Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th December 2021 Written Update Shock for Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th December 2021 Written Update Shock for Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th December 2021 Written Update Shock for Prisha Prisha tells Venky that he will go straight to the prison and she will hand him over to the police herself. Venky pleads with Prisha reminding her that he is her brother. Prisha says to Venky that this is his punishment. She also says that it is also her repentance for not trusting Rudra, her mistakes and for not seeing his (Venky) mistakes. She asks Rudra to call the police. Rudra tells her that he has already called the police. Venky continuously pleads mercy from Prisha. He tells her that he also faced a lot. Police forcefully arrests Venky and takes him with them.

Prisha cries a lot and Rudra hugs her for comfort. Venky continuously calls Prisha. Prisha runs behind him. Police finally take Venky away. Prisha cries, folds her hands and apologizes to Rudra for trusting him. She apologizes to him for scolding and not trusting him again and again, getting blind in her brother’s love. She continuously apologizes to Rudra. Rudra tells Prisha that he understands her and never felt bad because of her words. He tells her that he just wanted to show her the truth. Rudra reminds Prisha he made the same mistake by trusting Kabir over her in the past.

He asks Prisha to hug him instead of continuously apologizing. Prisha makes Rudra happy by hugging him. Rudra tells Prisha to be like this only as without her everything (world, time and life) stops. He requests her to never leave him. Saaransh and Sharda too hug them. Venky requests present constables to get him out. He gets uncontrollable and beats himself when the constables refuse his pleas. He hurts himself and the constable informs the inspector. Inspector takes Venky out and asks the constables to take Venky to a mental health clinic. Venky smirks and thinks he successfully got out of prison as he desired.


On the other hand, Prisha apologizes to Mishka for not trusting her even after her pleas. Mishka too apologizes to Prisha for her past mistakes which disturbed Venky’s life to this point. Prisha tells Mishka that it is a big thing that she realized her mistake. She tells Mishka that she cannot stop her life for one mistake. Prisha tells Param that he seems to still love Mishka as he helped her so much. She requests Param to think about present Mishka as she has changed a lot and has realized her mistakes too. Prisha also tells Param that Mishka deserves his love. Param reveals that he wanted to talk to Mishka even before Rudra came to ask his help for his plan. Mishka gets happy hearing it.

Rudra and Sharda tell Param and Mishka that their love is true as it remained even after so many obstacles. Param once again asks Mishka to marry him. He promises to keep her happy and stand with her at each and every step of life. Mishka agrees to marry Param by telling him that he is her life. They hug each other. Prisha asks Rudra how they will reveal the truth to Vasudha and GPS. Rudra tells Prisha that he will help her in this. Next Vasudha is seen getting angry at Prisha for going against her brother (blood relation) for Rudra. Prisha tells Vasudha blood relation cannot always be right. She reveals to Vasudha that she herself saw Venky molesting Mishka. She says she cannot let Venky live at Srinivasan’s after knowing everything.

Vausdha accuses Rudra for always bringing troubles in their family’s life since he married Prisha. She reminds Prisha of Rudra’s mistakes. Prisha asks Vasudha what is she saying? She asks her to calm down. Rudra asks Prisha to not say anything to Vasudha as she is shocked knowing Venky’s reality. Vasudha again and again blames Rudra for everything. She gets angry at GPS for not standing for Venky. She says Vejanti will fight in Venky’s favour. Vasudha forces Prisha to make her leave her house. She warns GPS of breaking their marriage if he dares to stop her from what she is doing.

Vasudha cries saying her all children got out of her hands. She says that Rudra wants to kill her son too. Vasudha ignores Prisha and Rudra’s pleas. Prisha apologizes to Rudra for Vasudha’s ill behavior with him. Rudra saying parents scolding is another form of their blessings. Prisha tells Rudra she can’t tolerate his insult too, just like she can’t tolerate her parents’ insult. Rudra asks Prisha to give some time to Vasudha as she is in shock right now. He tells Prisha that everything will get alright. On the other side, Venky tries to run away from the mental health clinic too. Constables tie Venky’s hands with handcuffs.

Prisha and Rudra return to Khurana Mansion. Mishka hugs Prisha and says that she knows Vasudha is not happy with whatever happened. Prisha replies no. Rudra says that with time Vasudha will too accept whatever happened. Param reveals that he and Mishka want to get married the next day only in a simple manner. Prisha and Rudra congratulate Param and Mishka. Mishka requests Prisha and Rudra to do her kanyadaan. Prisha and Rudra agree saying it’s an honor for them. Rudra says the next day will be big for them as they will get Venky admitted in mental health and even Param and Mishka will get married to each other.

At night, Rudra will ask Prisha to cry out all her tensions to feel light. He tells Mishka that he understands what she is feeling after facing her sibling’s reality. Rudra tells Prisha that he feels proud of her for seeing her courage. He calls Prisha his pride. Both Rudra and Prisha get romantic and intimate with each other. “Ang Laga De” plays with Rudra and Prisha’s romantic as well as intimate scenes. Both of them get closer to each other and they confess love to each other. He asks for their own child from Prisha. Prisha takes over Rudra and switches off the lights.

Next morning, the ward boy asks to keep an eye on Venky. Venky pretends chest pain and the constable goes to call the doctor. Venky smirks. Prisha and Rudra feel happy thinking about what happened last night between them. Saaransh disturbs their morning romance and asks them to get ready for Param and Mishka’s marriage. A nurse gives some medicines and injections to the constable to calm violent Venky. Venky will smirl looking at medicines, injections and duty constable.

In the next episode, an inspector will inform Rudra that Venky ran away from the hospital. Saaransh will see Venky kidnapping Mishka in a constable’s uniform. He will hide in Venky’s car trunk. Rudra and Prisha will receive Saaransh’s call, who will inform them that he saw Venky kidnapping Mishka.

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