Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2021 Written Update Aarav in shock

Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2021 Written Update Aarav in shock

Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2021 Written Update Aarav in shock Simar recalls Avinash’s words. She tells Gagan that she wants to go to the studio. She happens to see Aarav there. She gets confused. Vivaan asks Reema is she talking to mom. Reema tells that things are find at her end. She wants to celebrate Bhai dooj with Gagan. She asks his permission to call Gagan home and do his tika. He asks her to call him, there is no problem. She happily hugs him. Samar asks the guy not to allow anyone in the studio, Simar will be recording today. He gets the cheque sent by Sirav. Simar meets Samar. He takes care of her.

He tells her that her mind can help her in forgetting everything or remembering everything. He tells that it all depends on them to channelize their memory. He motivates her to sing well. She goes to sing the song and record the album. Samar tells that he trusts her totally. Aarav comes there to watch her recording. Samar knows that Sirav is Aarav. He asks Simar not to let anyone come between music and her. Aarav wishes her all the best. He asks Samar to complete the album as soon as possible. Simar sings a sad song and feels the pain, which is actually bouncing in her heart. She breaks down and cries while singing.

Aarav can’t see her shattering and goes out. Samar runs to Simar. He asks her is she fine. Simar runs out of the studio, leaving Aarav worried. Samar runs after Simar. He misses to stop her. He stops Aarav. He tells Aarav that he knows his identity. Aarav tries to stay in his disguised identity and bosses over Samar. Samar tears the cheque. He tells Aarav that he doesn’t need to give any explanation now. He asks Aarav to stay in his limits. He reveals that Simar and he are going to get married.


Aarav is moved by this revelation. He tells that its impossible. He loses his cool. Samar tells that the truth can never change, Simar is going to become his wife now. Aarav raises a hand on him in anger, but Samar defends him. Aarav doesn’t believe him. He wants to ask Simar. He knows that Simar can never forget him and move on. He calls Simar, who is praying at the temple for him. She is in a dilemma. She can’t live without Aarav. She tells that she can never love anyone else than Aarav. She wants to meet Aarav and tell him everything. She prays to talk to him once and explain her situation to him. Aarav wants to find the truth from her.

He calls Gagan to know what is going on in his house. Gagan watches Simar praying in the temple and crying. He feels sad for her. He goes mad in anger. Simar asks Matarani to end her dilemma by helping her. She wants Matarani to guide her about choosing Samar. She tells that she will accept the decision taken by Matarani. Gagan cries for his sister. Simar visits Aarav and overhears his conversation with Sandhya. Sandhya asks Aarav to let Simar marry Samar and move on. She convinces him to leave Simar free to make her own choices. Aarav tells that he will move on and start life afresh. Simar hears this and breaks down, thinking he wants to move on in his life without her. Keep reading.

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