Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update New Leap

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update New Leap

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update New Leap Preeta gets caught by Rajiv and Sonakshi, who sight her while finding Pihu. They don’t want Preeta to reach Pihu. Preeta is confronted by the goons and falls in an unexpected trouble. Sonakshi thinks of killing Preeta and getting rid of her by using the fake kidnapping. She finds Preeta attempting to run away. Rajiv throws the cartons away and tries to catch Preeta. Sonakshi throws a glass bottle and hits Preeta’s head. Preeta gets hurt and sees the blood on her hand.

Her head bleeds and she falls down. Sonakshi attempts to leave from there before Preeta learns about her. Preeta catches her foot and makes her fall. Sonakshi screams. Preeta hears her voice and identifies her. She realizes that Sonakshi is the mastermind behind Pihu’s kidnapping. Preeta will be accused as per Sonakshi’s plan. She will be proved as a careless mother for Pihu and thrown out of the household. Kareena asks Preeta to leave and never come back.

Even Kritika and Karan ask Preeta to go away. Kareena tells that Preeta is the root of all their problems. Preeta is thrown out by Kareena and Sherlyn. Sherlyn takes her revenge by ousting Preeta. There will be a leap coming in the show. Karan and Preeta will get separated. Another hopeless twist as expected. Will Sonakshi succeed to take Preeta’s place in Karan’s life and family? Keep reading.


Earlier in the show, Sonakshi asks Pihu not to cry. Rajiv tells that he doesn’t think Pihu is Sonakshi’s daughter, because the latter is so insensitive. Sonakshi tells that she will give him money. He worries that his team will double cross him. She asks him not to panic. She tells her new plan. She tells him that they will take Pihu home, then Karan will give him the money happily. Rajiv agrees to her plan. Preeta gets caught by the kidnappers and gets attacked, but she happens to see Sonakshi there. Sonakshi gets exposed, when Preeta learns that Sonakshi is the evil mastermind of the entire kidnapping plan.

Kundali Bhagya 6th December 2021 Written Update New Leap:

Shrishti and Sameer reach the kidnappers’ den. She tells that she got the knives for their protection. He asks her to stay behind and be careful. Sherlyn also reaches there and rushes to meet Sonakshi. She sees Sameer’s car. Sherlyn and the kidnappers catch Shrishti and Sameer, and faint them down. Preeta gets caught by the kidnappers. She confronts them and asks the reason for kidnapping Pihu. She threatens the kidnappers. Rajiv tells that he will kill her. Preeta demands to know about Pihu.

She shouts Pihu. Pihu responds to her and shouts. Sonakshi attacks Preeta to stop her from going to Pihu. Preeta falls down hurt, but manages to catch Sonakshi. She identifies Sonakshi. Pihu cries and asks the goon to leave her. A goon pities her and frees her. Rajiv also hits on Preeta’s head to faint her. Sonakshi sees Preeta’s wound on the head. Rajiv tells that they can kill Preeta. Sonakshi decides to keep Preeta alive. Sherlyn tells Simmi that she will go inside and meet Sonakshi.

Simmi ties up Shrishti and Sameer. Pihu thanks the goon for helping her. She tells that she wants to meet her mum. He tells that it has much danger. Sherlyn meets Sonakshi and informs about Sameer and Shrishti, who were called here by Preeta. Sonakshi asks is Karan coming. Sherlyn tells that Karan isn’t here. Pihu runs to Preeta. Goon lies to Rajiv. Preeta gets conscious on hearing Pihu’s cry. Sherlyn hides from Preeta, while Sonakshi puts the veil on her face. Preeta hugs Pihu and cries.

Preeta tells that she is with Pihu, nothing will happen to them. Sonakshi snatches Pihu from Preeta. Preeta gets angry on Sonakshi. Sherlyn thinks to cover her face and go to help Sonakshi. She goes to Simmi to get a burqa. Preeta asks Sonakshi what does she want. She demands her to remove her veil and show her face. Pihu unveils Sonakshi and shows her face to Preeta. Sonakshi angrily throws away Pihu. Preeta catches Pihu. She asks Sonakshi why did she kidnap Pihu. Sonakshi demands the rights of Luthras’ bahu and Karan’s wife, because she is Pihu’s mum. Preeta asks what is she saying.

Sonakshi tells that she deserves her right, she is Pihu’s mum and deserves Karan as well. She asks Preeta what is she doing in their lives. Preeta asks how could she hurt Pihu for her selfish motives. Sonakshi tells that she has nothing in her life. Preeta tells that they gave a place to her in the house, and Sonakshi hates them in return. She asks Sonakshi not to dare touch Pihu now. Sonakshi tells that Preeta can just speak big things, but not gain anything. She challenges Preeta that Luthras will accept her and throw out Preeta from the house.

