Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2021 Written Update Aarav frees Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2021 Written Update Aarav frees Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 6th December 2021 Written Update Aarav frees Simar Reema fools Sandhya by faking a conversation with Indu. She tells that Simar has no option than to marry and move on, because Simar can’t live her life with Aarav’s memories. Sandhya gets worried hearing that Simar won’t move on until Aarav moves on. Reema tells Sandhya that Indu is much upset. Sandhya thinks to speak to Aarav and request him to move on, so that Simar also agrees for the marriage. Simar comes to Oswal mansion to meet Aarav. Aditi asks her to wait in her room. She goes to call Aarav. Aarav arrives home. Reema hinders Aditi from going to Aarav.

She knows that Simar has come to meet Aarav. Aarav rushes to meet Sandhya. He asks Sandhya why did she hide about Simar’s remarriage talks. Sandhya is worried. He tells that he used to fight every day with himself, but today he feels his loved ones have attacked his back. He tells that he had a right to know about Simar. He feels helpless that he can’t do anything to get Simar back, he can never go against Badimaa’s decision. He tells that Simar belongs to only him, but the family always snatched Simar from him, without thinking how will he live without Simar’s memories.

Sandhya asks Aarav to think of Simar’s future, she can’t live with his memories. He asks him if he can live with a burden if Simar does anything wrong. She asks him to think of Simar and her future. Simar wants to meet Aarav some how. Sandhya asks Aarav to free Simar from his incomplete love story. She tells that love means to give freedom and sacrifices. She asks him to give happiness to Simar if he loves her truly. He asks if Simar wants to remarry. She tells that Simar is refusing for the marriage just because of her hopes, the day her hopes break, she will get more hurt. She asks him to think of the dire consequences.


She tells him that he can never remarry Simar after breaking the marriage. She asks Aarav to give strength to Simar and bring her out of the darkness. She tells him that he should give a new start to Simar’s life, Simar can’t live her life alone. Aarav tells that he will free Simar if she will find happiness. He breaks down. Sandhya asks him to help Simar move on. Simar wants to meet Aarav once. She goes out to look for him. Sandhya understands Aarav’s pain. She consoles him. She asks Aarav to move on in life for the sake of the family’s happiness.

Aarav tells that he can’t move on. She asks him to always have faith and move on for those who love him. She asks Aarav to revive the same lost faith in Simar as well. Simar and Aarav think of their memories. Simar hears Aarav’s conversation with Sandhya. She hears that he is ready to move on by quitting his incomplete love story. She can’t believe it. He tells her that Simar and his chapter will be over. Simar cries and runs away from there. She sees Reema and runs to hug her emotionally. Reema asks her the matter. She takes Simar to her room.

Aarav tells that he always fails to remove Simar from his mind and heart. He tells how much he misses Simar. He explains Sandhya how tough it is for him to forget Simar. Sandhya finds him in pain and consoles him. Simar tells Reema that she lost everything, Aarav wants to move on by forgetting her. Reema asks Simar to move on with Samar. She tells that Aarav won’t stop living for her sake.

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  1. I agree w Shanti!!! Why are you giving the Mean n Selfish Reema so much Power n controlling everyone n making everyone stupid n fools??? What’s happening????


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