Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th December 2021 Written Update Ruhi entry

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th December 2021 Written Update Ruhi entry

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th December 2021 Written Update Ruhi entry Rudra is shattered, but doesn’t want to forget Prisha even after five years. He recalls the past. Rudra tells Sharda that he will fight with his fate, he will not let his love end this way. He tells that he will plead for Prisha’s life, he will prove her innocent once he stops her hanging punishment. He tells that its his turn to save Prisha. Rudra goes to meet the Inspector. He tells that Prisha can’t get hanged. He gets the orders from the higher authorities. Inspector tells that Prisha won’t get hanged, because of the medical complications she is facing. She tells that Prisha is rushed to the hospital for the treatment. Rudra reaches the hospital to meet Prisha.

He finds the hospital burning. He learns that the patients in the ladies ward have died. Rudra cries in shock that he lost Prisha forever. Sharda tells Rudra that they lost Prisha five years back, they have to accept this truth. Rudra refuses to believe that Prisha is dead, because he is alive. He wishes that Prisha stays happy anywhere she lives. Prisha is seen with her daughter, in their small little world. She loves Ruhi a lot. Prisha sings for her, and then Ruhi sings as a tribute to her mother. Prisha wishes Rudra could see Ruhi once, Ruhi is his daughter.

She tells that Ruhi sings just like Rudra, she has got this talent from her blood. She thinks that bad day changed their lives forever, she couldn’t go back to Rudra. She recalls that she has taken Rudra’s blame on her to save him. She had failed to convince Gopal and Vasu. She apologized to them, but didn’t get forgiven. Prisha has taken the blame to stop the police investigations against Rudra.


She thinks she has accepted the fate. She has left Rudra just to let him handle Saransh’s future. She accepted the crime in the court just for Saransh and Rudra. She didn’t know about her pregnancy until the day of her hanging. Her pregnancy becomes a reason for her new life. Her punishment stops because of her pregnancy. Ruhi becomes a shield for Prisha. Yuvraj had helped Prisha and saved her life. The flashbacks show the emotional moments. Prisha asks Yuvraj why did he come back to cheat her again.

Yuvraj tells that he didn’t come to cheat her, else he would have let her die. He tells that he loves her a lot, that’s why he has saved her. He adds that he has got her medical reports from the hospital. He shows her pregnancy reports. Prisha gets happy to get the good news, that she has conceived Rudra’s child. Yuvraj asks her why is she alone, and without Rudra. He regrets seeing her alone. She asks him to stay away from her life. He tells that he wants to help her, but she is always against him. He asks her to believe him.

He tells that he has true concern for her. He accepts that he is really mean, but he can’t let her die after knowing about her pregnancy. He counts his favor that he got the stay order and saved her, instead Rudra, who doesn’t care for her. He sends Prisha to the hospital for checkup. Prisha goes to the hospital. She requests the constable to call her husband. Constable tells that Rudra tried hard to meet her in the jail, but didn’t get the permission. She assures that she will inform Rudra about her and call him for a meet.

Prisha wants to personally give the good news to Rudra. She thinks to name the baby Ruhi. Yuvraj meets Prisha again. She asks him to go away from her life. He tells that he will take her along with him. He asks her not to go mad, her hanging isn’t cancelled, she will he hanged once she delivers the baby. She tells that she doesn’t care if she will get punished, Rudra will raise her child. He asks her to flee. They learn about the fire break out. Yuvraj takes Prisha with him. Rudra’s family assumes Prisha to be dead.

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