Preeta tells that she will not let Sonakshi enter her house. Sonakshi tells that she will not spare Karan and the family if they reject her. She threatens of killing everyone. Preeta tells Pihu that she will take her home safely. Sonakshi points the gun at Preeta and says her game is over. She steps on Preeta’s dupatta. Preeta makes her fall down. She picks the gun and points at the evil gang. Sherlyn takes Simmi’s burqa and goes to help Sonakshi. Pihu faints down. The goon tells that he will help her. He gives Pihu to Preeta. Preeta points the gun at Sonakshi and rebukes her for risking her own daughter’s life. Preeta flees in the car.

Sonakshi asks the kidnappers to stop Preeta from reaching the house. Sherlyn asks Sonakshi to just call Karan, instead following Preeta. Sonakshi calls up Karan. A lady calls Karan and informs about Pihu. The family was hoping that they will learn about Pihu. Sonakshi calls Rakhi to reach Karan. Sonakshi tells Karan that she is sending a location on Vinod’s phone. She adds that she found out the kidnappers’ location. She asks Karan to come quickly. Karan and Vinod rush to rescue Pihu. Sherlyn tells that Sonakshi has to convince Karan. She adds that she will accuse Preeta and prove her a bad bahu in front of the Luthras. Keep reading.

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  1. If sonakshi becomes Mrs Mrs luthra then the show will be 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎and already it is 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  2. Can u imagine the nonsense Ekta Kapoor is producing.. This show should just end cos seriously the viewers hv feelings n emotions. Don’t just play with us

  3. They r out of their minds..they dnnt have any different story line kumkum bhagya kundali bhaya n bhagyalaxmi all 3 r showing nonsensical things which dnt happen on real life…ghar ghar na hua dharmshala ho gaya har koi aake bass hi jata hai..nonsense

  4. Criminals win again for me the now biggest criminal is whole Luthra family and Karan he is very bad person he only deserves criminal girl friends because they are all like him he only trust them and that stupid Karina and her daughter who’s life was saved twice by Preeta and selfish Karan was saved by drug case rape case his brother was saved from murder case Mahaesh life was saved by Preeta what a thank less family this show should be shut down makers do not know what they are trying to show there are nice families are out there Preeta should leave this criminal Luthra family and also the whole Luthra family should suffer for there wrong deeds the TRP should be zeroooooo

  5. Get Sherlyn out of the house.She must be severly punished for all her evil deeds.Preeta must never be separated from Karan.

  6. That is why rishaab quit the show same thing over n over fedup see karan blane preeta for everything and i doh knw why kareena and she mother eh sgut dey stupid face kritika is a next ass mahish dumb n so are the others gonnq stop watch dis rubbish an kum kum bhagya same rubbish different day

  7. Sherlin and Sonaashi both are criminals including Karina and they are in the house and who was the best in the house Preeta they kicked her out from the house disgusting I am so ashamed of Karan he believed his criminal girl friends and not his innocent wife he do not deserve Preeta shut this show very bad show I get so depressed watching this show hate the show

  8. Metally sick people are writing the script.they think only sad ,and illogical story catches audions.we have stopped seeing this horrible serial

  9. kareena bua if you talk like that to dr preeta otherwise she will say sarla now see kareena bua if you throw dr preeta Luthra house dr preeta you think about pragya dr preeta you say for shirti you can go to pragya house inform that dr preeta you say for sarla this kareena bua she throw dr preeta Luthra house karthika if you talk like this to dr preeta otherwise she will say pragya she will throw get out form Luthra house both of you kareena bua and karthika you just think like that karan you don’t make upest for dr preeta you don’t do that karan please try to understand that what i am saying for you karan this sonakshi she beat the dr preeta head properly karan you can do it.
    dr preeta you don’t worry about that this Luthra let her do if you want i don’t care at all never.
    sarla please come to Luthra house scold properly to kareena bua and karthika you can do it sarla.

  10. Worse show they won’t show any positivity only negative part. All negative win always wins and true person suffer. Why is she giving this nonsense to younger generation.

  11. Worst serial, maine apne whole life mein isse jyada worst serial kvi nhi dkha boring, irritating jo v bolo km hain ish show ke lye…….. Vry vry vry vry vry bad show 👎

  12. Even the police in the show are so dumb ,they didn’t take Vicky’s phone after they short him ,that should ve help them to find the boss kidnappers, and karan went to fight vinod ,for saving his life ,and Sherilyn husband for leaving the house even when he find out the truth about his wife ,what a stupid show ,as if they are out to promote criminal activities, no wonder crime is increasing everyday.

  13. This Ekta Kapoor shows very bad things in the show that Sherlin and Sonaashi is criminal and all Karan girl friends are criminals and that stupid Karina biggest criminal and in the house and now a days no one that innocent that they are showing Preeta why she never fights for her rights she accepts character less husband Karan and do not take stand for herself she should call police and throw all the Luthra family in jail including evil dadi and do not leave the house very bad show stupid stupid drama

  14. Shut down the show. It has lost its taste. No more stories to tell. Only recycling criminality. I don’t watch the show again, just come at times to read to see if there is progress. The taste of the show is sour, it remains sour. Life is about using lessons learnt to improve on condition/situation/case. This is not like that. Or is it that Preeta’s real husband is complaining and they want to give her soft landing? Horrible and boring. Stop it!!!


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