written Update Preeta's Secret

Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s Secret

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Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s Secret Sherlyn asks Sameer what is he doing in Sonakshi’s room. He tells that he has obviously come to look after Sonakshi. He asks her if she has any idea about her. She tells that the kidnapper has seen Sonakshi at the temple. He doesn’t think kidnappers go to the temple. He tells that if kidnappers had the fear of God, then they would have never done wrong. She tells that kidnappers are strange-minded people. He asks how does the kidnappers know about Sonakshi. She tells that the kidnappers find out everything about the family before planning the crime. He tells that she seems to have a lot of experience. She asks him to go and help Karan in saving Pihu.

She tells that she doesn’t know if Sonakshi will get saved. Karan is much worried for Pihu. Preeta hides in his car and doesn’t let Karan know it. She wants to go to Pihu and save her. She thinks Pihu will be happy to see her. Sonakshi follows Karan’s car. She calls Karan on the phone she planted in his car. Karan asks her how did she reach his car. She tells that she can reach anywhere. She asks him not to double cross her. She asks him to throw his phone out of the car. Karan tells that he will switch off the phone instead throwing it.

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She demands him to throw the phone. He throws his phone. He realizes that she is looking at him from far. She asks him to stop his car. He asks her how does she know everything. She asks him to put the money in the empty bag and leave the tracker bag there itself. She tells that she knows about his friend Vinod putting the tracker bug in the bag. Karan follows her instructions. He dumps the money bag in the dustbin. She tells that she is keeping a watch on him. She asks him to leave from there. Sonakshi tells Vicky that she got him along because he doesn’t know about Pihu.

Vinod informs the police about Karan’s daughter Pihu’s kidnapping case. He seeks Inspector’s urgent help. He explains about Pihu Luthra’s case. He tells that Karan has gone to give the money to the kidnappers. He asks Inspector to try following Karan’s car and help him. Inspector assures that he will go after Karan. Vinod tells that the kidnapper has already learnt about him. Inspector tells that the kidnapper will change the address in the last minute and distract him. Vinod sends him the Karan’s car number. Inspector tracks Karan’s car. Preeta wants to go to Pihu some how. Sonakshi gets to see the police. She asks Vicky not to lose track of Karan. Inspector gets Karan’s location. Sonakshi hides the gun during the police check.

Sonakshi tells Vicky that she can’t go to Karan and talk to him face to face, else he will recognize her voice. She sends Vicky to speak to Karan. She waits in the car. Vicky goes to Karan. She hears his conversation with Karan. Vicky takes Karan at gun point. He asks Karan to remove the bugs. He gets the money from Karan and tells that he will tell about Pihu later. Preeta secretly plans to follow the goons to their hideout by hiding in the goons’ car itself. Sonakshi doesn’t see Preeta getting inside the car dickey.

Karan wants to know about Pihu. The police comes there. Sonakshi leaves Vicky there and escapes. Sonakshi is shocked to hear the gunshot. Vicky gets Karan at gun point and shoots at him. The police shoots down Vicky, much to Karan’s shock. Karan asks Vicky to tell him about Pihu. Vicky dies. Preeta is in Sonakshi’s car. Inspector tells that Vicky is dead. Karan asks Inspector why did he come uncalled. He tells that he could have reached Pihu. He asks who has asked the police to help. Inspector tells that Vinod called him. Karan rages at the police. He rushes home to confront Vinod.

Inspector informs Vinod that Karan didn’t get Pihu. He apologizes that everything went wrong. He narrates the entire incident. Shrishti overhears Vinod’s conversation. She asks Vinod why did he go against Karan’s orders. Vinod tells that he can’t follow the kidnappers’ instructions. The media reaches the Luthra mansion and reveals the news of Pihu’s kidnapping. They ask Vinod to update them about the case. Vinod tells that they are finding Pihu. Preeta wants to know who is dressed in the burqa.

She can’t see Sonakshi’s face. Sonakshi reaches the hideout. Preeta follows her there and goes inside to find Pihu. Karan reaches home in rage. He avoids the media. He vents anger on Vinod. He slaps Vinod and calls his move a big mistake. He tells that he was trying to get Pihu back, Vinod didn’t need to involve the police. Mahesh calms down Karan. Karan yells at Vinod and blames him for putting Pihu in danger. Luthras cry for Pihu. They aren’t aware of Preeta’s secret task to rescue Pihu. Will Preeta be able to save Pihu and also expose Sonakshi? Keep reading.

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9 responses to “Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2021 Written Update Preeta’s Secret”

  1. Anushka Avatar

    As every time ekta will only allow evils to win 😠

    1. Sandy Avatar

      That is quiet upsetting. There can be peace and still the movie will be interesting and intriguing.

  2. Pushpalatha Avatar

    Keep going 👏👏👏

  3. Susan Avatar

    Hmmm nothing new, evil will not be exposd.

    1. Sandy Avatar

      I know right. Always greeting another problem with another problem. How can a movie be full of conflicts and not even peace for a month or two.

  4. Anushka Avatar

    Kya ho rha hai show main mujhe toh samajha hi nahi aa rha

  5. Mithumary Avatar

    Its really becoming a worst story day by day.all time the evils win and preeta became guilty.Its not fare. Now I am hating this story.

  6. bigbee Avatar

    Just checking what is happening with Kundali. Nothing good. Monotonous and boring. Just raw evil. As the Sister Kumkum Bagya, evil prevails. Is either someone is kidnapped, or causing home or road accidents to either kill or keep their victims in coma or wheel chair.

    The show is either planning horrible separation of lovely couples, or scheming to get pregnancy aborted or even fake medical papers. Why? Are the producers saying, audience cannot enjoy positive plays? I stopped watching when Preeta’s pregnancy that brought so much joy and confirmed through medical and traditional means was said to be false. Because I was really looking forward to Karan pampering his wife during pregnancy and when the babies arrive. But what happened? From no where another villain was introduced and I just got fed up. So now it is still the same story. Child kidnapped. Are we socializing audience to wrong values with all these negative plays?

  7. John David Avatar
    John David

    Am so becoming tired of this is fate the decretor of that movie is just doing nonsense if he doesn’t know what to do any more dey should just stop the movie

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